Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reverse phychology

My exams are drawing near in less than 2 weeks. Mami has been working hard with my revision, especially in BM (Mami can't teach Mandarin). I would like to maintain my 1st position in class like the previous year, but I am not too confident if I can. I believe I am good in all my subjects except for Mandarin.

So, I told Mami, "Mami, I think it's ok if I don't get 1st, or 2nd or 3rd place. I'll let other students take over. Must give them chance also mah". Though I really wish I can, but I hope I will not be disappointed when it happens. My class has 31 students and most of them are good. So, it's a tough competition for me.

Mami's responds was "Benjamin, it's ok. You have worked hard over the weeks doing revision. As long as you have worked hard, tried your best, whatever results would be fine".

Mami ~ Benjamin is only 6 years old. I can never understand why a 6 years old child can be stressful over exams.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Year's Outing for Children Church

Last year, we went for Kite-Flying for our Children Church outing

Photos from my school

My friend, Kimberly and I on the way boarding the bus for a school trip

School Trip

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sports Day

Today was my Sports Day. Am very happy. Won a gold trophy for Walking Together (2-legged race). I walked with my friend, Ho Kai Tung.

Photo with my favourite teacher, Teacher Vicky

With my friends, Kimberly and Law Xi Ze

With Ho Kai Tung and my gold trophy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First teeth removal

There was a big permanent tooth growing behind my teeth. Mami brought me to the dentist last Tuesday. The dentist removed 2 milk teeth. It looked scary, but it wasn't painful at all. There was only a teeny weeny pain at the beginning. Mami praised me for being such a brave boy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Experience Paige Boy

Was a Paige Boy for a church member's wedding. I'm an experience Paige Boy because it's a second time for me. Some photos to share. There are more photos in my TiTi's blog. Please view at

Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Holidays are good

This morning, my Shaun TiTi told Mami "I don't want to go to school....". When I heard that, I immediately told Mami that Shaun still has not gotten over the 1-week school holidays. Mami then responded:

Mami: That is why children should always go to school. I wish there were no school holidays.... And that is why you need to do homework during school holidays, so that children don't get lazy. That is also why Mami gives you lots of exercises to do during school holidays.

Me: Mami, there must be school holidays. Teachers work during school days. School holidays are supposed to be for teachers to rest. Mami should work during school holidays. Teachers teach children during school days, and Mami teaches during school holidays.

Mami: Sigh..... Mami has so much to do.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ronald McDonald came!

I was so happy yesterday in school. Ronald McDonald actually came to my school. He was so funny teaching us about safety. I can't believe it. He actually came!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lantern Party at my Neighbourhood

I went for a lantern party with my cousins and neighbourhood friends. We had lots of fun lighting candles.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I played the piano in Home Fellowship for the first time

I was so happy that I had the opportunity to play the piano in Home Fellowship yesterday. I played the song "Jesus loves me this I know" at the start of Home Fellowship. I practised hard at home before Home Fellowship so that I wouldn't make any mistakes. Thank you God for helping me play.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Global Art

I was telling Mami the other day that I am not good in art. I was feeling very sad because other children can draw and colour well.

So, Mami decided to allow me to learn art :). So, I'll be starting my art class at Global Art in Taman Midah this Saturday. My TiTi will be learning together with me. This is making me excited.

Exam Fever Begins....

This is posted by Mami:

The first thing Benjamin said when he saw me at home today was "Mami, teacher already gave a paper with the exam scope".

Sigh, the exam fever begins. Benjamin gets all tensed up when it comes to preparing for his examinations. He is only 6 years old and I cannot imagine how many more exam fevers he'll encounter.

I was quite amazed with his exam scope. The first thing which caught my eye on the 1st sentence in the exam guide was "Penjodoh Bilangan" for his BM paper. I really don't remember studying that in Kindergarden those days.

Well, I guess I'll be busy this entire month preparing Benjamin for his exams which starts in October. It's exactly one month from now.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Post from Mami about me :)

I am truly blessed with Benjamin. I am always reminded of the song which William and I sang in church during Benjamin's baby dedication service. The song goes like this:


Lord we dedicate
Yes, we consecrate
This child unto You

For Your Purposes
For Your Perfect Plan
For all the thing You'll have him do

Lord we give back to You
This child You've given me
For he belongs to You

He's just a loan of love
A gift from above
And we give him back to You


Benjamin is truly a gift from God.

