Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Story Creation

Mami bought a Ben10 figurine for Shaun TiTi today. It was a reward which Mami had promised him. We were playing with the Ben10 figurine and took other existing figurines to play. In order to make the playing more interesting, I created a story for Shaun TiTi to act it out with the figurines.

I did not want to share this story in my blog, but Mami persuaded me to write it into my blog. This is my story which I wrote on a piece of paper to narrate while Shaun TiTi was playing:

The following was copied from the piece of paper written by Benjamin:

The Ben10 Story

Ben10 is fighting the monster on earth. He was very famous in fighting.

Then he fight with a knifeman, then a fat monster, then a cat with a knife, then the spiderman. 

Then he met a girl. He fell in love with the girl. So, he wanted to be her friend. So, when he go close to her, she shoot him. So Ben10 became angry.

So, they two started fighting. So, the girl died and Ben10 forgot when he fell in love with her and a while he remembered. So, he is sad and he fell in love with another girl.

Then the girl didn't harm him. So, they get married and they live happily ever after. The end.

The following was typed by Benjamin himself on the computer:

this was my  story.  so do you like it?

5-step Prayer

I had my weekly Chapel Lesson yesterday in school. It was pretty interesting. We were taught the power of prayer and how to pray. So, before I forget how to pray, it would be best to list it down here first.

The speaker requested us to take out our hand with 5 fingers. Each finger represents what to pray for.

Finger 1: Praise and worship God.
E.g. Dear God, thank you that You are a good and mightly God. A God who is always there for us.

Finger 2: Ask for forgiveness.
E.g. God, today I fought with my little brother over my toys. Please forgive me. I know I should not have fought with him.

Finger 3: Thank God for what He has blessed me with.
E.g. Thank You for giving me a wonderful family. Thank You for giving me delicious food to eat.

Finger 4: Pray for someone else, especially for those who needs prayer.
E.g. I want to pray for my friend, xxxxx. He said that he was sad today because he saw his parents quarrelling. I pray that you help his parents to love each other and say good words to each other. I pray that my friend is able to go home today and hug his parents with love.

Finger 5: Pray for yourself.
E.g. God, I have a sore throat now. Please heal my sore throat so that I have more energy to do the things that I like to do.

In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passing the badge

I have one good news and one bad news for Mami yesterday. I shall start with the good news.

My class was selected as the Cleanest Class. During assembly yesterday, the teacher called out the name of my class. As the class monitor, I had the honour of going to the front to receive a trophy on behalf of the class. When I received the trophy, all my classmates surrounded me with joy, anxious to look at the shiny trophy.

I was sad after assembly when we returned to the class and my class teacher informed that I have to pass my Class Monitor Badge to another person. The class monitor and assistant class monitor positions are based on rotation. I was the class monitor since January till yesterday. So, it was time to allow other classmates to take up this responsibility.

My teacher appointed a girl called Tiffany to be the class monitor for the month of March. She sits just next to me. So, I guess I can still be useful to guide her to be a good class monitor.

Helping the Blind

Mami was really touched by me yesterday.

As Mami was driving back from school with me, I saw a blind man at the side of the road. Mami's car stopped 2 lanes away at a traffic light. I asked Mami if the blind man wanted to cross the road and Mami said most probably yes. The traffic light turned green and as Mami was driving away, I asked Mami if we should help the blind man cross the road. He looked really lost and pitiful. Mami was caught by surprised and Mami said that she was unable to stop the car. It was a busy road. I asked Mami to stop anywhere at the side of the road and we are able to walk to the man.

Unfortunately Mami did not stop the car. She said that it would be too dangerous for us. There were many cars on the road. She was unable to find a spot to park her car and the blind man was pretty far from us. It would also be too dangerous for us to walk towards the blind man. We would have to cross a few roads to do so.

Mami suggested that we pray for the blind man. So I immediately prayed for the blind man as Mami was driving. I asked God to help the blind man cross the road safely. I also prayed that God will send someone good to help him cross if he didn't know how to cross the road on his own. In Jesus' Name, Amen. I know that God will answer my prayers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Young Scientist Magazine

Mami was recommending this Science Magazine called "The Young Scientist" to some parents in my school. She said that it was good  in encouraging children to read more and hopefully, the comic would draw their interest to it.

Mami had subscribed this magazine for me when I was 5 years old. We stopped when I was 6 years old because I was unable to finish one magazine a month. So, it rolled over to the following year. Mami is contemplating to subscribe this magazine again this year.

