Monday, June 24, 2013

A message to my beloved Yeh Yeh

I spoke to Yeh Yeh twice over the phone today. The haze has worsen in Ipoh. During the first phone call, I asked Yeh Yeh if he had bought any masks to wear and to my surprised, he did not. I sort of lectured him to buy for Mah Mah. I told him that if Mah Mah is unwell, noone will be cooking for him to eat. I called him again at night to follow up. I was delighted that he took action to buy masks. However, I was surprised that he bought only 5 masks. I told him that we have a box full of masks....the size of a tissue box. I further explained to Yeh Yeh that I predicted that the haze will be worst in the next few days. The haze started from Selangor and KL and will travel up north to Ipoh. Do you agree with my prediction?

Take care Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My second poem on Haze

Haze, haze I don't like haze,
You always make me in a daze,
Don't make my family laze,
People stop your fire's blaze.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does prayer work?

Two weeks ago, I had 5 days of English assessment. On one of the day, I somehow felt that the assessment would be difficult.

I normally hang out with this good friend of mine called T. I asked T if she wanted to pray with me before our assessment and she agreed. We prayed together before school started.

When we entered the class, it would be the norm for our teacher to pray with us before the start of our assessment. Our teacher prayed and I said a loud Amen.

During the assessment, I was very worried. We had to rearrange 15 sentences of instructions on how to bake a fairy cake. There were so many words unknown to me. I have never seen Mami bake. In fact, Mami has never baked.

After rearranging the first 6 sentences, I had an idea. My idea was to pray. I knew that God would listen. So, I stopped my work and prayed. After prayer, I looked at my friend T who was seated in front. From the look of her face, I knew she had difficulty in completing the assessment too. I immediately signaled to her with a praying hand. She nodded and understood what I meant. She started to pray.

My version of the story....
I realised that after praying, I somehow knew what to write. I believed that I rearranged the remaining sentences correctly. I was not sure if the first 6 sentences before I prayed were arranged correctly. Till now, I am uncertain because the results were not revealed to us. However, I am convinved that my prayer was answered.

My friend T's version of the story....
After the assessment, T came to me and complaint. She said that although she prayed, it was still difficult. She still did not know what was the right arrangement.

My friend T is a very bright student but is a non-believer. I believe that God would have answered her prayers. Only time will tell and will prove that God answers. I hope that our teacher would run through the answers with us soon. I want to prove to her that God is real and God is good.

Mid-Term Parents-Teachers Day

Today was the day that my Dadi and Mami had to go to my school to collect my progress report for the first half year of 2013. I followed them to school because I was all excited to see my science project and science poem being displayed in the school hall.

Dadi and Mami were very proud to hear positive and good remarks on my progress this year. Suprisingly my teachers did not agree with Mami when she mentioned that I was too playful this year.

Some pictures of my science project displayed and the comments given by my teacher in my progress report.

Mami mentioned that there was a spelling error in the title :(

I am happy......all glory to God. 

This reminds me of a post that I must share about prayer. Will update my blog later.

My very own, hand written poem

I wrote this poem this morning. I even created a musical tune for my poem. The poem goes....

Haze, haze, I don't like haze,
I won't be going out anyway,
I am bored in my place,
My mum said not to go out today.

Written by Benjamin Lee

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blessed Father's Day

Today is a happy day. It is Father's Day.

Initially I was not looking forward for today. Dadi went to Geneva again last Sunday and he was supposed to be back two weeks later. God was good and He knew my heart's desire. My desire was to be with Dadi on Father's Day. Dadi came back on Friday night and today, Dadi managed to celebrate with us before leaving to Singapore this afternoon.

As expected, I made a Father's Day card for Dadi. Dadi was really tired this morning and he woke up a little later than usual. I suggested to Shaun TiTi to make breakfast for him, delivered to his room. Shaun was so excited, he ran up to the room to take a breakfast order from Dadi. Dadi ordered a cup of coffee and toast bread with jam. With some help from the adults, we managed to deliver breakfast to the room for Dadi.

We went to church this morning. During prayer time, I took the opportunity to pray for my Dadi. Dadi told me what his heart's desire was, and I prayed that God will grant him his heart's desire. After church, we went to Pappa Rich for lunch. Coincidently, the restaurant has the word "Pappa" which means daddy to us.

I love Dadi very much. I love playing with him. He is such a gentle and loving Dadi.....someone who is always approachable and will always have time to listen to my problems.

I thank God for my Dadi. Blessed Father's Day, Dadi.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mami's Room is The Best

Whenever Dadi goes overseas, my Shaun TiTi will negotiate to sleep with Mami. Mami would not agree unless if he is unwell.

I have been coughing over the past two days. I was unable to sleep. So, Mami suggested for me to sleep in her room. At that time, Shaun TiTi has already slept. She was worried that he would cry when he realises that he is all alone in our room. Mami then decided to carry him into her room to sleep with me on her bed. With TiTi and I sleeping on her bed, Mami ended sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

We love sleeping in Mami's room. It brings much comfort to us. We slept well last night.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Baby again...

This is what happens when Uncles and Aunties try to dress you up ....


Holiday in the Highlands... the big boy version....

Hi all,

We had a wonderful holiday up in the highlands with my family and Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah.  We stayed at Awana and had fun times at Genting Highlands.  It was also my first time on a cable car, which was wonderful...

Here are some pics to share, for the small boy version check out my Ti Ti's blog here

Dinner at Gohtong Jaya... don't let our smiles fool you, we are very HUNGRY....

In the cable car... Woo Hoo

On board the Carousel...

On the Astro ride...

All geared up with Dadi to go boating....

A boating we will go... A boating we will go.... 
Setting off

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Missing Dadi all the time

Dadi was recently away for a week to Geneva and this week, he is away again to Geneva. Although Dadi has been travelling often over the past few years, I would still cry thinking of him most of the time. I would normally cry the first night he is away, missing him so dearly.

My Shaun TiTi is the opposite. Just recently when Dadi was leaving for Geneva, he happily said "Yey, Dadi is going to Geneva". There was a reason behind his cheer. He knows that Dadi would be buying him toys which he had already preselected.

We both love Legos and Legos are cheap in Geneva. He bought several sets of levels for us and I believe he will be buying one more Star Wars set for Shaun when he comes back this round.

Thank you Dadi for your love and generosity. We love you too.

Projects after projects

I have been busy with lots of projects in school. When I am busy, Mami gets busy too.

School has been interesting. Science subject is far the most interesting subject for me.

Over the past month, the emphasis on our science topic was "Minibeast". We had several projects, some individual and some group projects. One of which was to catch a minibeast and prepare a habitat for it. I went hunting for a snail with Dadi one fine morning. However, we did not manage to find a snail. We went for the easiest minibeast to catch..... The Ant.

Sorry as Mami had forgotten to take a picture of my ant habitat. We caught about 20 big black ants. We had to write a science report on our preparation in looking for the minibeast and how we ensured that the minibeast we caught would be safe in our habitat.

We had another group project where each group was given a different habitat and we had to make 2-D or 3-D minibeast that correspondent with the habitat. We had to buy all sorts of materials for it. We had to beautify the habitat with materials too. My group was given a picture of soil, logs and burrow. 

School is certainly fun for me. I can't wait for more projects to come.