Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Big Boy Already....

I'm 7 months old today...... and the first thing that mummy said this morning to me when I awoke was "Wah...Ben Ben big boy already. 7 months old today. What new tricks will you be showing mummy? Can you call MUMMY? or can you sleep longer at night?"

Hhm....saying "Mummy" now will be a challenge. Maybe say "Pa-pa" sounds easier..... Will see how it goes...

Oh...Aunty Su Kim, Mummy decided to buy zambuk for me and Kakak Sri applied it on my forehead. I think the redness has gone down...... Must look at mirror first to see if I still look handsome.....

Big & Strong
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-Daddy- Benji is officially seven months old today and weighing in at a hefty 8 kgs.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

See why I hate mosquitoes

See why I hate mosquitoes
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Got two big red dots on my forehead...terrible mosquitoes. Everyone in church noticed it today, so shy. Any creams to recommend ??

Kacau-ed by Daddy

Kacau-ed by Daddy
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I know my Daddy is mischievous, but this is too much . . .

Saturday, November 26, 2005

One handed stance

Stylo Milo
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Daddy didn't believe that I could stand with one hand. So, as I was playing with daddy and mummy today, I decided to do da post . . . style ler.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What I Like To Eat

No vegetables...... No fish...... I only like to eat mangoes and papayas. Don't quite like bananas too. You may think I am a fussy pot... but I like to think that I am a gourmet.

Kak Sri has been saying that Benji doesn't like vegetables or fish, *ahem* just like his daddy... only enjoys mangoes and papayas. I think he has a sweet tooth. -mummy-

Monday, November 21, 2005

Jumping Ben Ben

I gave daddy a shock today, he...he...

As usual, I was sleeping on my super duper single matress on the floor. This Daddy & mummy ah always so paranoid that I will fall off the bed. They surround me with lots & lots of pillows and bolsters, plus there is even a bed rail!!! Wah so secure hor... but...

Well this morning, I woke up and decided to try a new "stunt". I pushed myself up against the pillows and I started to jump and hop and jump and hop . . . and before I knew it . . . I was over the bed rail . . . Hooray!!! I am free...Ha...Ha...Ha

Unfortunately, daddy came into the room, just as I was making my great escape and he caught me before I could land on the quilt (which was on the floor). How sad..... My escape foiled.

-Daddy- Benji gave me a shock early this morning when I went into his room to check out the noises he was making. He had managed to "jump" over the bed rail i.e. consisting of two bolsters and a pillow piled on top of each other supported by a safety 1st bed rail . . . We have an Olympic high jumper gold medallist in the making.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Internal Clock on London time

Droopy Eyes
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Don't know why, but I keep wanting to wake up and play at 3 a.m. in the morning. Most of the time a sleepy, eyes half open daddy will come into my room and tell me the same thing...

"Boy, night is for sleeping, day time is for playing..."

And mummy will say to daddy "Dear, you take care of Benji, I am too tired to play with him"

Poor daddy will then plonk himself down on the bed next to me with his eyes half closed. But I always manage to wake him up by hitting his head with my fists or by trying to do some dangerous stunts i.e. crawling off the bed, hitting my head against something hard.

Hee Hee Hee . . .

Benji has been waking up very early almost everyday much to his parents chagrin. Daddy thinks maybe it's God's way of telling him to wake up earlier to pray and read the Bible to Benji.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life's Lessons

To avoid getting caught with my pants down always remember that the grey metal thingy daddy is holding is a camera.

Benji is being potty trained...daddy & mummy just couldn't resist this shot

Monday, November 07, 2005

Food . . . Glorious Food

Mummy says I am ready for more "solid" food. Yah, mashed baby carrots, brocolli and sweet potatoes can get pretty boring after awhile

Today I am getting *yum* *yum*. . . fish porridge . . .

OK OK its not lobster bisque but hey at 6 mo+ anything is new.

Benji's pediatrician gave the go ahead to introduce him to meat dishes.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Caught on camera

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Daddy & Mummy sneaked into my room and took this picture of me sleeping . . . terrible-lah, caught me in such an uncompromising position . . . Daddy & Mummy had a good laugh and just couldn't resist taking this photo. They even called Kakak into the room and she too had a good laugh.

*Sigh* the shame . . .

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Am I naughty??

Mummy says I have been a naughty boy, always do not want to sleep, only want to play. Yah mah play is fun . . . fun . . . fun

Daddy says my eyes look red whenever I am tired, so obvious meh . . . but I still want to play play play . . . *Yawn* . . .