Friday, December 30, 2011

I can do it without my training wheels

I am so happy and proud of myself.

Yesterday, Dadi and Mami brought us to the playground with a basketball court. We brought our bicycles and I managed to cycle without the training wheels on the basketball court.

Shaun Shaun obviously is able to cycle well and fast. He has his training wheels on. I was encouraged to try without them. Dadi had to hold me at the beginning and as I practised a few rounds, Dadi let me go, and yey..... I am proud to say that I could do it. I am just not good at starting off on my own.

Mami did not bring her camera to take a picture of this magical moment of mine. Dadi asked her why and she replied "Eer.... I didn't think that Ben would be able to do it.".

Well, I've proven Mami wrong :)

My favourite toy as at today - Cars 2

I have two favourite toys at the moment. But I'll just mention one. I'll let you know the other later. Let me play with it a little while before confirming it's my favourite toy.

I love Cars2. My favourite is this red bus which Mami bought for me for my Christmas present.

This red bus can carry all the cars which Mah Mah and Mami bought for me. I would keep all the cars inside this bus everyday. There are many slots to put my cars, both inside and on the bus.

Can you see through the windows all my cars stored inside the bus.
If there is not enough space, you can store more cars above.

I have two more cars which was supposed to be in the bus.
I guess Shaun TiTi took it out.
I really wanted to buy one more car which is Mater's girlfriend, Holly.
But it's out of stock everywhere I go.

Not only that, I can also slide a car in the bus and it would come out from the door of the bus. It's really cool.

My Shaun TiTi putting his green bus on the bus slide
Shaun TiTi's green bus racing out from the door of the bus. Cool isn't it.
I can do the same for my other cars.

I have been pestering Mami to buy me the Spy Jet from Cars2. Mami is probably waiting to redeem some Jusco Vouchers to purchase it. I hope she doesn't wait till my birthday next year. April is a long way to go for me.

Another letter from my friend

I just received a hand delivered letter from Loke Yao Ren.

My first Season Greeting card received

This is an outdated post. I had earlier received this Season Greeting Card from my friend in my previous kindergarden.

My first Season Greeting Card from Law Xi Ze.
He was in the same class as I was when we were 5 and 6 years old in Tadika Midah

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A letter to my friend

As I promised, I wrote a letter to a friend. 

A pleasant surprise

I was so glad that another good friend of mine called me today. His name is Loke Yao Ren. He is one of my best friend from the school bus, in Orange Class at the same tadika previously.

I didn't know what to say. I just asked how he was. He told me that he had just arrived home from his Primary One school. I guess it must be his orientation day. His mother spoke to me over the phone and asked me which school I would be attending next year.

I managed to ask him for his phone number and address. I promised him that I'll deliver a letter to him tomorrow. I wonder what I should write in my letter?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My TiTi is more important than my toys

Mami took out a new transformer toy for me today. It's a toy which was kept for a long time. She didn't want to open it because I was not quite a fan of transformer. I don't mind playing it, but it's just not my favourite.

I thought it was rather strange for Mami to just open a new toy for me. I guess she pitied me because my Shaun TiTi has been very possessive over toys.He would also "hijack" my new toys if he really likes them. In addition, Shaun TiTi has started dominating my Cars 2 toys. So, Mami felt that I deserved something new to play with.

I was quite happy when Mami showed me a new Elite Bumblebee transformer. As Mami was opening the packaging, as expected my Shaun TiTi came and insisted that he wanted the toy. Mami said that it was for Kor Kor. Immediately Shaun replied "Must share what".

Dadi sternly told Shaun that it was unfair for Shaun insisting for the toy. Dadi knows what will happen if the toy lands on Shaun TiTi's hands. It will never come to me, especially when it comes to something that he likes. Shaun was pretty upset, went away and cried. He didn't cry loudly, but I wasn't sure if it was crocodile tears.

Mami was trying to comfort Shaun. She told him that she will buy a small surprise for him later in Tesco. I told Mami that she didn't need to. I will give my new toy to Shaun TiTi. Mami was surprised and asked me why I responded in such a manner. My answer was "My toys are not that important. My Shaun TiTi is more important to me than my toys". Mami and Dadi were really proud of me.

Primary One Orientation Day

Today was a big day for me. I was certainly NOT looking forward for this day. I had earlier complained to Dadi and Mami that I was not ready to go to a new big school.

However, I was still in a good mood today. I was eager to see how the new school was. My only questions to Mami were "Does the school principal speaks English? What about other teachers?"

Ready to leave the house for school

A new watch for me to wear to school.
As my transporter will be fetching me back at a later time, 
I would need to know the time.

This is a pick-up card. For the transporter to flash my name 
and I'll be called to board a van.

My Mami, still in disbelief that I am really a big boy now.

 This is my classroom. I am in 1 Aman. 
Mami is quite happy that I have been assigned to this class. 
She likes the class teacher 
and I am in Blue house. My favourite colour. Thank you God.

This is my school

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cars 2

Shaun TiTi and I did not have the opportunity to watch Cars 2 in the cinema.....but thank God someone saved the day. Mah Mah bought me a Cars 2 DVD, and we enjoyed it at home. We made our very own cinema at home, with the lights off, loud volume and a big soft couch to sit on.

