Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Putrajaya Aquathlon 2105w

Last month, I participated in the Putrajaya Aquathlon 2015. I was under the category of 10-12 years old boys event. I was required to swim 200m and run 2km. It was a great experience, an experience I would cherish.

Swimming 200m was not difficult for me. As an advance swimmer, I am used to swimming 200m. However, running 2km was not easy. I did not have much stamina to race after swimming 200m. It was easy to complete the race, but difficult to complete with a top 10 position. 

Through this event, I also learnt that most of us who are first timers took a long time to transition from swimming to running. As soon as we completed our swimming, we were expected to run to a transition point to change. Before the event, we had already placed our belongings in a basket assigned to us individually. I had to remove my googles and cap. I had to then wipe myself dry to wear my t-shirt and wear my shoes. To save time, I wore my shoes without socks. I took awhile to wear my shoes as my feet were still a little wet. Once I was ready, I had to set off to run 2km.

I enjoyed myself and was glad to have been able to participate in this event. I hope there would be such an event next year. I hope to do better next year.

Getting ready to swim. No proper lanes for us to swim

After my swim, running to my transition point

Just finished changing at the transition point.
Running out to start my 2km run

My 2km run

Finished the race with my pool friends.
All with a participation medal.

Friday, September 11, 2015

English Presentation in School

Recently I had to do a final English presentation for the year. Every month, we would have our listening and speaking assessment in school. Most of the time, we are asked to do an individual, or a group presentation for our English assessment. All my presentations have been good. My previous presentation was probably the best. I partnered with a friend and we did a promotional presentation on a swimwear called Funky Trunks. I sang a promotional song during the presentation too.

The swimwear we were wearing was called
Funky Trunks.

This is my classmate. We are swim buddies
although we train in different swimming

For the final English presentation, I announced to the class that my final presentation would be of a more serious topic. I narrated the Story of God's Creation. I wanted to thank and honour God for the fruitful year in school. God has blessed me tremendously. So, I wanted my presentation to be biblical.

It was a little harder to prepare for the presentation. I needed visual aids. Fortunately Mami helped me with some ideas. I had Shaun Shaun TiTi to help me in making the visual aids. He is certainly more artistic than I am.

These were all the visual aids we prepared.

We used cardboard the most in our visual aids. We prepared:
1. The black round earth which represents darkness, and orange sun behind which represents light.
2. Clouds and waters, and separating them...made the sky.
3. Sun, moon and stars.
4. Living creatures
5. A man - Adam

When I remove the waters, it becomes dry ground. This particular
visual aid was made by Shaun Shaun TiTi.

Praise God my presentation went well. My teacher and friends gave good comments and my teacher's final words were "Keep it up!"