Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Dinosaurs

I am Benjamin and I look photographs of my dinosaurs. I would like to write this post on my own.

These are my dinosaurs. My dinosaurs are also very powerful. They can get away from danger.

Let me introduce my dinosaurs to you.

This is pteranodon. He can fly away from the danger.

This is triceratops. He can scare away the meat eaters by pointing its horn.

This is stegosaurus.
The stegosaurus can fight with the meat eaters
by using its strong tail which can lift up very high.

This is diplodocus. It is a plant eater.
It walks very slowly and does not harm anyone.

This is charonosaurus. I do not know how this dinosaur is,
but I always think that this dinosaur can run very fast.

This is the end of my dinosaur story.

Jim West's Dinosaur

I went to PJ Live Arts to watch Jim West's Dinosaur last Saturday. It wasn't really crowded. It was nice and interesting. The most interesting part of it all, was that they taught us simple steps to make dinosaur puppets.

There were books sold at the entrance. Mami didn't buy any books for me.
She bought one Dinosaur Sticker Book for Shaun Shaun.

Inside the theatre.

We took a picture at the corner of the stage
before the show started.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treasured moments with Paternal Grandparents

I wish to write about my Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah so that I can remember them when I grow up. My Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah are staying in Ipoh. They are both retired, helping my Ku Ku and Ku Cheong to take care of my cousins, Joel and Jared.

I always regard my Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah as the "Know-It-All" grandparents. You'll understand why when you read on.

My Yeh Yeh is a retired engineer, Dadi says that he studied in a place called Calgary in Canada, which is very far away. Dadi says he was a Colombo scholar, I don't know what that means though ... Yeh Yeh is a smart engineer and worked in a factory called UAC in Ipoh.

My Mah Mah on the other hand a retired teacher, Dadi says that she taught Geography, English and Capentry Living Skills in school. Dadi says she was a Perak State Scholar.  In school Mah Mah used to be a disciplinary mistress.... emmmm but she doesn't look strict to me... But Dadi says that she was strict with him when he was younger.

They have an active lifestyle in Ipoh. They are very much involved in church activities. Yeh Yeh is serving in the Chinese Church and Mah Mah is a Committee Member in the Church Kindergarden. They are also involved in other social work.

Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah like to travel with their church group, Dadi is always saying that they are in China, Turkey or some other place I have not heard of before. I wonder if I am able to go to those places when I am all grown up like them.

I love my Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh around because they always teach me new things, Yeh Yeh taught me ping pong, carroms, badminton... Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah brought me to buy my first badminton racket in Ipoh. If I have a question I don't have an answer to, I can call Mah Mah and she will explain things to me.

If Dadi travels for a long time, Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah will come down to take care of me and Shaun. Especially in the last two years when Ah Mah was not well, they will come down to take care of me and Shaun Shaun whenever possible. It is fun having them around...

I thank God for my Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah and I love them very much.

Treasured moments with Maternal Grandparents

I have never known my Ah Kong. I have heard many stories about him from Mami, and I know that he is certainly someone I would have been proud off.

My Ah Kong was the Deputy Director General of Department of Survey and Mapping. He was a Senior Government Officer in Jabatan Ukur and Pemetaan Malaysia. He retired just before he passed away.

Ah Kong passed away in May 2004 due to cancer. It was after that when Mami conceived me a few months later. I guess it was God's perfect timing for Mami to conceive me. It had helped her move on, putting behind all the grievances. However, even when I was still in Mami's tummy, I knew that Mami was constantly sad over the lost of her beloved Daddy. Ah Mah was the one mostly affected by the lost of Ah Kong. She entered into a period of depression and everyone was praying that she would recover after my arrival.

By end of 2004, Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah shifted to a new house within Taman Midah. The new house is near Ah Ku's house. It was a busy time getting the house ready for my arrival. All went well and I was born in April 2005.

During that time, Dadi and Mami hired a maid who would help Ah Mah to take care of me. After two years, the maid left and Ah Mah, single handedly took care of me while Dadi and Mami were off to work. I was very fortunate to have Ah Mah around. She spent alot of time teaching me flashcards. Would you believe that my Ah Mah even flashed me cards everyday when I'm seated on my throne (potty) doing my business? Well, all the hard work paid off because I am proud to say that I was able to read very well at the age of 3.

