Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool guys....

Pix from Kui Ling jei-jei's fabulous smart phone......

A Flower for A Girl-Friend

My "Girlfriend" asked me to give her a fake flower. I said OK. I went back and asked my Mami if I could have a fake flower which has a flower, with a leave and stem.
Mami said she want to waste money to buy fake flowers, and it is expensive. So, I had an idea....
I called Mah Mah from Ipoh. Knowing that Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh will be coming from Ipoh the weekend to visit me, I decided to ask Mah Mah if I could get a fake flower for my friend.
I was so happy when Mah Mah said "YES" and she is bringing down a pink daisy for me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Worried Kor Kor

I overheard Dadi and Mami were discussing about which kindergarden to send my Shaun TiTi next year. They are still thinking of whether if Shaun should continue with the current kindergarden or move to my kindergarden. So I had an idea....
I went to my kindergarden and told my teacher about my Shaun TiTi. I asked my teacher the following questions on behalf of my Dadi and Mami:

1) My Shaun TiTi is turning 4 years old next year. Which class would he be in?
2) My Shaun TiTi is afraid of fierce teachers. Who would be teaching Green 1 or Green 2?
3) My Shaun TiTi doesn't like to do homework. Would there be many homework?

Teacher was very nice. She gave a sample of a worksheet which will be used in Green Class to me so that I would see if the worksheet was too difficult. I think the worksheet looks boring. So, I had another idea. I brought my Shaun TiTi's existing kindergarden workbook to show my teacher, so that she can see what he is doing in his school.