Monday, October 31, 2011

Starting to miss my teachers

I'm beginning to feel sad because I will be leaving this kindergarden soon. I know I'll miss my teachers. Last week, I made cards for each of my teachers. I wrote the following message on each of the cards:

"Thank you for teaching me in Tadika Midah. I will miss you when I go to Standard One".

I don't have all my teacher's photos but I found one which has most of my teachers from facebook.

My teachers....except the small boy who is the Principal's son

The principal of Tadika Midah.

Tadika Midah School Outing

This is an old post. Mami just wanted to post the photos received from my Teacher. It's some photos taken during my school outing....

Visit to a Chocolate Factory

Visit to the Rice Factory

Visit to the Rabbit Farm.
There was a competition to dress the rabbit, and my team WON!

Visit to a Horse Ranch

I was riding a pony

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parents-Teacher Meeting at Tadika Midah

Am so happy today. My whole family went to Tadika Midah for a Parents-Teacher meeting. Dadi and Mami are really proud of me. I have managed to obtain number one in position and I'm really proud of my achievements.

Picture on the school board

This is a very nice Graduation Book
which the Tadika gave to every graduating student

The following is the content of the Graduation Book

On top of all this, I received a keychain from the kindergarden with my graduation photo on it. This really made my day.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A coin box from Dadi

I was very happy when Dadi came back from Geneva. I was even happier when Dadi gave me a beautiful and colourful coin box he received from UBS when he was in Geneva. I went to school feeling very happy the next day and told my teacher about it. She gave me 10 cents for my coin collection :)

Went to UCSI Ensemble Concert

Dadi and Mami brought Shaun Shaun TiTi and I to UCSI University to watch an Ensemble concert yesterday afternoon. It was really nice. I saw many instruments being played, and songs being sung. Eunice Cheh Cheh was one of the MC and she was very pretty.

Can you see Eunice Cheh Cheh talking?

A piano duet

A band playing and singing

A choir. They sang 3 Japanese songs.

This is Eunice Cheh Cheh and I

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I dislike learning the Timestable

Mami has been teaching me the timestable. I am learning up to 7-timestable now. I understand the timestable, but I am really slow in reciting the timestable. Mami asked me to try memorizing it instead of counting from the beginning. An example of me counting from the beginning.... If it is 6 x 4, I would then recite 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24. It's really lengthy when it comes to 9 x 4. I can memorise some, but it's really difficult. I wish I don't need to learn the timestable :(

Practising for the Yamaha mini-concert

There will be a mini concert for the completion of JXC Book 1 in the next 2 weeks. 3 classes will be combined for this mini concert.

Instead of playing songs from the JXC Book 1, I will be playing 2 songs from the Electone Step 3, entitled........ "Ayura" and "Don't Worry".

My Electone Music Teacher had, all of the sudden, decided for me to play the song "Don't Worry". I had only learnt this song last week and am not quite good in that song yet. So, I guess I need to practice more in the next 2 weeks.

Mami took this video of me to show me the mistakes I made for me to improve myself.

My pet turtles

I have always wanted pets. Mami dislike pets and discouraged me from getting one. She said that there would be too much responsibilities to take care of a pet.

Instead, I managed to find 4 turtles on the fridge and adopted them as my pet. These were given my Mami's ex-colleagues to her. There are 2 small ones and 2 big ones.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clay Art session at Global Art

Went for a Clay Art session at Global Art Taman Midah on Sunday. Brought my cousins there too. We were all given an opportunity to make some figures. See what I made (except the green pig)...

My typical prayer at night

Mami has always commented that my prayer is very lengthy. I have lots to say and I can take about 15 minutes to complete my prayer. This was my prayer last night:

Father God,

Heal Yeh Yeh of his sore throat and cough. Heal Mami's ulcer. Heal Shaun Shaun's mouth so that he doesn't move his tongue. Heal everybody who has sickness. Bless everyday. Bless the Rumah Panjang and Kampung people. Bless everybody in other countries. Protect us from kidnappers and bad people. Protect every children from kidnappers and bad people. Protect adult also from kidnappers. Thank you for helping me get number one in school although I got 1 mistake in maths and 1 mistake in science. Help us to grow big and strong. Help us to sleep tonight. Help everybody to sleep tonight. Help Dadi to come back from Geneva safely. Help the weather to be good when Dadi comes back.... so that the pilot can fly the aeroplane and land the that Dadi can come down.

