Monday, February 09, 2015

Swimming - Advance Class

I had recently joined the Advance Class in my Swimming Club. They have their lessons on Saturdays and Sundays for one and half hours per day. Next month, we are advised to attend 5 days a week. There are three night lessons during the weekdays between 7:30p.m. to 9p.m. Mami is reluctant to send me for the weekday lessons, but will probably be obliged to attend perhaps one weekday lesson (just to please the Coach).

We would normally start off with physical exercises about 30 - 40 minutes. After the physical exercises, we would jump straight into the pool to swim multiple lapses in all four different swimming styles. There are days when we would play water polo. I was also told that we would also have life saving lessons.

When I first started, it was really exhausting. I had a hard time moving around the house after my lesson. However, after two weekends, I felt much better. Perhaps I had better stamina after two weeks. Now, I do not feel the tiredness. I am much happier, starting to make some friends. I still feel a little distant from other swimmers as most of them are chinese speaking. I am hoping that I can also speak a little mandarin. I just have to overcome my fear and shyness.

New Chinese Costume for Mandarin Week

Today marks the opening of our school's Mandarin Week. There will be a string of activities throughout the week. Multiple competitions and Mandarin Books for sale. For the first day, Shaun Shaun would have colouring competition and I would have Chinese Calligraphy competition. Mami was busy buying addition ink for me to practice writing at home. We do not know which words we need to write, but I just practiced the normal "Gong Xi Fatt Cai".

Last weekend, Mami had to hunt for our Chinese Costumes. As I am involved in the opening ceremony of the Mandarin week, it was compulsory for me to wear one. Mami bought our Chinese costume at Chinatown Classic at Mid Valley. The below pictures were taken just before we left for school today.

Blessed Chinese New Year, my friends!

Doing This, and That, with Anything

I love to collect recycled items and make something out of them. It may or may not work, it doesn't matter. I have tried cooking an egg under the sun, made a recycling bin which was too small to use, a robot which sweeps ineffectively and many more.....all of which my Mami threw away after a short while. To Mami, it was additional rubbish to keep. She doesn't like to keep alot of things at home. She says we have enough toys to keep.

I love building and making. I will continue to do passion.

Flower from plastic spoons
Solar windmill
The joy of it working,
though I had to stay under the sun