Monday, July 30, 2012

Opening Ceremony of English Week

I was privileged to be chosen to partner my classmate to participate in the opening ceremony of the English Week. There were 3 pairs representing Standard One. It was just a grand walk-in into the school hall for us. These are our photos.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

English Week

My school is celebrating English Week next Monday. It will be an exciting week for me again and I can't wait for it to come.

After going through the BM Week, I was initially not very determined to participate in the English Week. As Mami advised me, "Let others have a chance to win trophies this time". However, everyone had to participate during the elimination week.

Last week, we had an adhoc spelling test. The words were not given to us before. The best 3 with highest scores in each class would enter into the Spelling Bee Finals during the English Week. I did well, and was chosen for the finals. Here are my results.

After that, we had a "Show and Tell" elimination session. I brought my favourite photoframe because I handmade this during my last birthday and it was a picture of my little brother and I. I was 4 years old back then, and Shaun Shaun was still a baby.

God was gracious, and I was also selected for the "Show and Tell" finals. There were 5 students in each class who entered into the finals.

There would also be a colouring contest tomorrow, but I have never won any colouring contest before. 

And finally, there would be an opening ceremony of the English Week after assembly next Monday. I was chosen with 5 other students from Primary One to dress up like an Englishman. I will be wearing a suit, to walk (with a beautiful classmate of mine) into the hall for the opening ceremony. I am not quite sure what I need to do, as the rehearsal would only start today.

I thank God for His favour and I am indeed happy to be able to actively participate in my school activities. 

Ooh...before I forget... there would be a Mandarin Week too..... in the month of September. I wonder if I am good enough to participate. This would certainly be a difficult one for me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BM Week results

My school was very generous in giving prizes to us. For every class, they gave trophies to the top 3 winners for the 1st four days. For the final day, trophies were given to top 3 within each standard.

The results as follows:

For "Pertandingan Permainan Congkak" - won 3rd place
For "Pertandingan Mencari Perkataan Tersembunyi" - won 2nd place
For "Pertandingan Pakaian Tradisional" - won 1st place
For "Pertandingan Tunjuk and Cerita" Pusingan Terakhir - won 3rd place

So, I received 3 small trophies for the first 3 items above and 1 big trophy for the last item. I am so thankful to God that my hard work of memorizing my "Show and Tell" event paid off.

Below was my speech for the "show and tell" finals:

Selamat Sejahtera guru-guru and rakan - rakan sekalian. 

Nama saya Benjamin Lee. Saya pelajar xxxxxx. Saya akan menyampaikan sebuah pantun.

Budak 1 Aman comel berisi,
Banyak belajar, jarang bermonyet.
Baju Melayu, baju tradisi,
Dilengkapi songkok, lilitan songkek.

Saya sedang memakai Baju Melayu cekak musang. Baju Melayu saya dilengkapi songkok and kain samping. Baju Melayu biasanya dipakai pada hari perayaan atau majlis-majlis. Baju Melayu juga dipakai untuk menunaikan sembahyang Jumaat.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Thank you God for blessing me throughout all the events.

English week is coming soon and I told Mami that I shall be more relax and allow my other friends to win the prizes.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am going into finals...

From the title of the post, it sounds like this is a super duper big event. Actually, this is just a small event, but perhaps big for me.

3 days of activities have passed in school. This week, the school is celebrating Bahasa Malaysia week. So, my friends and I are really happy excited.

On Monday, we had a congkak competition and I came in 3rd place. On Tuesday, we had a crossword puzzle competition and I came in 2nd place. Yesterday, we had a show and tell competition. I wore a Baju Melayu and I came in 1st place within my class. I am now qualified to enter the finals, competing with other classes this Friday.

Sharing some photos with you.

My friend is wearing an Iban costume

My friend is wearing prettiest top of all.
My friend's top is from Vietnam

This is my best friend, wearing a Chinese top

My good friends.

These are my classmates

This is my favourite picture of all. My class teacher and classmates

Sunday, July 08, 2012

BM week schedule

I am all excited and almost ready for next week. This is our schedule for our BM week at school. What have I prepared?

1) I have practised playing congkak
2) Mami has taught me some 'makanan traditional' for the crossword competition
3) Dadi has bought me a baju melayu from Kamdar

4) My speech for show and tell on my baju melayu has been drafted by Dadi, Mami and another church friend.....i.e. Ruxyn Cheh Cheh.
5) I have started memorizing my speech. I am not very good at it yet, but I hope I'll eventually do so.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

BM week

I am so excited. My school will be having BM week next week and there will be lots of fun activities. Every student is required to participate in all events. For a start I need to buy a traditional costume. With the costume, I need to present myself, providing a 10 lines speech about my costume. Two best performers will be selected to compete with other classes. Next, we will have a congkak competition. I have no idea how to play congkak. I guess I need to start surfing on the internet to learn how to play congkak.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Little Coin Box from my BM teacher

My BM teacher in school had created this programme in class for us to collect stars. We collect stars primarily for completing our work nicely and correctly. I was the first student in my class to reach up to 110 stars. So, I managed to get a special gift from my BM teacher. Other students will also be able to receive a gift from the teacher once they have collected 110 stars.

Thank you God for helping me.