Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I can read. . .

First of all, sorry as Mami has been lazy to blog for me coz Mami is carrying my Titi in her tummy. She is always tired to blog and she blames it at me (coz she says I'm too active and i sleep late).

Anyway, I want to share this good news. I can finally read. Mami and Ah Mah have been showing me words on flashcards and I know more then 70 words now. I managed to read Peter and Jane till book 2. Am so happy coz Mami and Ah Mah have been praising me :)

One day I'll read to you ok?. . . Provided you come and visit me when i am in a good mood.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Long Time no BLog

Sori, Long time no Blog . . . coz Mami always tired and lying down at home, Dadi keeps on telling me I will be a big brother soon . . .

What does all this mean ah?

P.S. Joanne is expecting, due date sometime in March 2008. We are slowing down our postings.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Proper ME!

Finally, I decided to listen to Mami to stand still to take a decent photo. This is a proper photo of me at 2 years old.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shy shy

I've been very shy to look at the camera and smile. Mami has been trying to capture my photos, but it's funny looking into the camera and smile. Dadi says my smile is very expensive wor

Love of Books

Mami has been complaining that I prefer watching TV compared to reading books. Well, just to prove to Mami that I still love books, I'll point at my book and smile to show her how much I loooooove books.... :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

All about me, me and me

Just to share something about me...

Play . . .
I love to play with my trains and sometimes cars.

Activity . . .
I love to colour my colouring book. I also want someone to accompany me to colour. It's more fun to have other people colouring together-gether.

Books . . .
I love my Thomas the tank engine and Ladybird books. When i am in the mood, i will flip my Peter and Jane book. I can recognise the words "Peter" and "Jane".

TV . . .
I used to like Barney, but now, i prefer the Playhouse Disney channel. I like to watch Rolie Polie Olie, Jojo's Circus and Make Way for Noddy.

Dadi always complains that I hog the TV . . . I think its time to get a second TV and ASTRO decoder, dadi

Food . . .
Ah Mah and Mami complain that I am a fussy eater. I don't eat everything that they give me. I would want to see what I am given first. I dislike porridge now. I love noodles (especially Ah-Mah's spaghetti). Rice with nice gravy is ok. My favourite food: Milk. I also like strawberry biscuits, Milky bar chocolate and "gurt" (i.e. yogurt). But Ah Mah and Mami forces me to eat cereal every morning . . . how sad :-(

Fears . . .
I fear people laughing. I would cry if I see someone laugh loudly. I just don't know why. I laugh loudly too, but I don't like seeing other people laughing. Mami is paranoid about this and is finding ways to remove this fear from me. I think she has probably given up in trying and is praying hard that I will grow out of this.

Sleep . . .
I take extremely long to sleep. I don't like to sleep. I would still wake up middle of the night to ask for Milk and Water. No specific timing. I normally sleep 2 hours during the day.

Vocabulary . . .
I can say many single words. I can count from 1 to 10. I know all my alphabets, shapes and colours. I can say a few sentences like
(a) Milk please
(b) Water please
(c) Ah Mah make . . . half a second later followed by "Milk please"
(d) This is Ah Mah
(e) This is Mami
(f) This is Dadi

Discipline . . .
Mami disciplines me with the ruler. If I am naughty, out comes Mr. Ruler.

Now you know me better?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ber Urg Sssss

See mami recently bought me this VCD, and all it shows is this;

B Ber . . . . Ber . . . . Ber
U Urg . . . . Urg . . . . Urg
S Sss . . . . Sss . . . . Sss

Isn't it easier to just say BUS . . . . *SIGH*

Mummy recently got Ben a VCD which teaches phonetics, pretty cute songs and we are learning lots of phonetic sounds ourselves ~Daddy~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dadi's day

Mami said that today is Dadi's day. So, I was supposed to wish my Dadi "Happy Dadi's Day". I wanted to, but i don't know how to say it yet. So, i was supposed to draw draw in a special card that Mami bought earlier, but...... Mami forgotten where she hid it from Dadi. Sigh.... Mami-ah, so careless. Anyway, i gave Dadi 3 hugs for Dadi's day this morning before he left to the airport to Japan.

