Sunday, December 11, 2011

Retired page boy

My first experience as a page boy was when I was 4 years old in year 2009. I was really excited when I came to know that I was being selected as a page boy. I knew what a page boy was because I had seen Dadi and Mami's wedding video and Nicolas Kor Kor was their page boy at that time. He was only 3 years old then. He was really cute.

We went hunting for a page boy outfit. Previously Nicolas Kor Kor's outfit was tailored. As for me, Dadi and Mami found a good outfit at Kiko in Isetan, KLCC. The price was certainly more reasonable than tailoring.

Being a page boy was a pleasant experience. I learnt how to walk according to the rhythm of the music. I had to ensure that my body was straight, and was supposed to smile throughout the time while walking down aisle. I was told that I look good and handsome.

The following pictures were taken in 2009, my first page boy experience at the age of 4.

I was honoured when I was requested to be the page boy for another wedding this year. Mami was a little reluctant for me to be the page boy. She felt that I was no longer "cute" and was hoping that Shaun could take over my place. Dadi was in the opinion that it would be better for both to be page boys. I was certainly more matured for the job. Shaun TiTi was only 3 years old. There were many "what ifs" in the minds of Dadi and Mami. I guess if Shaun TiTi decided to change his mind, there would still be another page boy to walk down the aisle.

So, finally, it was decided for us to be page boys together-gether. I was delighted with the news.

We went hunting for another page boy outfit because my previous one was too small for me and too large for Shaun. It wasn't a difficult task to look for the outfit. We knew that Kiko brand would carry the outfit, but we had to look for the outlet which carried this range of clothing. We made some phone calls to different Kiko outlets and was informed that MidValley carried this range. So, we managed to buy the exact same outfit.

I am very thankful for this experience. I know that this is probably my last experience to be a page boy. Looking at the pictures, I do not think that I look any different from my previous. I am certainly just taller, but I think I still look good and handsome, right?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

aww...the boys look so smart and handsome :)

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you for your compliments.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Both korkor and titi looked very dashing and smart, of course! :)