Monday, August 31, 2015

Morning Music

I love to sing at home. I may not sing a song but may hum to a certain tune. Otherwise, I would just make noises which sounds like music.

This is my trademark at home. Despite Mami calling me noisy, my noise and music still fills the house with joyful laughter.

Music is very much part of my life. What would I do without music.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

No More ....

Last month was my last lessons for my Basic Swim group class at Bandar Tun Razak swimming pool. I am in a way happy and sad. Happy because I can now concentrate on my advance classes in the UCSI pool which I go about 4 times a week. Sad because I really like Coach Zoey. She is good and nice. I enjoyed her swim lessons and my cousin Ashley Cheh Cheh is in the same class. Unfortunately Coach Zoey no longer wants to teach the basic group class.

Life goes on. I want to still pursue swimming and I am hoping to be good in it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Making Music Wherever I Am

I love music. I love singing. I may not be extremely good in singing but I can still sing in perfect pitch. I can harmonise a song well. My vocal range may not be very wide though.

I sing at home very often. I sing in the shower. I sing when I am in a good mood. I sometimes sing while doing homework. I love to take a common tune and add my own lyrics. I can be quite creative with words.

Recently a classmate and I had to do a promotional presentation for English Listening and Speaking assessment. As we were both swimmers, we decided to promote a swimwear called Funky Trunks. We prepared attractive visual art materials for the presentation. For the closing of the presentation, I presented a song entitled "Do you want a Funky Trunk?" The song was catchy and everyone loved the song. They enjoyed our presentation too.

Singing brings lots of joy and laughter to our family at home. Our whole family can sing. Shaun TiTi can sing very well too. Noone is tone deaf in the family... eer.. except for my Ah Mah.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Church Family Day 2015

Our church had a Family Day a few months back. It was organised jointly by Young People and Children Ministry. As Mami is a Children Ministry teacher, she was automatically in the committee who had to organise the event. It was held in our school hall.

I was very happy as I was part of the organising committee for the event. I helped in giving ideas on the games prepared. I helped with the preparations for the hall decoration. Finally, I was proud to be in co-MC for the event with my Kai Yeh.

Family Day turned out good, and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

The Organising Committee