Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Christmas

I know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and i love to sing the carol "Joy to the Whole". It's been fun having so many many many presents. Even Shaun Shaun's presents are my presents to...heh...heh... Since Shaun Shaun is too young to open and play with them ....

Mami and Dadi have been on leave from work, taking me to shopping malls almost everyday. It's fun. I get to see lots and lots of Christmas trees.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love photo-taking

I love taking photos using Mami's handphone and sharing what i've taken. See, me enjoying sharing the photos i've taken.

Arts & Craft Exhibition

Everyone was invited to an Arts & Craft Exhibition in my school just before the school holidays. I was very excited to show Mami, Dadi and Ah Mah what I have been doing at school.

There are photos of some art work. I had also taken a photo with Teacher Sher Li.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Concert Support . . .

Was thankful to have so many people to come see my concert. Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah came all the way from Ipoh to see my performance. Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah came too.

Me and my Yeh Yeh from Ipoh ...

Me and Mah Mah from Ipoh...

Me and Ah Mah ... who takes care of me 365 days a year.

Hhm...two more photos missing.... Guess I was too tired and restless after the concert. So, didn't managed to take photos with Dadi and Mami.... But I love all of them :)

My Montessori School Concert

Had my school concert last Sunday at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA). Didn't really understand what it meant by a concert. We had a rehearsal earlier, but it sure didn't looked like the one I saw on Sunday. There were so many many many (5x) people in the concert. Never saw such a big crowd in my life in one big big big room.

For the concert, I was acting as a frog in a title called "The sleeping bunnies". There were bunnies, froggies and bees.

Then, we became little stars, out to play in the all time favourite nursery rhyme, sang in Mandarin and English language. I had a stage fright...... didn't show my bright shining stars on the palm of my hands.

Mami: Was proud of Ben Ben. Was worried that he would cry on stage, but praise God.... He didn't!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Once a Upon a Time . . .

Since I started having the Thomas & Friends character books, I would always ask Dadi or Mami to tell me make-belief stories of Thomas & Friends. Sometimes, Mami would ask me to tell my own story using my own collection of wooden trains. Some of the stories goes like this:

Story 1:
Once-a-upon-a-time, James go to Fat Controller. "I don't know where is my tender". "Help...help". Then Percy come to help James....."ChooChoo!....ChooChoo!....". Then Percy bring the tender to James. "Thank you Percy". Then James go to Fat Controller. "I find the tender already". "Well done"....."Thank you".... The-end.

Story 2:
Once-a-upon-a-time, Thomas lost Annie & Carabel. "I don't know where is Annie & Carabel". Then Percy come to help Thomas......"ChooChoo!...ChooChoo!....". Then Percy bring Annie & Carabel to Thomas. "Thank you Percy". Then Percy got no water, and cannot move. "Help...help". Then Thomas push Percy to Water Tower to get water. "Finish!!". Then Percy can move again....The-end.

Mami: Ben loves his trains and would always select some of his trains to carry everywhere he goes. He would place them into a toy bucket (which belongs to his brother - Shaun) and moves around with them. His stories would always have elements of a train loosing something and/or calling for help, and would always expect Percy to help the other engines. Somehow he thinks that Percy is the most helpful engine, and Gordon is the naughty one. That is also why he refuses to buy Gordon, the wooden train.

Thomas & Friends . . .

A few weeks ago, Dadi & Mami brought me to the MPH Warehouse sale and I had a choice of choosing my very own books. So, I took so many, so many Thomas & Friends character books. Mami thought I was too greedy, so she only bought me 6 of the books with the characters of Toby, Bertie, Rosie, Peter Sam, Oliver and Edward. I loved the books and I would also ask Dadi & Mami to read the stories to me. Just can't get over the stories.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Amanda's 1st Birthday Party

I went to Uncle Henry's house last night. It was Amanda's 1st birthday. I was too shy to play with other Koko and Cheh Cheh there. I was quite quiet. All I remember was that Uncle Ken was forcing me to eat a durian. In the end, I agreed to lick a seed of durian. Not sure if I liked the taste. . .

Oh... this is the birthday girl...Amanda:

Here is Amanda showing her 2 front teeth. . .

Note: Uncle Henry and Uncle Ken are Mami's friends.

Lantern Party

There was a lantern party in my school a few days ago. Teacher Goh told us a story of what Mooncake Festival was all about. There were many children who brought different and colourful lantern. I had 2 lanterns with me. One was a Nemo fish which Uncle Edward (Mami's friend) bought for me. Another was a seal which Mami bought for me. Teacher Goh and Teacher Sher Li had a big big big yellow lantern which flew high high in the sky. It's was so nice.

My Baby Car

I love to seat in this Baby Car. It's so nice to sit. Mami is always scolding me and not letting me sit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My creation . .

This is my creation. An Aeroplane and a Car.

My Progress Report - Aug 2008

Dadi and Mami went to see Teacher Sher Li in school last Saturday to take my progress report. Teacher Sher Li said that I was a joy to have in her school. Dadi and Mami were very happy with me. This is a snapshot of my progress report. See....see... the conclusion which Teacher Sher Li wrote in my report.

Mami: Dadi and Mami are very proud of you, Benjamin. In case the picture is unclear, the teacher wrote "Benjamin is a gentle and thoughtful boy, always ready to help out. He loves to learn and is on target to meet his milestones".