There are 3 levels for the Young Scientist Magazine. For those under Primary One and Two, Level 1 would be best suited for them. The information is based on Singapore Syllabus.

This issue is pretty old. This is how the cover looks like.
The word "Level 1" is printed below the Issue Number 93.

Facts provided within the magazine

A few pages of questions and answers are provided as well.

The stories are in comic form.
Most of the pages within the magazine are comics.

Vocabulary lessons at the end of each comic story.

This is the back cover of the magazine.

This magazine can be found in Popular Bookstore or some major Magazine Shops. Alternatively you can order online at It cost RM70 for one year subscription. There are 10 issues in one year.

My birthday song to my little brother

I sang this birthday song to my little brother, Shaun Shaun.

Happy 4th Birthday Shaun Shaun. We love you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 sets of memory verses

Each week, I have 2 sets of memory verses to memorize. Previously I had my Sunday School memory verses, and now my school has memory verses too.

Nevertheless, I am not complaining. This is because my school's memory verses are very simple. I am starting to complain about the ones given by church. It's really very long and I need "special formulars" to memorise them. Mami would normally use actions to teach me. I have a good sense of visual, it helps me alot.

Mami told me that this week is a special week. Mami has assigned Dadi to teach me my Sunday School's memory verse and Mami will be in-charge of my school's memory verse. Mami is very clever. She knows that she doesn't need to go through the memory verse with me. I just needed to read once, and I've already memorized it. It's so easy.

However, Mami isn't that bad of a person. She gave tips to Dadi as to how to teach me. It's Wednesday today, so 4 more days to reciting my memory verse in church. Dadi better hurry with his lesson before I panic on Saturday night.

Here is a preview of my memory verses.......


This is my current week of Sunday School memory verse.
Hurry Daddy! It's doesn't look simple.

Previous 2 weeks memory verse from Sunday School

Previous memory verse from Sunday School


School's memory verse for this week.

From school previous week

From school previous weeks

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Nightly Habit

Since young, I have a habit of bringing a toy up to my room for bed. It would normally be my cars or something which I would have built. Since my younger brother came along, he would follow me.

This was what we brought up to the room last night.

Heading to our room

See my creation

We would place them on our side table,
next to our beds
Good night our little toys.
Mine is with my favourite Finn McMissile.
Shaun's favourite Cars2 Green Bus on his Lego Duplo truck.
The animals were from our Lego Duplo collection.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Attempt to use Microsoft Powerpoint

I learnt how to use Microsoft Powerpoint during my computer class yesterday. It was fun using the computer. The teacher said that we should explore using it at home.

English Language

My school teaches using additional English workbooks for us because the current English KSSR syllabus is quite low. I enjoy this book very much. It is really interesting. Mami is glad that the school takes this initiative.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am really testing Mami's patience

I mentioned earlier in my post about shedding tears because I was afraid about not doing well in Pendidikan Moral. It happened right after school yesterday. Mami tried very hard to be patient with me because she was unhappy that I was worried over exams. I am so "kiasu" that I wanted to do super duper well for my exams. I tested Mami's patience again after my music class last night.

I guess yesterday was a crying day for me. I cried because I didn't do very well in music class yesterday. I was not well last week and I had missed my music class. So, there were some songs which was taught last week, of which I was not familiar. Because I was not familiar, I shed some tears during the class. I burst into more tears after music class after entering the car to go home. I cried and asked Mami why I am unable to read musical notes as fast as Mami could. Mami was very upset with me. She was very upset with my "overly-competitive" spirit.

Mami had advised me to go slow on myself and not to be worried over "not-knowing-things". She mentioned that if I knew everything, I would not need to go to school or for any classes. Because of how I am, Mami has been trying hard to prepare me in advance so that I wouldn't cry when I do not know something. E.g. if my teacher teaches a song and request us to play only the right hand, Mami would ensure that she teaches me both hands so that I am able to already play both hands (this only applies for my Yamaha lessons, and doesn't apply for my Electone lessons). For school, Mami tries to go through the chapters before my teacher teaches so that I am able to answer questions when being asked. However, she has mentioned that Mami is not "God". She is unable to predict what is going to be taught in school.

Mami said that she has second thoughts with me now. She feels that she should stop preparing me in advance and she wants me to learn how to accept failures. She wants me to learn to accept that it is alright if I do not know anything. I can learn there and then and move on. I cried even more when I heard about this arrangement.

I hope she would still teach me and make me smart.

