Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Tracting Adventure

My church had sent several groups to go tracting at several shopping malls and LRT station prior to Christmas. Our cell group covered 1Shamelin mall.

I wrote a poem as a testimony for my church and I recited this poem during our Thanksgiving Service last Sunday.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas is near,
I have something exciting here,
I had an important mission,
To share God's love and vision.

I started off going,
Without really knowing,
How to show them,
God's big love for them.

Prayer and boldness,
I needed to get,
I charged forward,
Without looking backward.
I went to 1Shamelin,
I started trembling,
Who will I meet there?
What will I do there?

I looked around,
I tried to go round,
I bravely approached,
A man with a broach (the security guard).
I handed out a tract,
He smiled and took it back,
Was it difficult to do,
No! It wasn't difficult to continue.
I finished my tracting,
With great joy and clapping,
I hope I was able,
To touch the hearts of all people.

God bless them all!

Special guest in Decatonics

Shaun Shaun and I were privileged to join our church's mini choir group named Decatonics. We played the cajons, performing in SS2 mall and Christmas church service. Decatonics sang beautiful Christmas carols and we had a great time during practices and performances. I praise God for this opportunity.