It was sad when Ah Mah became ill when I was 4+. It was a very difficult time for the family. She first suffered from pneumonia and ended up with so many other complications, even the doctors were puzzled with her condition. At one stage, there were 5-6 different consulting doctors from different streams seeing her each time in her ward. She was also warded in the ICU and HDU. Ah Mah underwent all the test that the doctors could think of. X-rays, Ct Scan, Biopsy, Bone Marrow, Tibi test, Scope........ you name it, she certainly did it. None of doctors had a solution to treat Ah Mah. In helplessness, everyone prayed earnestly and trusted that God would intervene.

Dadi and Mami were stressed up ensuring that my needs were taken care off. Shaun TiTi was sent to the babysister for the whole day and was brought back only during the weekends. I was taken care by a new maid. There was a stage when the maid went back to Cambodia and didn't return. I was placed at the school daycare for a very short period of time. I knew Mami and Dadi were constantly worried about me. That was when Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah would come from Ipoh as often as they could to accompany me.

God was good and He healed my Ah Mah miraculously. It's amazing how Ah Mah's health turned around. Since then, Ah Mah has been staying with Ah Ku and Ah Kim and would spend the weekends with us. Although Ah Mah has recovered, but her health is still fragile and needs to be monitored. So, we would all have to give as much care to her where possible.

Ah Mah holds Shaun TiTi and I very close to her heart. She loves us very much. She is constantly worried over our studies and health. Everytime she hears any of us sick, she would immediately come over to stay the night with us. She is always checking on my school homework and reminding me to write properly. She constantly complains over my poor handwriting.

God has blessed me with Grandparents whom I love and am proud off. I thank God for them.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Letters for ME!

I was so happy to receive 2 letters from my kindergarden friend. I just can't wait for Mami to try obtain my friend's address and I'll definitely reply this letter.

2 letters, one with a note and another with a sandart

Thank you Khoo Yue Jian....

Do elephants have fur?

Mami was trying to prepare some Science questions for me in an exercise book. The questions were based on a Primary One Science Textbook.

After marking my answers, Mami was not too sure of one of the answer. Do elephants have fur? Mami asked Dadi and Mah Mah, and both said "No, elephants do not have fur". But the Science Textbook provided the answer as "Yes, elephants have fur".

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My very own Christmas present to Mami and Dadi

I secretly wrapped a Christmas Present for Mami and Dadi a few days ago. Since Mami was feeling very sad today, I hugged her and pat on her back. I immediately gave her the Christmas present just to cheer her up.

Presenting......Mami and Dadi's Christmas present

The content of the present

Christmas present from Ah Kim and Ah Ku

I received another Christmas present. Mami kept asking me to put the present under the Christmas Tree. I attempted to do so, but I just couldn't resist opening it. I placed it near the tree, requested for a picture to be taken, and I then immediately opened it. Yey!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My little secret... I cried last night....

I cried last night before bed. Mami was surprised and asked me why. Here is my story....

I was doing some revision for Primary 1 Maths and Science yesterday evening. Mami gave me a few pages to complete. It was all in the BM language, and multiple choices. I made quite a fair bit of mistakes. It wasn't because I didn't know the answers. It was because I could not understand the questions in the Malay language. If only they were all in English, I would definitely be able to get them right.

Sample questions which I made mistakes were:


1) Berapakah yang perlu ditambah kepada 6 supaya jadi 12?

2) Berapakah yang perlu ditolak daripada 9 supaya jadi 2?

3) Judy beli 15 buah buku latihan. Dia telah guna 9 buku latihan. Berapakah buku latihan yang belum diguna?


