Thursday, August 08, 2013

Poem Craze

I love writing poems. I wrote a few poems recently. Do allow me to share with you as follows...

Poem to my teacher :

Don't be angry, don't be angry,
We hope you can be always happy,
We know we are sometimes naughty,
However, we are very sorry.

You are very beautiful today,
Not only today, but every other day,
I have something important to say,
I thank God you are my teacher, Hooray!

A Bad Guy Poem:

I am in a shame,
But my name is Bane,
I have a red hat,
Inside there's a rat.

I am Bumble Bee,
But I'm a bad guy you will see,
We live in the robber's house,
And we have a pet mouse.

If you be in our trap,
You will be our pet,
You will be boiled in hot water,
When you bathe you will suffer.

We will make a flood,
You will pay with blood,
We will send rain,
And you will be in pain.

We have alot of weapons,
On them it has patterns.
We will use it to fight,
Always in the bright light.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Bookfest 2013

Dadi and Mami went to the Bookfest 2013 at KL Conventional Centre after church yesterday. As expected, it was crowded. Dadi and Mami managed to buy some books and school stationeries for us.

Buy 2, free 1 Avengers book. Shaun TiTi's favourite.
There were many more titles of which Shaun already bought some
through Scholastic's purchase through his preschool

25% off for all Roald Dahl books. Love this book. Read one book
as soon as Mami showed this to me.

RM10 per book. Levels 1 and 2 are for Shaun. 

RM10 per book

 Mami managed to buy stationeries at a good discounted price. Also bought a few ICON pencil cases at 50% or 70% discount to give as presents for my friends during certain occasions.

Dadi and Mami may go there again later this week to buy a few more items as Christmas presents for some close friends. Perhaps it would not be crowded during the Raya holidays....who knows.

Dadi's Birthday

Dadi's birthday cake ..... all decorated by Benjamin and Shaun.