In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

Oh... my Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh were here in KL last week. Mah Mah shared with me a newspaper article about kidnappers. Since then, I have been praying for kidnappers. I shared with my friends in Tadika. My teacher even helped me explain to my friends to be careful of kidnappers.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I went to Logos Hope

I finally had the opportunity to go to Logos Hope. I was quite sad when I couldn't go initially. Dadi is in Geneva and Mami doesn't want to bring my Shaun TiTi. My Ah Mah was not keen to allow me to go, due to the distance.

It was so kind for Aunty Kay to agree to allow me to join her family to Logos Hope. She even took my cousins along (Nicolas Kor Kor, Ashley Cheh Cheh and Tobin TiTi). We had lots of fun and laughter.

Before leaving, Mami suggested for me buy some Enid Blyton books. Books which I could read, and of course... no baby books. Mami gave RM100 to Aunty Kay to buy the books chosen, and I....eer......eer.....spend ALL of it. In fact, I owed Aunty Kay RM5.00.

I bought many books and a little small items.

The books I bought. The 3 Enid Blyton books are hardcovers in every page.
One Thomas and Friends book for my Shaun TiTi.

A poster of Flags around the world.
I initially wanted to buy the Multiplication Timetable,
but Aunty Kay discouraged me.

I purchased some small items, like a football keychain, bookmarks and a super jelly ball.

What was Mami's response to my purchases??? Well, it was my first shopping spree on my very own. I chose everything myself without knowing how to add the cost to it. I guess she forgave me after seeing that I really did buy some Enid Blyton books.

Finally, I would like to thank Aunty Kay, and the 2 Cheh Chehs for bringing me there and taking good care of me. Thank you for the ice cream treat too.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Presents for studying hard

I am so happy. I received two presents for studying hard for my exams. Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh bought me Cars 2 car and Ah Mah bought me a Hotwheels Custom Motors.

Thank you Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah and Ah Mah.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I wish I had a Kor Kor

Just the other day, Mami requested me to go to bed first. She mentioned "Benjamin, can you please go to bed first. It would be good that you set a good example for your TiTi to follow".

I immediately felt unhappy and refused to go to bed. I went to Mami, hugged her and said "Mami, I wish I had a Kor Kor. I want to be the middle boy. I want a Kor Kor and a TiTi".

Mami laughed at me. She told me that I was the eldest and there was no way that I could have a Kor Kor now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

It was the 2nd last day of the sale, and I managed to get an opportunity to go to the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. Mami and I followed Ah Ku's family there yesterday evening.

There wasn't many crowd, and many books left. We didn't buy many books, but my cousin Nicolas Kor Kor bought alot of comics and horror stories.

I'm still glad that I went for the book sale. I am very happy with one of the book which I selected. The next morning, I was busy walking around with my book.

We also remembered to buy a few books for my Shaun TiTi. He was happy and read one of the books last night before bedtime.

P/S Daddy is in Geneva now. Daddy ~ can you see a book with your name on it? It was bought just for YOU!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy after exams??

Am glad that my exams are over. I know that it doesn't mean that I do not need to study or do any homework after exams. Mami mentioned that I have to start doing some revision on Primary One workbooks to prepare me for my big school next year.

In addition, I've got a big task to do. My Yamaha mini concert for the end of JXC book 1 is on 10th Nov. My teacher requested me to play a song from my Electone book. So, the song chosen for me was Ayura. It's a difficult song for me, and I have just learnt this song early this week. So, I guess I would need to practice many times to get it right.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Learning English Through Stories

I love to read before I go to sleep. I don't exactly like to read the book on my own, I love it when Mami or Dadi reads to me. I would just look at the words and the pictures. I guess it's always more interesting when they read the story to me.

