Thursday, August 14, 2008

My creation . .

This is my creation. An Aeroplane and a Car.

My Progress Report - Aug 2008

Dadi and Mami went to see Teacher Sher Li in school last Saturday to take my progress report. Teacher Sher Li said that I was a joy to have in her school. Dadi and Mami were very happy with me. This is a snapshot of my progress report. See....see... the conclusion which Teacher Sher Li wrote in my report.

Mami: Dadi and Mami are very proud of you, Benjamin. In case the picture is unclear, the teacher wrote "Benjamin is a gentle and thoughtful boy, always ready to help out. He loves to learn and is on target to meet his milestones".

Drums "Sifu"

I love to play the drums and I like Koko James. Koko James plays the drums in church very well. So, now, I have a "Sifu" who promise to teach me how to play the drums when I am a little bigger. So, here I am practising my drum strokes.

Ada gaya or not?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Wash

We haven't had a "Kakak" since the month of April. Since then, I have been a good helper at home. I would love to help Mami wash the clothes, switch on the washing machine, take the clothes to dry and wash the car. Sometimes, i would also help to mop the floor.

These pictures are of me helping Mami to wash the car:

Step 1: Squeeze and turn the cloth.

Step 2: Wait for instructions from Mami which part of the car to clean.

Step 3: Make sure I obey and clean the part of the car as instructed by Mami.

Step 4: Make sure I don't miss any areas when I clean. Mami said that I must clean properly.

Step 5: When I am done, I must throw away the water in the pail

Step 6: I must keep the cloth and pail away.

Sorry, Mami forgotten to take a picture of me doing this, but i did put away the cloth and pail in the correct place. Hee Hee, anyone wants their car washed . . . .

Mami: Ben has been a great helper at home. He is always ready and willing to help when you ask him to. I thank God for him. By the way, anyone needs a car wash? You can pay Ben to do it.

New Swim Wear

This is my new Swim Wear that Mami bought for me recently. I don't know why Mami wants to cover most parts of my body. She said it's bad to look "sexy".