Also, I gave a card to Yeh Yeh last week and Mami held my hands to write "Happy Yeh Yeh's Day" on the card. Good boy or not?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Dadi around

Dadi is not around to play with me today. I'm so sad. Mami said Dadi is away working and will be back in 3 days time. Then I can see Dadi a-while, and then Dadi will not be around again. Dadi is going outside the country for another 9 days. Wah..... First i must count from 1 to 3, then I can see Dadi. When Dadi disappears again, i need to count from 1 to 9. I think i better start counting so that i can see Dadi fast fast.

Mami: Dadi is on a business trip to Penang till Saturday evening and will be flying off to Japan for another business trip for 9 days. Mami and Ben Ben will be missing Dadi.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

5 common complaints from Mami

Mami's 5 common complaints :

1) Ben Ben is still wearing diapers at home..... Ben Ben must say "shee shee" or "poo poo". Big already, must obey, you know???

2) Ben Ben must hold Mami's hand when walking. Cannot walk on your own. Too dangerous. Big already, must obey, you know???

3) Ben Ben cannot watch so much TV. Must read more books. Big already, must obey, you know???

4) Ben Ben cannot talk too loud, and cannot scream. Big already, must obey, you know???

5) Ben Ben must not cry when people laugh loudly. Big already, must obey, you know???

I think Kai Yeh can imagine Mami "lecturing" me. Mami a lil' "cheong hei", but I know that Mami loves me because she has always said that to me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Choo . . . . Choo . . . .

Mami bought me this superb Thomas the Tank Engine tracks. Weeee now I can build my own train tracks for my trains to run on . . .

Choo Choo . . . Ben Ben express coming through . . .

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh no . . . I'm in trouble . . .

Before i share my bad news, i'll share my good news with you first. The good news is . . .Yeh! Yeh! No more rushing to go to school ! ! First of all, it's school holiday! Next, Mami has decided to stop sending me to school for the time being. Phew! Isn't that wonderful? Tell you why . .

I joined a class with friends between ages 18 months to 3 years old. Everyone had to go through exams. I was barely a week old and then got exam already. The exam was very funny. Everyone had to queue in front of the board and teacher will point at the board to ask what it was. They had exams on alphabets, shapes and colours.

I always like to help my friends mah, and i don't like to queue up. Super boring waiting. So, i ran to the front and answered for my friends. Teacher was very angry because she was unable to examine the other students properly. Sigh..... Like that also i got into trouble.

Mami decided to stop me to stop classes because I would hardly listen to the teacher. Mami decided to teach me at home every night instead. Yeh! Yeh! No more exams ! ! !

Friday, May 25, 2007

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Just a few of my favourite things . . .

Planes . . .

Trains . . .
Thomas and Friends . . .

and Auto mobiles . . . .
My Tomica Cars

My Ferrari's, (only three more to complete my collection . . . )

The cast from Cars . . .

and even Trucks . . .

Well as they say, boys and machines . . .

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And so it starts . . .

School, that's what I mean,

See Mami got this marvellous idea that its high time I go to kindies. She says that I am not mixing enough with other kids. So starting Monday, she (or rather ah-mah) packs me off to play school.

*SIGH* Mami, I got another 20 years of schooling to do, must start so early meh . . .

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wrong alredi . . .

My favourite sentence lately is "Wrong alredi . . . ". Why?

Ah Mah has been teaching me alphabets from A - Z in small and big letters. She also encourages me to take the alphabets and place them in a stencil. Let me show you how to do . . .

If I put the alphabet wrongly, Ah Mah will shout "Wrong already! ! !". So, I'll repeat . . "Wrong alredi! ! !" That's also where I learnt to talk soooooo loud. Ah Mah speaks loud too.

If Ah Mah doesn't shout, it means that I've done it correctly. See what I've completed . . B-A-T.

Now, I'm quite an expert in this. Kacang-putih . . .

Oh.... I can now say most of my alphabets too. Only a few sounds funny when I speak.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Water party . .

Last Saturday, we celebrated Nicolas Koko's birthday at Ah Ku's house. It was a super cool water party. I looked super cool too.

As soon as I arrived, all the koko sprayed water from their water guns . . made me scared-scared. So, I sat on Dadi throughout the whole party, while watching everyone have fun.

Scared-scared mah. All the koko so big-big. . . .

To Mah-Mah

This post is especially to Mah-mah. This toy was bought by her when I was still a baby, and now I'm an expert in putting the shapes into the ball. I can complete it less than 5 minutes. Not easy you-know. There are 10 different shapes to put in. It has been my favourite toy recently. I play it so many many times during the day.

