Friday, December 30, 2011

My favourite toy as at today - Cars 2

I have two favourite toys at the moment. But I'll just mention one. I'll let you know the other later. Let me play with it a little while before confirming it's my favourite toy.

I love Cars2. My favourite is this red bus which Mami bought for me for my Christmas present.

This red bus can carry all the cars which Mah Mah and Mami bought for me. I would keep all the cars inside this bus everyday. There are many slots to put my cars, both inside and on the bus.

Can you see through the windows all my cars stored inside the bus.
If there is not enough space, you can store more cars above.

I have two more cars which was supposed to be in the bus.
I guess Shaun TiTi took it out.
I really wanted to buy one more car which is Mater's girlfriend, Holly.
But it's out of stock everywhere I go.

Not only that, I can also slide a car in the bus and it would come out from the door of the bus. It's really cool.

My Shaun TiTi putting his green bus on the bus slide
Shaun TiTi's green bus racing out from the door of the bus. Cool isn't it.
I can do the same for my other cars.

I have been pestering Mami to buy me the Spy Jet from Cars2. Mami is probably waiting to redeem some Jusco Vouchers to purchase it. I hope she doesn't wait till my birthday next year. April is a long way to go for me.

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