Benjamin is a child who is matured enough to understand many things. He understands many things in the Bible, and believes in Jesus. He believes that Jesus is there to help him. He prays when he needs help.

During his exams, he prayed that Jesus would help him in his exams, and he would always come back happy with his results.

Benjamin is also a thinker. He loves to worry and think, especially before he goes to bed. You can never imagine how worried he was last year when he took his first examination in his kindergarden. He was so worried about not being able to score perfect marks. He prayed day and night for all 5 days of his exams (and even before his exams). I thank God he did very well. He had 2nd place for the 1st semester and 1st place in his finals last year. This year, he had 2nd place for the 1st semester. So, I'm not too sure why he worries so much.

2 months ago I was ill for more than 1 month. My cough and sinus were bad. One day, the ENT advised me to go for a minor surgery. Benjamin cried before going to bed. He hugged me and asked if I had to go to the hospital and stay overnight. He prayed earnestly for me. He would sometimes come back and tell me that he prayed in school for me too. That was when he would always remind me to partake the holy communion at home for healing.

Benjamin studies hard too. He was certainly more hardworking last year compared to this year. Perhaps he didn't know what to expect in his kindergarden last year because it was his first exposure to a Chinese medium kindergarden. This year, I would need to push him to his room to study and he would obediently go most of the time. However, when it comes to his homework, I can be assured that he would diligently complete his homework daily without being told.

Benjamin is certainly an obedient and loving boy. He loves his little brother very much. He loves to take care of Shaun, but unfortunately Shaun wants his ways and refuses his brother. I know Benjamin is a perfect brother for little Shaun.

Benjamin has a teachable spirit. I thank God that he is a boy whom is easy to teach, easy to guide and easy to take care off.

Benjamin is also very talented in music. He has good ears and can play a few songs by ear. He requires minimum guidance in his music lessons.

Benjamin's weakness is his sensitivity. He can be overly sensitive at times. He then worries about it. He is also fearful meeting fierce people, especially fierce teachers.

I thank God for this little child, Benjamin.

Benjamin's Proud Mother,

Monday, September 05, 2011

Practising on my Electone

More photos at Berjaya Time Square

Meet my cousins who went with me at Berjaya Time Square Theme Park the other day...

This is Nicolas Kor Kor who is 11 years old.

Ashley Cheh Cheh who is 8 years old

and Tobin who is 5 years old.

My figure 8 bandage

I twisted my leg one day. Didn't quite know when but I was suddenly limping a little. Dadi brought me to see a chiropractor on Saturday. Doc said I was ok. Am prone to twist my leg because of my flat foot (inherited from my Dadi). Doc requested to buy an elastic tape from the pharmacy and tie a figure 8 to make my leg more comfortable.

My Shaun Shaun TiTi was jeolous and said that his hand was also painful. So, Dadi had to tie a tape around Shaun's wrist to satisfy him.

See how happy Shaun looked.


Dadi and Mami went to BookFest 2011 yesterday evening. It was a last minute decision to go before the end of the BookFest.

They bought me many interesting books and some Primary One workbooks too. I've got pictures of some of my books. All books bought for me were to prepare me for Primary One. Hhm.. I wonder who is more stressed, Mami or me?

The below three books are some classic malay stories, all in English. Mami said that it would be good for me to read to prepare me for Primary One. I'm not sure why.

There is a set of 8 books below, all with moral values. The books are in two languages, both English and Malay. These books are to teach me about safely. Can you imagine how stressful Mami is preparing me for Primary One. She thinks that I'll get lost when I go to school, or get bulling in school, or I'll get locked in a room?, or injured while playing? etc etc.

I know Dadi and Mami loves me very much. I love them too. Dadi managed to read one book to me last night before bedtime: "Mencegah Penculikan". One of the tips in the book asked "Do you know your parent's phone number?". Of course! I've memorised it all in my head :) Don't worry. and Jesus will be with me to protect me too. Amen.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Hard work pays off

Mami said that I was a good boy today. I did many exercises for Bahasa Malaysia (BM). Everyday this week, Mami has been teaching me BM to prepare me for Primary One next year. I was so happy when Mami praised me that my BM is getting better. Hard work pays off.

My Sand Art with the title, Woody

I like Sand Art because it is very fun to do. I did a Woody Sand Art yesterday. It is very colourful with all the different colours. I used blue, yellow, green and all other colours.
Align Left
Mami ~ This post was written by Benjamin himself.