1) Jika kaki kita patah, kita tidak boleh
(a) melukis
(b) berlari
(c) mendengar

2) Apabila kita bermain badminton, kita mengguna anggota badan berikut kecuali
(a) tangan
(b) kaki
(c) mulut

3) Manakah yang bukan fungsi mulut kita?
(a) Menyanyi
(b) Berjalan
(c) Makan

Why did I cry? I cried because I am fearful that I wouldn't be able to learn the BM language. What if I can't do it in Primary One next year? What if I don't understand the teachers? What if I can't do well in my exams? What if....... ? What if.......? What if.......? These were my exact words to Mami last night.

Mami assured me that I'll do just fine. That was why Mami started with my Primary One revision now. She knew that I would feel this way if she didn't prepare me early.

I am a boy full of worries :(

My drawing of the human face

I was asked by Mami to draw the parts of the face on my Science Revision Book. I hesitated as I told Mami I am not good at drawing anything. Mami encouraged me to try. is my attempt to draw the different parts of the human face....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kingdom Legos for Christmas from Ah Mah

If you have read my Shaun Shaun TiTi's blog, you would have known that today, I could choose my very own Christmas present at Toysrus. Ah Mah did not know what I wanted for Christmas, so, I was as free as a bird to land at any section within the toy shop.

I went hunting from one section to another for about 20 minutes but could not find anything. I felt disappointed and went to Mami for help. Mami asked what I liked to do. I said that I didn't know.

Mami followed me to every section within the toy shop again and we were both clueless. Finally Mami suggested for me to look at some Legos. I knew Legos were expensive, but I was really interested in the Kingdom Lego collection. When Ah Mah came to me, she immediately encouraged me to buy, since I liked it.

There were about 4 boxes of Lego to choose from, all within the Kingdom range. Out of 4, I was contemplating between 2 sets. Both sets were RM119.90 and RM129.90 respectively. In the end, Mami said "Why don't we'll just get both sets which you like". I asked Mami why? She said that one set will be from Ah Mah and another set will be from Mami & Dadi. I was really happy.

I went back with a great big smile. I immediately opened one and built it once I arrived home.

Please allow me to introduce my Legos....

This is the castle of the Dragon Knight.
It's a bad knight because it is black in colour.
There is a bad black horse being attacked by a good white knight.

This is the castle of the Lion Knight.
It belongs to good Knights because it's white in colour.
Can you see the Black Knight attacking this castle?

I managed to complete the first box of Lego.

Thank you to Ah Mah, Mami and Dadi (eer......I know that Dadi doesn't know about this) for my Christmas Presents.

Christmas Cards

Made this yesterday during my arts and craft time at home.

My art punchers to beautify my card...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yeh I come

I woke up early in the morning on Sunday, just to play Chess with Mami. I'm preparing myself to challenge my Yeh Yeh in Chess. I just can't wait to see him this December.

This is me, preparing the Chess Board
for Mami to play with me

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dadi.... look at what I made?

This post is dedicated to my Dadi who is currently in Jeju Island for a conference.

Dadi...Dadi.... look what I built for Shaun Shaun TiTi and I to play with.....

I have named my vehicles and here it goes...

This is called "Tank Plane" on my runway track.
My Tank Plane has guns on its wings. It also has a special light to see in the dark.

This is called "Gun Car". It is parked on a track.

This was built for Shaun TiTi. He has a gun, short car and an aeroplane.
Are they nice and beautiful, Dadi?

My Christmas Tree

I was bugging Mami the whole morning to put up a Christmas tree at home. I ended up crying in the afternoon when Mami forced me to take a nap before agreeing to my request.

As promised, I woke up from my nap and was really excited! I saw a box of tree and decorations for the Christmas tree in the living room. I could not wait to start the work but I had to wait patiently for my Shaun TiTi to wake up. As soon as he woke up, we opened the box and started putting up the tree.

I was really happy and satisfied with it. Shaun was a little fussy.... insisting to put more of the decorations on the tree. Nevertheless, we made it. It's a nice, tall Christmas Tree.

As I told Mami with my exact words "It is nice and beautiful..... It looks like a real Christmas Tree"

My Letter to Grandma

I prepared a letter and an envelope for my Mah Mah yesterday. I decorated the envelope and was ready to drop it off the letter box. Unfortunately, Mami said that I could not use this envelope. I needed to insert it into another "proper" envelope, write the address and paste a stamp before posting it out.