Train the builder

Besides building towers, I'm good at building a train too. As promised, see me in action again . .


I overheard Mami asking Ah Mah, "Do you think Ben Ben is a creative person?" He seems to like to stack things. Hhm . . . . . I was thinking about it, but am not sure myself. All I do know is that i love to stack blocks and make them tallest possible. See for yourself . . .

Get ready to see me in action . . .

I would first place a few on the floor and start thinking what I'm going to build . . .

Then, I'll start being serious and start my building work . . .

Hhm . . . If I feel I've done wrong, I'll remove it and replace it.

It's getting higher and higher . .

Ta-Ta . . . See my finished product . .
Oopsss... sorry, the picture doesn't correspond because the building I did wasn't tall enough. So, I used different blocks to build. The earlier one was to build a train, not a building. Want to see my train ? Will show you later.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cane - Cane

Lately I have been hearing the word "Cane-Cane-ah". Mami bought two wooden long rulers (the ones Nicolas koko uses in school), one placed downstairs, the other upstairs. Not sure why she needs to many. Worst of all, the ruler has the name "Benjamin". Mami said that it means it is used for Ben Ben only. Not to be used on others.

She said that if Ben Ben is naughty, Mami would take the ruler and cane-cane Ben Ben. I very scared. Now, whenever I do something dangerous, or disobey, Ah Mah or Mami will say "Ben!! Cane-cane-ah!!!". Don't play play. They really cane-cane me. Show me the cane and I will obey. Sob....sob....sob....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ben the Builder

Mami has been introducing to me "Bob-the-builder" through the TV, but I don't seem to like him. What's so great about "Bob". Ben-the-builder sounds better.

Look at me, I can build too. I started building a simple house . .

Then, I added more blocks to build a tall tower . . .

Once my tower is up real high, I built another one beside it (it's a lil' short, but it's for my office).

Who said Ben can't build better than Bob?

Special note to Yeh Yeh . . .

This post is specially to my Yeh Yeh.

Want to show this picture to Yeh Yeh to prove that my hair is no longer standing everytime I wake up. See Yeh Yeh . . . Now, you cannot laugh at my hair any more.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Proud Mami

Mami has been very proud of me. It has been two weeks since Kakak has left to Indonesia for good, and Ah Mah has been taking care of me all alone. Ah Mah was so worried that I would take ages to sleep (coz i loved to be carried by Kakak as long as it takes). To Ah Mah surprised, i have been a good boy, following every (ok, i admit, not all, but almost all) instructions she gave. Clever or not??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Dadi got a new camcorder and this was his first recording of me . . .

Guess what I am saying . . .

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Super Duper Chinese New Year . . .

I just came back from a super duper Gong Xi holiday in Ipoh. Had lots and lots of fun . . . Probably my most fun ever!

Top 5 most enjoyable activities . . .

1) Went to the park every evening to ride on the swing, learnt to kick a ball with Yeh Yeh, Da di and Joel Titi and best of all, get to run all over the place . . .

2) Played ping pong and tennis with Yeh Yeh and Joel Titi. Joel Titi and I would shake hands if ever we knock each other on the head, accident mah . . .

3) Mah Mah bought me a fire-engine and a police car. Joel Titi and I ran around with our own cars.

4) Collected many red packets. It wasn't easy. Mami kept asking me to do my "Gong Xi Gong Xi" stunt before I could take them, wah cari makan so susah one-ah, its all about performance, performance and performance . . .

5) Playing Joel Titi's toys.... There were so many of them. A big car, medium sized cars, small sized cars, cars that make funny noise and sounds, cars with doors that can open just like Mami's car.

Oh, by the way, GONG XI GONG XI to everyone. Don't forget to come over to my house, I will do the Gong Xi Gong Xi stunt if you give me a red packet . . . hee hee hee. Luv ya!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Gong Xie Nie, Gong Xie Nie

Dadi got me this VCD recently. It has lots of children prancing around and singing something about Gong Xie Nie and Hong Pow, and everyone is dressed in red or shades of red . . . Ick what is happening. Dadi seems to have gone loco too, he is telling me everyday that I must learn to say "GONG XIE, GONG XIE" while clasping my hands . . .

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My big big Yaaawwnn . . .

I'm sure noone can yawn as wide as I can . . .

Tummy . . .

Mami has been telling Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah about my tummy. So shy .

