Thursday, April 18, 2013

Naive within a group of girls

I work very well within girls. In fact, most of my good friends are girls. I like to hang out with them too. I dislike rough and tough boys.

Recently, there was a small group work assigned by my science teacher. Coincidently, all my group members were girls. We were supposed to bring pictures of seeds dispersed by water, wind, animals etc. A group member of mine was assigned as a group leader.

My group leader requested me to bring all the pictures. She said that because I was the only boy within the group, it makes me special. Because I was special, I should bring all the pictures. The other two group members agreed and praised me that I was very special. I was delighted to hear that I was special, so, I agreed. 

Mami helped me to print the pictures and I brought them to school the next day. My group members were very happy with the pictures. I was happy that I contributed well.

Mami could only laugh at how naive I was within the group of girls. For the record, they are all very nice girls. They just have a way to win my heart.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Great minds don't think alike

Mami was surprised with a delivery of a beautiful basket of flowers. It attracted Shaun Shaun and I when we arrived home from school. My immediate response was to find out who had ordered this basket of flowers. My Ah Mah immediately replied that it was Mami's boyfriend.

I asked "What? How can Mami have a boyfriend when she is already married?"

Shaun immediately said "Oh....I know who Mami's boyfriend is. The flowers is from Dadi. Dadi married to Mami, and then become her boyfriend."

And I thought I was the smarter one in the family. How did Shaun Shaun know that the basket of flowers was from Dadi?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bedtime Prayer and Blessing

Ever since Mami had stopped working and became a full time mummy two years ago, our family has never missed a bedtime prayer. It would either be Mami or Dadi leading in prayer before giving us a blessing. Sometimes, we take turns to pray.

Mami has been sick with flu and cough over the past three weeks. Dadi has been trying to come back early over the past two weeks to pray with us. It has been difficult for Mami to say our bedtime prayer out loud. She would cough repeatly if she does.

Dadi is away for work this week. Shaun Shaun and I have been good boys. Instead of Mami praying for us, we would lead in prayer. Shaun Shaun would always start in prayer and I would end the prayer. Mami would still give us our daily blessings. Our standard blessing as follows:

"You are my beloved son, in you I am well pleased and on you my favour rest"

Our blessing comes with a big hug and a kiss too.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Mami says that I am a very compassionate child. I would try to think of others first before mine.

I am currently having a flu and my nose is blocked most of the time. Last night, Mami offered me an additional pillow to sleep on. She had to go to her room to get it. I knew at once that it was hers. I immediately asked her in return "Are you sure you don't need the pillow?"