Drums "Sifu"

I love to play the drums and I like Koko James. Koko James plays the drums in church very well. So, now, I have a "Sifu" who promise to teach me how to play the drums when I am a little bigger. So, here I am practising my drum strokes.

Ada gaya or not?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Wash

We haven't had a "Kakak" since the month of April. Since then, I have been a good helper at home. I would love to help Mami wash the clothes, switch on the washing machine, take the clothes to dry and wash the car. Sometimes, i would also help to mop the floor.

These pictures are of me helping Mami to wash the car:

Step 1: Squeeze and turn the cloth.

Step 2: Wait for instructions from Mami which part of the car to clean.

Step 3: Make sure I obey and clean the part of the car as instructed by Mami.

Step 4: Make sure I don't miss any areas when I clean. Mami said that I must clean properly.

Step 5: When I am done, I must throw away the water in the pail

Step 6: I must keep the cloth and pail away.

Sorry, Mami forgotten to take a picture of me doing this, but i did put away the cloth and pail in the correct place. Hee Hee, anyone wants their car washed . . . .

Mami: Ben has been a great helper at home. He is always ready and willing to help when you ask him to. I thank God for him. By the way, anyone needs a car wash? You can pay Ben to do it.

New Swim Wear

This is my new Swim Wear that Mami bought for me recently. I don't know why Mami wants to cover most parts of my body. She said it's bad to look "sexy".

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day & Night

I love to repeat this sentence "Day time is school (or play) and night time is sleeping". I do not like to go to sleep. Everynight I'll tell Mami and Dadi that it's "Day Time". I just don't understand why Jesus must make night time. Can Jesus take night time away?

Mami: Benjamin loves to go to school and see his Teacher Sher Li.


Look at me. I'm a Camera-man. When Mami was trying to take a photo of Shaun Shaun Titi, I quickly took my own Camera and did the same.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Me bullying my Titi

Want to see me bullying my Titi? Go to the below link and see.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Titi's Blog

Titi has finally written his very first blog. Do visit his blog www.littleshaunshaun.blogspot.com

Mother's Day Card

I made my first Mother's Day Card with the help of Teacher Sher Li in school last Friday. Was so happy and I kept reading the card to Mami.

See.....See.......My card for Mami and other arts & crafts which I made in school for the past few weeks.

Happy Mother's Day, Mami. I love you.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Proud Dadi

My proud Dadi carrying Shaun Shaun Titi around the house with a carrier. Titi seemed quiet without any complaints, although he doesn't look like he was enjoying it.

The 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers at home (as Mami puts it):

Birthday photos

As promised, some birthday photos to share with you:

Photo 1: My birthday cake, my friends and I

Photo 2: Serving my birthday cake to Dadi. Oops, you can't see daddy but he's holding the camera.

Photo 3: My teacher Sher Li was helping me take my birthday present from my friend, Qing-Qing.

Photo 4: Ah Kim and I

Photo 5: Tobin Titi and I

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben Ben

Yesterday was a happy happy day. It was my birthday. Mami said that I am 3 years old now, big boy already. Had a happy happy day in school. Was surprised to see my Ah Mah, Dadi, Ah Kim and Tobin Titi in my school. They came with my Elmo birthday cake and many many goodies. Everyone sang a birthday song and I served all my friends my Elmo cake.

Received many presents:
1) Ah Mah earlier gave me Thomas the Trains
2) Mah Mah gave me a set of Poney clothes
3) Yeh Yeh gave me a set of Mandarin Level II flash cards
4) Ah Ku and Ah Kim gave me a set of Gap clothes
5) Mami and Dadi bought me a big fire engine with a remote control
6) Kai Yer gave me a nice, "many" pop-out Dr Seuss book
7) My classmate, Qing Qing gave me a Barney puzzle and Thomas the Train stickers
8) Teacher Sher Li and classmates gave me a nice hand-made birthday card with all their finger-prints

See.... so many many presents. Thank you to all.

Pictures of my birthday party will be posted later. Dadi said that the camera had no batteries, so, he couldn't download the pictures from the camera.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What day is today?

I've been learning the days of the week from Teacher Sher Li. Now I know Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mami taught me this morning that today is Tuesday, Sunday is church day and tomorrow is my birthday. Hhm, does this mean that tomorrow is always my birthday?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yippie! Early Presents.

Ah Mah bought me 2 trains (Rosie & Lady) and 1 helicopter (Harold) to add on to my Thomas train collection for my birthday. My birthday is end of the month, but I get to play them first. Yippie! I love to play my trains everyday. Thank you Ah Mah!

My birthday present:
All my train collection:

Here I go. . .

I've started going to a montessori school since last week. School has been pretty fun with Teacher Sher Li. Mami said that she is very proud of me for going to school. My only wish is that Mami can follow me to school. Everytime when Mami says good-bye to me at the school gate, i'll cry a lil' because I want her to join me. It would be more fun playing together-gether.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We are brothers . . .

Mami has been asking me "Do you love your Shaun Shaun Titi"? Yes, we are brothers, and I shared my bed with my Titi. I even told Mami that I will give Titi my inch worm (see the green thing above my Titi's head).