Monday, June 25, 2012

Galactic Laser at MidValley

It was an occasional holiday today for my school because of report card collection day last weekend. Some friends and their siblings and their friends met at MidValley Megamall to play in the Galactic Laser. It was really fun.

There were 24 of us, comprising of Primary One to Primary Six children. We were initially planning to divide into 2 groups fairly, but the Primary Six children insisted that they form their own group. So, it was 11 Primary Six children versus 13 remaining children, consisting of Primary One to Primary Five.

It was pretty obvious that the older kids won the battles. Nevertheless, we all had lots of fun. It was also nice to know new friends within the same school. As least I know a few prefects from the school.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Science Project

This is a little outdated. I had to do this Science Project during the last school holidays.

We were allowed to select the topic of this project. I chose the ocean because I felt that it was easier to decorate the ocean. My teacher gave the background of the ocean in a paper slightly bigger than A3 size. I was also given a paper with pictures of sea animals. We needed to colour them and paste it onto the background. We could use anything to colour the picture.

I coloured my picture with colour pencils and added glitters as a finishing touch. I persuaded Mami to buy my 48 colour pencils so that I could colour in different tones. I certainly had some help from Dadi and Mami. Mami helped me with some toning and the cutting of the pictures. Dadi helped me with the glitter.

Thank you Dadi and Mami for helping me.

Special Delivery

Shaun Shaun and I received a special delivery all the way from Ipoh. It was sent through Pos Laju.

I was all excited when I came back from school last Friday to see our package. I immediately opened it and this was what we received....

It was a box of BEYBLADES! Mah Mah bought this for us as a reward for my good results in school. The box came with 2 attack and 1 balance beyblades, with a yellow launcher. Mah Mah knew that I like the balance type and Shaun prefers the attack type. However, when we started playing them, my little brother claimed that his was the balance type. This has always been Shaun's habit once he sees a beyblade more powerful than another. So, I am left with the attack ones which are not my favourites.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy playing them, and I guess I did not mind giving mine to my little brother. 

Thank you Mah Mah for this wonderful present. Shaun Shaun and I have been playing with this all day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Confidential Report

Mami came to school yesterday and met my teacher to collect my Confidential Report. I have done well and Mami is really proud of me. The teacher managed to share one weakness of mine. My teacher mentioned that I would normally avoid eye contact when I talk. I am normally shy to look at people in the eyes. She spotted it when I had to go in front to talk to the class. Mami knew about this weakness of mine and is amazed with the teacher who is sharp at observing this. This proves my relevation about this teacher. I have always told my Mami that this teacher has eyes like an eagle. She can see anything we do, even though we do not see her physical presence. No wonder she is also the disciplinary teacher in our school. Nevertheless, I am proud that she is my class teacher. She is a very dedicated and good teacher. I respect her very much. I thank God for her.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teapot for my Dadi

I made this beautiful teapot for Dadi in school last week for the occasion of Father's Day. Dadi hasn't seen this yet.

It is just not a normal teapot. It has a special love note inside......

Monday, June 18, 2012

No Father's Day celebration

Dadi was not around for Father's Day. We were unable to celebrate earlier as Dadi only knew about his business trip a few days before. I was a little disappointed, but i know that Dadi had no choice.

Nevertheless, Dadi received cards from Shaun Titi and I before he left and I managed to wish him over the phone on Father's Day.

I hope to be able to celebrate this occasion next year, or perhaps we can have a belated Father's Day. Not sure if we can celebrate this weekend. Dadi is away again next week.

It's fun to learn about money

My teacher introduced the topic of money for our Mathematics subject in school last week. She came into the classroom one day and showed us some printed fake money. She said that we would have to earn our own money to buy gifts. A gift stall would be set up this week for us to buy our gifts. This really made me extremely excited. To earn the money, we needed to answer questions correctly during classes and math worksheets. This teacher is also our Science Teacher. So, we have an opportunity to earn money through Science work. So far I have managed to collect more than RM2.00. I thinking I should be able to buy a keychain from the gift stall. I remember seeing lots and lots of keychains. I just can't wait to be able to earn more money this week.

Thank you Puan Jackie Man for being a great teacher.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day project


Our church is organising a night out for Father's Day and the theme is "Hawaiian Night". Dadi will have to be dressed for this occasion and I suggested to Mami that we should make something for Dadi to wear. Everyone at home participated in this project, inclusive of Mami and Ah Mah.

We started our Father's Day project yesterday and this is our outcome.....

I hope this will fit Dadi perfectly well.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Laser Tag

My Ku Cheong brought us to play laser tag in Ipoh.

We were all equipped with a vest and laser tag which were lighted based on our team colour. My team consists of all kids and our opponent team members were Dadi, Ku Chong and Yeh Yeh. Only Mami joined my team to watch over my TiTi. 
We entered into a dark maze and we had to look for our opponent and shoot at the areas which were lighted on the opponent's vest or laser tag. Every player would earn marks once we shot our opponents. If we were shot, our laser tag would be disabled for about 4 seconds.
It was a fun day...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

My first week of school holidays

The first week of school holidays has come to an end. I had lots of fun. I think it is the best school holidays ever.

Straight after school last Friday, my family and I took the Electronic Train Services to Ipoh. The pleasant journey only took 2 hours and 15 minutes. We spent 3 nights with Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh, and Ku Ku's family. It was the best Ipoh trip because we had lots of fun.

Last Wednesday, I went to Megakidz and played with a few classmates. Mami was amazed that we played from 10:15 till 3:15 p.m.

The next day, I went for roller blading with some cousins and relatives. I was amazed that my Shaun TiTi was able to roller blade after trying for about 45 minutes.

Was I tired? Certainly not. On Friday, I started my first badminton lesson at Taman Segar Perdana. It was tiring but certainly satisfying. Dadi felt my excitement and today, Dadi booked the badminton court and the entire family had a tiring one hour badminton game.

Mami feels really tired now. We have practically gone out everyday since I left from Ipoh, and she has not rested well. Although we have been going out, I have not forgotten all my homework and revision. Mami has ensured that I complete my revision in the morning before I go out.

Hhm.... I wonder what we will be doing next week? So far, we have another roller blading appointment with my classmates next week. I can't wait because there would be a reasonable big crowd next week.