The Most Difficult Subject in Primary One

I would normally bring back books which have homework or with textbooks which require revision as mentioned by my teachers. Yesterday, I came back with an additional workbook. It was my Pendidikan Moral Workbook. There was no homework for Pendidikan Moral but I wanted Mami to do revision with me.
Before I could ask Mami, I shed a little tears... just for a short while. I told Mami that this is the hardest subject, and I am sure I will loose because I wouldn't know how to do this subject for my exams. Mami was puzzled. She doesn't understand why I was worried over exams now, when my mid-term is only in May. Noone had mentioned about exams since school started. She tried to console me, but after 10 minutes, she decided not to talk further about it and started opening the book to see what I have done in school. This is the first time Mami saw this workbook since I started school. I have never brought back this book because all the work is normally completed in school.

We had completed 3 chapters (1) Kasih Sayang, (2) Kejujuran and (3) Keadilan. My teacher mentioned that we will start learning about (4) Toleransi.

In school, the teacher would normally read the questions. She explains a little in English and we will then mark or write the answers. Although I did not have any mistakes within the 3 chapters, but I told Mami that I do not understand quite a number of words like "Penampilan Diri" or "Keselamatan Diri" or "Amanah" or "Menjalankan tugas dengan adil" etc. Mami asked me not to worry as she will go through all 3 chapters with me.

So, we spent about an hour reading all the questions again and I tried to understand the meaning of every single word within the sentence.

Oh... how I wish Pendidikan Moral doesn't have so many Malay words.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now it is "Kiasu" Benjamin

I came back feeling very upset today. I made Mami upset too. She was upset because I was upset for something she claimed not important.

Every Tuesday, our school has a Chapel Service for about 45 minutes. Primary One, Two and Three will meet together in a hall. It is quite interesting. A teacher will first start with an opening prayer. Then, we will have about 2 praise and worship songs. The teacher would normally sing songs which are fast and with action so that we can have a little fun with the actions. After praise and worship, a teacher will tell us a bible story or "children-typed" sermon. Finally, it will end with a closing prayer. 

Today, a teacher brought a bag of goodies. She started off with the topic "Worship". She taught us the importance of worship and worship is all about God........ not about us.... but about giving to God. So, she tossed up some goodies to the students. She mentioned that the goodies she gave out cannot be taken back by her. Similarly, what we give to God cannot be taken back. She taught us the different ways that we can worship God. 

At the end of it all, she had two remaining goodies. She selected one girl to receive the goodies because she observed that this particular girl was very good during praise and worship. When we were singing a worship song earlier,  this particular girl lifted her hands, closed her eyes and sang with her heart. I think she was in Primary Two. Because the teacher rewarded a girl, she requested another teacher to select a boy who was good in worship. My heart leaped for joy hearing that and I hoped so much to be selected. Unfortunately I wasn't selected. Another Primary One was selected.

I was really upset. I wanted to receive something. I wanted to get a present. This is the second time the school was giving out presents, and I wanted one. 

I told Mami how upset I was, and I showed her how upset I was with my gestures. Mami asked me why the present was important. I had already received a present before the first time round. You can visit my previous post about it. Wouldn't that be sufficient? Mami was advising me to give other students an opportunity to receive a present too. 

I was still upset after Mami's reasoning. I knew Mami was upset with me. After taking my bath and taking out my homework, I remembered I had a Valentine note to Dadi and Mami which I made in school today. I gave her the note and it melted her heart. She wasn't upset with me after that. 

Surprising, I stopped feeling upset as well.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Garage + Port VikingToy

I wish we had an inflated swimming pool just like the one in Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah's house in Ipoh. I guess water is another child's best friend... besides a ball.

Mami took out an old toy of mine which allowed us to pour water in it. It's a garage + port vikingtoy.

I had some fun together with my Shaun TiTi. In the end, our pants were all wet, but it's nothing compared with playing water in a swimming pool.

The water was in the blue base at the bottom.

Shaun Shaun busy pouring water
from a green boat into a small red bucket.

More water pouring activities

Friday, February 10, 2012

My "Kiasu" Mother

I think my Mami is very "Kiasu". Recently my Electone Teacher mentioned to Mami that I do not want to read my music notes. Because my hearing is good, I tend to learn the song through hearing when my Electone Teacher plays the song. Once he has played, I will try to figure out the song.

Mami made two conclusions. It is either I am lazy to read the music notes, or I do not know how to read the notes. Well, I think Mami's conclusions are not really correct. I know how to read notes, but I am slow in reading them. I find it difficult to play a new song by looking at the notes for the first time. I would also loose track of where I am on the music scores.

