Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Concert 09

Guess, what concert happened again and I was the MC . . . .
I also acted in the Chicken Licken play . . . . guess what bird I was?

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moon Cake party

Moon cake festival party at Kindies, with Tobin di di
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On a Bicycle made for me

Hi all, this is me on my bike. Daddy and Mummy got it for me ... hee hee
Too bad I am still on four wheels.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm better now

I haven't fully recovered, but I feel much better now. No more fever, but having some cough and sneezes quite often. Kakak and Mami are trying to disinfect the house in preparation for my Shaun Shaun Titi to come back home this weekend. Can't wait to see him. I miss my Titi.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Got the H1N1

From Daddy:

Ben confirmed infected with the H1N1 on Thursday. Doctor did a rapid test on him "twice" which returned positive for Influenza A. Did a third swap for the lab test. Lab test confirmed this morning that it is H1N1. He is on Tamilflu now and is responding positively to treatment, although he had pesistant fever and was quite lethargic on Friday.

Brave boy though, he endured 3 nose swaps without crying. Mummy couldn't even endure one. :-)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Long absence....

It's been super long since there has been an update because so many things have happened in the past 4 months. My Ah Mah was very ill, so, she couldn't take care of me (Ah Mah is currently staying in Ah Ku's house). So, my Kakak has been taking care of me during the day. It's nice with Kakak, because I get to play and play and play with her.

Over the past 4 months, Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah have been visiting me more often. Last week, they were here for 6 days to spend some time with me.

I have been a little more independent at home. I sometimes eat on my own, run to the toilet to shi shi on my own and i know how to use the telephone to call my mummy, daddy, yeh yeh or ah kim. I have also been learning to write letters to yeh yeh, and i receive letters in return. Clever or not?

Oh, by the way, i've got a new hair cut. Mami was very sad with my hair being so short. But many people said i look nice.... more like a big big boy now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Proper me picture

But you don't expect me to proper for long do you . . . . kek kek kek

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey you . . .

Cannot follow, going to Toilet OK . . . .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caught in the act

Opps . . . errr I was merely holding it . . .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nicolas Kor Kor's birthday party

Last weekend, we celebrated Nicolas Kor Kor's birthday in Ah Ku's house. It was fun.... You know why? We had fun fun fun with lots and lots of water. We had water balloons where we threw many water balloons at each other. We played water gun too. The best party ever for me.....

See Ah Ku got big big big water gun.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me sharing my toys with Shaun Shaun Titi

Mami always claim that I don't share my toys with Shaun Shaun Titi. Well, here is evidence that I do.... (at least sometimes).

My Thomas Puzzles

Dadi bought for me Thomas puzzles from Singapore. It's really nice.... and I'm real good at it. Experts in puzzles :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I miss you ...

Dadi was in Australia working for one week and I miss Dadi very much. I made 2 cards while Dadi was away......

First card: i miss you dad

Second card: Love Love Love Love ....

Third card/ picture: My family . . . So many of them... Dadi, Mami, Ben Ben, Shaun Shaun, Ah Mah, Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah & Bong (Kakak)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dustbin Man

I have been telling everyone that I want to be a Dustbin Man. Mami looked puzzled, and she kept repeating that Dustbin Man doesn't need to go to school and that they get very little money to buy anything that they want. How to buy my Taxi Car (Oh.... I also like to buy Taxi Car)? I replied Mami, "No....I want to be Dustbin Man who can get money one....".

Mami: I can't seem to understand why Ben likes to be a Dustbin Man. Also, my mum had earlier been using a Hyundai Elantra Car and Ben associates that car as a Taxi Car. Since we sold the car and bought a MyVi, Ben has been telling us that he doesn't like the car, and he wants the Taxi Car. Somehow I think that Ben prefers that Taxi Car because the car is lower and is easy for Ben to get up/down from the car, and he is capable of opening/closing the car door himself. For MyVi, the car door is more heavy, and he requires assistance most of the time.

New playmate

I finally have a new kakak who just came yesterday. We didn't have a kakak for 1 year already. Time really flies.

Her name is Chandy, and Mami said that I cannot call her Kakak. She is a Cambodian, and in her language, I need to call her "Bong" which means Sister. Hhm..... sounds funny to call her "Bong".

Yesterday, she played puzzles with me and accompanied me to bed. It's nice having a new playmate, especially when Mami is working during the day. Mami reminded me that Bong needs to do housework. So, she is also working, and I can only play with her when she has finished her work.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is it my birthday yet?

I earlier asked Mami "Is it my birthday yet?" Mami said that the month of March is Ah Mah's & Tobin's birthday. My birthday is in April. Hhm.... April means next month right? Yey..... I can't wait till April.

Mami: Ben has been very excited waiting for the month of April. Little does he know and understand that his birthday falls on the last day of April. Hope he'll be patient till then.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's been awhile since Mami had helped me blogged about me. How have I been?

I still love Thomas & friends. Mami and Dadi have been graciously buying wooden trains for me to play. I would lay out the wooden tracks at home to play. Wish I could play all day and not sleep.

I have started learning how to write some alphabets. Not that pretty, but I guess you should be able to make up the alphabet.

As there is still no "kakak" at home, Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah have been busy with the "house" and with Shaun Shaun. Dadi and Mami would take turns to play train with me. I would always chase Shaun Shaun away from my train tracks. He keeps destroying them... especially my bridge.

Mami and Dadi have been teaching me how to share my toys. I really dislike sharing, but sometimes I have no choice. Mami said that if I didn't share my toys with Shaun Shaun, she would take away one train from me and give it away. I try to share..... but not my Thomas trains. I would tell Shaun Shaun that Thomas trains are for big boys. Baby needs to play with baby toys.

I try to sayang Shaun Shaun also..... Most of the time Shaun Shaun would come and disturb me to sayang me. I would normally push him away. But there was once he was so focused on the TV, I attempted to sayang him... but he did not respond :( So, what can I do?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Gong Xi Fatt Chai everyone......

It's fun during this Chinese New Year time... I am currently in Ipoh and i love to play and play and play. My Mah Mah, Yeh Yeh and cousins, Joel & Jared are here to play with me. Joel is the same age as i am, but i am a few months older. So, we get to play together, fight together and love each other. Strange...sometimes we feel like we don't like each other. Few minutes later, we would just laugh and play together. Best of all, Dadi bought some fireworks and we played the all night. My favourite is the pop-pop. Joel would throw the pop-pop on the floor. I, on the other hand likes to place them on the floor and step on them. We played sparkers too, but Mah Mah said that it was too dangerous because we kept pointing the sparkers at each other. Dadi lighted some other fireworks which shot up to the sky like a spaceship. Cool..... Hope we get to play more tomorrow.

Music Class

I just started attending music class in Yamaha Music School since the first week of Jan this year. It has been fun. I love going for the classes, but i don't understand why Teacher Aw does not allow me to play the keyboard. Doesn't all music classes come with playing the keyboard? Mami kept telling me that the classes is all about music appreciation. Don't quite understand this, but it kinda fun because there are lots of singing, clapping and the music is pretty cool. Wish I could start playing any musical instrument.... Hhm....drums would be fun.....