Friday, January 20, 2006

OK what's so funny

See the other day, don't know what happened, but Daddy and Ah mah kept on laughing . . . . I was looking around to see what they were laughing at, nothing mah . . . but still the laughing continued . . . "kek kek kek . . . so funny-lah boy . . . " daddy said

Hmmm, are you laughing at me . . .

Couldn't help laughing at Ben Ben's "halo" ~daddy~

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Am All Confused . . .

For the past month, mummy has been teaching me to say "Mum...Mum....Mee....Mee....Mummy" but I refused. Now, mummy is asking me to say "Kong-Si....Kong-Si". I don't even understand what that means. Worst of all, mummy has been torturing me......or rather, forcing me to put my hands together and shake them. She keeps saying "Boy....Only 2 weeks left. Must learn already. Otherwise Yeh-Yeh will not give you any hong pow". Can somebody please tell me what this is all about?????

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Me no baby no more!!

How ironic. This morning, mummy said to me that she misses the time when I was still a lil' baby. So, she didn't allow me to sit or crawl. Everytime i tried to get up, she would push me down and say "Baby, You must lie down. Baby doesn't know how to sit up". When i took my stacking cups to bite, mummy would take it away and say "Baby, Baby doesn't know how to hold a cup. Ben Ben good baby. Lie down ok? Let mummy carry you and sayang you"

Sigh.....What is wrong with mummy. Me no baby no more!! Oh...and mummy spoke to me with a funny language. It sounds like "ang-goo ang-goo". What is mummy trying to do to me?