My tummy isn't that big. See the picture of my tummy to prove it .

My trademark . . .

Yeh Yeh (Grandpa in Ipoh) always laugh at my trademark . . my hair. I can't do anything Yeh Yeh. It stands automatically when i'm in bed. See . . . . .

No laughing at me, k?

I still look handsome with my hair standing, don't you agree? ? ?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Me & my Dadi

Me & my Dadi, getting all ready, getting all ready for church.......


Look at me roar..... Don't you think i can roar louder than the Lion?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am 21 . . .

Yee Haa, I am 21 today, freeedooommm, can vote in the next government and legally get married without my parent's consent

. . . what, Oh, you mean I can only do that when I am 21 YEARS old, not 21 months . . . awww . . .

Long way to go boy . . . Ha Ha Ha ~daddy~

Hawaii 5-O

It was jie jie's Ashley's birthday on Sunday. The whole clan celebrated with her decked out in Hawaiian outfits . . .

Ashley jie jie the birthday girl with her beautiful flower leis

and Nicolas kor kor, looking suave as usual

Me . . .

. . . even ti ti Tobin was in a Hawaiian outfit

Dinner Time

When Mami and Dadi sits at the dinner table in the evenings, I know its usually time for food. So I will try to climb on the chairs to get to the table, but most of the time mami or kakak will just plonk me on the high chair (to prevent me from climbing any further . . . huummp).

Yah, time to claim my place at the table . . . kek . . . kek . . . kek

Wait . . . rice, again . . . where is the Haagan-Daz?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

1, 2, TEEEEEE . . . . . . .

Everyone has been trying to teach me how to count. Mami and Kakak counts with me every time they take me upstairs my room. From 1 - 10, I can say "Tee (3), Five, Six, Eat (8), Tan (10)". Clever or not??

Here is a picture of me saying "Tee".

Now if only Ben can say "Gong Xi" "Gong Xi" ~daddy~

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clever Boy... No Cry Cry....

Everyone praised me today. They all said I was a clever boy... no cry cry :)

Ah Mah and Kakak brought me to cut my hair. I used to cry and cry when this aunty would hold my head and cut my hair, but today, it was different. I didn't cry cry. I just kept still coz I wanted to make sure that my hair doesn't look like "ah beng". Wanted to look handsome. So, am so happy that I look handsome now. Though short, but handsome.

Don't have pictures to proof it to you coz dadi took the camera to hawaii. No handsome pictures of me :(

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost & Found

Things have been very different lately. Last week, mami has been missing. She's lost during the day. I can't seem to find her anywhere. I've checked the kitchen, her room, bathroom.... I just can't find her. Ah Mah and Kakak said mami is working. Huh?

Then, in the evenings, mami appears....You know where? At the car porch. To conclude, she is lost during the day, and can be found only night. Hhmm.... funny huh?

This week, it's dadi's turn. Dadi is worst. He's lost during the day, and cannot be found during the night. What's wrong with everyone??? It's making me cranky ! ! ! I just don't understand. . .

Mami has gone back to Hong Leong Bank to work and Dadi has gone to Hawaii for a business trip for a week. Poor Ben . . . Missing his playmates.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Peeass" on Earth

Mami calls me "Noisy Ben". See ah, when I want something I will point at it and scream very loudly, just so everyone knows what I want. But dadi and mami always say "What must you say?"

. . . Ermm is that a trick question . . . Ermm quite difficult for me to guess you know coz I am only 20 months old . . .

Then dadi or mami will say "Please?", and I will say "Peeeaass" while pointing at the thing that I want . . . and most of the time I will get it . . .

I have now learned the magic word "Peeasss" can get you anything . . . kek . . . kek . . . kek

So "Peasss" can I have some ice-cream . . .

Now if we can only get him to say "Thank You" . . . daddy

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Doc's visit

Had to see a doctor again. Yes....AGAIN! Had a lil' flu, then a lil' cough, and today, a lil' fever. Everyone is sick. In Ipoh, Joel titi was sick with flu and cough. Ah Mah has cough and Dadi has flu.

Poor Mami had to bring me to Doctor Vernon again. As usual, i cried as soon as i entered the room. Doc was trying to make friends with me. He showed me a zebra, while checking my chest. He taught me that zebra sounds like this...."Meow meow", and zebra doesn't wear bra. It only wears a zip. Is that true??