So, Mami decided to buy me some Theory Books from Yamaha to teach me. She bought the Theory Books from Book 2 to Book 4. Book 1 was completed long long time ago. Everyday I would need to do 2 pages in the Theory Book. Mami hopes that it would give me the confidence in reading notes on the music scores.

Well, I don't quite like to do Theory, but the Book 2 isn't that difficult for a start. I think my Mami is becoming a little too "Kiasu"..... but I know she wants me to do my best in music. She has constantly reminded me that God has blessed Shaun Shaun and I with musical talent. Do the best with what God has given me so that I can serve God with it. She said that if I do not use my talent, it is easy for me to loose it. "What God gives, He can also take away".

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

No Roller Blading For Me, Please

Dadi and Mami brought me to Bangsar Shopping Centre yesterday for roller blading. Shaun Shaun and I were very excited but was disappointed at the end.

Firstly, there was a birthday party that day, and there were very few staff who were free to teach Shaun and I how to roller blade. As it was our first time, I was fearful to try roller blading on my own.

The staff was nice enough to offer me a 5 minutes trial with assistance. A man was with me, holding my hands to teach me roller blading. It was scary to me and I fell on my bump once.

After 5 minutes, Mami asked if I wanted to continue. I immediately said no. I guess I was fearful of falling. I found it difficult to balance myself.

In the end, Mami was kind enough to allow Shaun Shaun and I to go next door to the Jungle Gym. It was really fun and I enjoyed myself there.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Library Book, Here I Come

My school encourages all students to borrow books from our school library. There is an incentive given to students. Any student who reads 8 English books and 8 Malay books in the year would receive MPH vouchers at end of the year.

We are required to borrow books from the school library using our name tags. I had just received my name tag with my photograph and name printed on it.

My friends and I were very excited when we received the name tag today. We went to the library as soon as we finished our lunch during our lunch break. We went to look for a book and queued to give to the librarian. Unfortunately, the librarian informed that we could only start borrowing books after this holidays, which is on Wednesday.

I was quite disappointed and returned the book back onto the book shelf.


Hooray! I'm still the class monitor for the month, and more importantly, I still get to wear my "Ketua Darjah" badge. I guess I'm doing well as the class monitor. I'm so happy for being able to wear my badge longer.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mami is proud of me

Mami has always been telling me that she is proud of me. I am always very happy when she tells me that. Yesterday Mami said that she was proud of me.

It was a public holiday for Federal Territory and I had no school yesterday. Instead of going out, Mami told Shaun Shaun and I that we should spend some time at home to do some school and music revision.

We started our revision early in the morning, after our breakfast. I spent about 2 hours doing the workbooks which Mami bought for me. I did workbooks for BM, Maths and Science. Then, I proceeded to memorise my school's memory verse, followed by Spelling and Ejaan.

After the 2 hours of work, I practised my music on the Electone. I normally have a new song to practice every week.

Mami also gave some music revision. My Electone teacher commented that my hearing is good, but my sight reading is poor. So, Mami had to take some time to work with me on notes reading. Mami then whispered to me "Ben, Mami is very proud of you today. You achieved so much today".

Needless to say, my little brother spent more time in colouring than writing. He managed to write the alphabets "X" in big and small letters.

We ate noodles for lunch and played for about an hour. Then, we proceed to do some reading in our bedrooms with Mami. Mami requested me to read a page, followed by Shaun to read another page. Shaun and I rotated to read the entire book. It was a Bible Story about Abraham and Sarah and son, Isaac. Mami told us that we were great readers. We could read without her assistance. She said that she was very proud of us, both.

We took a short nap in the afternoon. We played our toys for close to two hours, and I practised my music on the Electone again. I somehow enjoyed the new song very much but I wasn't quite good in playing it. After playing my music, I did some revision again. Mami gave me a few more exercises to do and we had dinner.

We went to our room early in the evening to read The Young Scientist Magazine. After reading the magazine, we were very reluctant to sleep. Mami was finding ways to persuade us to sleep. Mami said that God created day and night for a reason. Day is to work and night is to rest and sleep. Mami asked if we respected and honoured God, and I obediently nodded. Mami said that if I respected and honoured God, I needed to honour what God created. God wants us to rest and sleep during the night.

So, Shaun and I agreed and switched off the lights after our daily night prayer but it took us more than an hour ..... almost two hours to sleep. Shaun Shaun kept going into Mami's room and pulled her to our room to sleep with us. She finally agreed to sleep in a small corner of Shaun's bed and we finally slept.

I am glad that Mami is proud of me.