I read different kinds of books. It ranges from fairy tales to malay classics or even educational stories. As this week is my exam week, Mami has been reading me a book which reinforces grammer lessons.

The books are by Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd, written by Charlotte Lim. Mami bought these from Popular Bookstore in Singapore. Each story illustrates and focuses on different grammatical structures and usage. There is also accompanying notes useful as they are written to help children understand English grammer in a fun and engaging way.

Book 1 has 4 stories. Each story focuses on Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns, Pronouns, Tenses and Verbs

Book 2 has 4 stories as well. The stories cover Question Words, Question Tags, Punctuation, Connectors, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Phrasal Verbs, Articles, Verbs, Determiners and Quantifiers.

The other day, Mami was preparing me for the "Wh" Questions for my examination. So, she read me the story about the Curious Alex who kept asking his grandpa questions. Here are some examples...

At the end of each page, there is always a Grammer Lesson...

Sorry as the picture taken is not too clear. The stories are interesting, and are easy to understand.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Year End School Holiday Programme

Mami was looking for a School Holiday programme for me this yearend. She could only find one from You&Me Right Brain Learning Specialist Centre. It's a little far from our house. So, Mami said she will go hunting for something else.

Crossing legs

I have a habit of crossing my legs when I am seated on the sofa to watch TV. Mami took this photograph of me crossing my legs to show me how I looked like. Ironically, my Shaun TiTi was doing the same on the sofa. Mami caught a photo of him too.

This is me watching the TV. Look at my toys beside me.
They are accompanying me to watch TV.

My Shaun TiTi is at the other end of the sofa watching TV too.
He saw Mami taking the camera which made him smile naturally.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Exam week

This week is my exam week. I have been studying hard over the past few weeks.... and of course....for the past few days. It's been stressful for me and Mami. Mami has been very "cheong hei". She keeps repeating over and over again "Benjamin, please remember to use capital letters when it is the beginning of the sentence or person's name... and remember all your full stops... and remember to write properly....and remember to check your answers.... and remember to read the question properly....". She would remind me over and over again, so worried that I would be careless. I know Mami wants me to do well for my exams. I want to do well too.

I just can't wait till this week is over. I think Mami can't wait for my exams to be over too.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Passion for Music

I love Music and my music teachers would always tell Mami that I am talented in music for my age. I can proudly say that I am pretty good, but I am better if I am more hardworking in practising.

I have 2 music teachers. On Thursday nights, I attend the JXC book 1 class at Yamaha Music Centre. It is a group class, but more focused in playing the Piano. Mami accompanies me during the classes. On Tuesday afternoons, another teacher comes to my house to teach me the Electone. I have a Piano and an Electone at home.

It really helps with Mami knowing how to play the Piano. She is able to guide me and teach me everyday. It also means that Mami is strict with me in ensuring that I practise both the Piano and Electone every single day (sometimes I get to skip my practise during the weekends...heh..heh..)

I am progressing well. I progress faster in my individual class at home because I am able move forward at my own pace. I definately spend more time practising the Electone because it is much harder to learn. I am going to complete my Electone book 2 and Mami had just bought me the Electone book 3. Yey.....

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Angry Bird Clay Making Session

I just can't wait. There will be an Angry Bird Clay Making Session at Global Art on 22nd and 23rd October 2011. Am so happy it will be after my exams. I brought some brochures to school yesterday and told all my friends. Everyone was so excited and kept asking me over and over again about it. Finally, my teacher was so kind. She read the details from the brochure to my friends. I hope I'll be able to meet my friends there.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Global Art Progress

Previously my art is would I say.... bad!!! I don't colour well. Mami always say that I'm not putting enough strength to colour. So, I just started Global Art classes in September. I am glad that my art work turned out nice. Of course the teacher was most of the time beside me guiding me. Am satisfied with my colouring work...

Oh, I am also looking forward for the upcoming event in Global Art on 22nd - 23rd Oct 2011. They have some Angry Bird colouring contest and free session on Clay Art. They are teaching us how to make angry birds made out of clay. I'm so happy it's after my exams.