What's wrong with my envelope? I already drew the stamp for posting it. Can you see the little bird with the word "Malaysia"? Isn't that sufficient?

This is the front of the envelope with my beautiful stamp

This is the back of the envelope...addressing it to my Mah Mah

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My good friends...

From left to right: Law Xi Ze, Kimberly, Benjamin and Lavanya

My preschool days...

I was really happy after receiving my trophy from school yesterday during Prize Giving Day. Mami gave me a great big hug when we came back from school. She reminded me that I had a similar trophy last year. It was a great achievement for me to obtain 1st position for 2 consecutive years.

I recalled the time when I first attended Tadika Midah when I was 5 years old. I cried every morning for about 2 months before boarding the school bus. I would have watery eyes when I arrive in school.

It was very difficult for me to adjust to the new environment back then. It was a Chinese based Kindergarden, very different from my previous kindergarden.

I started attending Kindergarden when I was 3 years old. I attended a Montessori School in Taman Midah. It was a place full of fun and laughters. I developed good living skills there.

When I was 4 years old, Dadi and Mami were determined to send me to a Chinese School when I turn 7 years old. Due to this, Mami enrolled me to Tadika Midah at 5 years old to prepare me.

It was certainly a culture shock for me. Most of my teachers and friends conversed in Mandarin. As I was unable to speak Mandarin, my principal attempted hard to ensure that I fitted well in class. She placed me beside an English speaking girl called Kimberly in class. She was my best friend at that time. Other teachers were also sympathetic and had constantly gave words of encouragement.

I really disliked going to school for the first 2 months. Mami was very worried for me. She then asked if I wanted to go back to the previous Montesorri Kindergarden. I agreed initially. So, she brought me to the Kindergarden one day and was about to complete the enrolment form again. At that point of time, I suddenly changed my mind. I told Mami that I would want to try Tadika Midah again. Although I was in tears at that time, I decided that I did want a change.

I settled down on the 3rd month at Tadika Midah. I diligently completed my homework and listened attentively during my lessons in class daily. This made Mami very proud of me. It was also easy for Mami because she didn't have the time to teach me or check my homework due to her daily work demands. At the very most, she would only check my homework during the weekends.

The day came when I had learnt that there were exams coming my way. It was the first time learning about what exams was, and I was determined to do well. I was all stressed up, unable to sleep well, worrying about the possibility of not doing well. I prayed very hard every night asking Jesus to help me in my exams.

My sleepless nights had caused much anxiety to Dadi and Mami. Mami had then passed her stress to a tuition teacher. She was lovely. She was a working adult, but was passionate to teach me. She went through the exam guide given by the kindergarden, came twice a week and prepared me for my exams. I was very relieve to have her coach me. Based on my request, she prepared exams papers for me to do a week before my mid year exams.

I was happy when I obtained 2nd place in my mid year exams. I was really thankful to my tuition teacher. My tuition teacher continued to coach me, but my lesson had reduced from twice a week to once a week (1.5 hours).

I was a much happier child after my mid year exams. Despite me having more confidence, it was a half yearly affair to have sleepless nights one month before my exams. I guess the same went for Mami and my tuition teacher :)

I am very glad that all had went well. Everyone helped me settle well. My teachers at Tadika Midah were excellent and passionate to ensure that every child did well. My school principal constantly gave words of encouragement and reminded me not to worry too much. My tuition teacher was dedicated to coach me. Dadi, Mami and grandparents constantly kept me in prayers.

I hope to be able to sustain my good results. Mami is currently worried that I would have my "sleepless night" episodes again. So, she had started preparing me for Primary One.

Here are photos of my beautiful teachers at Tadika Midah. They taught me for the past 2 years.

Prize Giving Day

There was a Prize Giving Day in my school yesterday. It was a very happy day for me. I've been looking forward to this day to receive my trophy for getting number one in Red Class.

There were so many trophies to be given out

The Principal giving the trophy to me

My teacher and friends from the same class (Red Class)

My close friends in class

My Grandma and cousin, Tobin