We really love Cars 2. On the first day we watched it, we played it 3 times. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Because of my craze for Cars 2, Mami bought me the Cars 2 red bus which could store my cars. Mah Mah bought me so many Cars 2 at different occasions, and Mami added one more into my collection. All my Cars 2 collection can talk. I really did not appreciate the cars which Mah Mah bought for me earlier, but now, they are really my favourite toys. I am so happy.

Dadi and Mami are currently planning to buy Cars 2 for Shaun's and my birthday next year. I've requested for the Jet and Shaun TiTi wanted the boat. Shaun's birthday is in February and mine in April. Perhaps it's too early to buy, but I know it's on their mind.

Note from Mami: I would have never thought that they would enjoy Cars 2. I thought they would find the movie scary. They are just so unpredictable.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

We went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks in the cinema at Leisure Mall. There were 5 of us, our family and Ah Mah. We wanted to go to the Gardens, but the timing was not too convenient for us.

I guess everyone said that the movie was good. As for Shaun Shaun TiTi and I, we did not enjoy it so much because it found it a little scary.

Every movie seems scary to the both of us. We are never really used to watching a movie in a cinema. This is our second experience. The first was Rio. We just dislike seeing bad guys being very fierce and loud, or scary animals like a shark with sharp teeth.

Dadi and Mami feel that they need to expose us to more movies in the cinema. I know the show is not real, but I am still frighten. I have no idea why.

House warming on Christmas eve

I went to Uncle Robert and Aunty Becky's house warming on Christmas Eve. It was a great time of fellowship, with good food and a good game. I just love playing Pictionary.

The house was big and very nice. I told everyone that this is a house which I would want to buy and stay. Some people teased me and asked me to take out my piggy bank money to pay the deposit. The house next door was selling for RM1.2 million.

These are my team members

Working real hard to make up the word using the cards provided

My opponent team

You can certainly guess which team won

I was really sad when I arrived home because my team lost. But I really enjoyed playing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hong Kong trip - Part 5

Other than Hong Kong Disneyland, we walked around where we stayed. We didn't do much shopping. Dadi probably shopped the most. He purchased a suit, a "hand chosen by me" belt and two t-shirts for Chinese New Year.

We left Hong Kong on Sunday and flew back through MAS airlines. But this time, it was different. We travelled on Business Class. The seats in the aeroplane was really comfortable. Good leg room which allowed the seats to recline to make a bed for us to sleep. There was  lots and lots of food served. I didn't quite like the food, but I certainly enjoyed the Haagen Dazs ice cream.

At the Travellers Lounge. 
It's certainly nothing compared to the Golden Lounge in KLIA

In the aeroplane. This is my Shaun TiTi enjoying his orange juice

This is me making a toast

Ah... this is the life....zzzzzz

If you want to see a few more photos of Disneyland, you can visit my Shaun TiTi's blog.

Goodbye Hong Kong and I hope to be able to make another visit one day.

Hong Kong Trip - Part 4

I really enjoyed the shows in Disneyland. My favourite was the Golden Mickeys Show. We managed to watch it twice. Once on Day 1 and another time on Day 2. We had good seats due to the FassPass ticket.

The Golden Mickeys

The next favourite show would the the.....
 Lion King


There were other shows of which Dadi could not take any photographs.

I really really really love the above two shows. I wished I could watch them over and over again. The best of all, I know how to play a few of the songs that was played during the show on my Electone. For example, Under the Sea, Beauty and the Beast and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

Hong Kong Trip - Part 3

Dadi purchased a 2-day ticket to Disneyland, with the FastPass.

We went to Disneyland on a Thursday. It was less crowded. We didn't have to wait too long for each ride. However, it was really crowded on the next day. I wanted to sit some of the rides again on the second day but I hesitated due to the long queue.

My favourite rides were......

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters


The other rides are nice too.

The scariest ride for me was in Toy Story Land. It was called RC Racers.

I rode on all of the rides in Disneyland except for 2 rides in the Toy Story Land, the Carousel which I thought was too kiddy for me, and the Space Mountain. After my experience on the RC Racers ride, I decided not to go for the Space Mountain. I was afraid that my heart would drop out throughout the ride.

Hong Kong Trip - Part 2

We stayed at the Regal I-Club hotel. It was near the Wan Chai station. It was convenient to travel around. There were lots of shops and some food outlets outside our hotel.

I love the hotel room. Dadi booked the 2-rooms family suite.  I told Mami that the best thing about the hotel was the "comfy bed".

Checking-in the hotel

At the hotel lobby

Welcome to our family suite

This is our super small kitchen and dining area 

I told you the bed was comfy. Look at how comfortable my little brother was....

Hong Kong Trip - Part 1

We are finally back from a 5-Days 4-Nights trip to Hong Kong. I went with my Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah, Dadi, Mami and Shaun Shaun TiTi. It was a great trip.

We flew through MAS Airlines. Dadi had used his Enrich Points to redeem our air tickets.

Here we are in the airport. We went to the Golden Lounge for breakfast. The food was really good and the best of all was certainly the Haagen Dazs icecream. Yummy Yummy.

Shaun and I at KLIA

Entrance of the Golden Lounge

Mah Mah and us inside the Golden Lounge

Enjoying our food  and ice cream in the Golden Lounge. 
You can't quite see our food, because it has all gone down into our tummy.