Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cell Group Retreat to Kee's Farmstay, Pertang

Our Cell Group had a retreat last Sunday to Kee's Farmstay at Pertang. It was a short but sweet retreat for all of us. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The place was peaceful, refreshing and clean. The rooms were clean, comfortable with 2 king sized mattresses in each room, equipped with a fan and air-condition.

There were many farm animals there. I was more interested in feeding the hungry goats. They were pretty fierce looking.

My cousin, Ashley Cheh Cheh feeding a goat

What we enjoyed most was fishing. We were able to do fishing in a big pond. There were two big ponds to fish from. Once we caught a fish, we could either release the fish back into the pond or keep them to buy/ barbeque. It cost RM15 per kilo for a Talapia fish.

I don't have photos of us fishing. But this is my Ah Ku and Aunty Kay, barbequing our fishes.

While Ah Ku was barbequing, we were playing in a rest area.

Before we left for home, we wanted to buy more fish back. The owner suggested that we catch from a separate place where they stored the bigger ones. We sent two brave boys, Win Sern and my cousin, Nicolas Kor Kor to go into the "slimy water" a catch with a net.

We had a great time running around.

Our cell group photo

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ChloeRuoyi said...

That looks like a very nice place to go for a retreat. I can imagine all the fun!