Friday, November 28, 2014

School Achievements - 2014

Praise God I did well in school this year. God has been good and gracious. I worked hard in my studies and God had answered my heart's desire.

I won quite a few awards this year. The main awards were English, Mathematics, Geography and History. I hope to be able to work harder next year.

Comments from my "Report Card"
My trophies on the right. The left belongs to
Shaun Ti Ti

Two Marathons in Year 2014

I completed two marathon runs this year. This year was my first year participating in marathon runs, thanks to the encouragement of my cousin sister, Ashley. We signed up for two marathons but unfortunately she could not attend the second one as she was not feeling well. I did pretty well, especially with the 2.3km run, considering the lack of practice. I hope to be able to build more stamina for future marathons.

Cousins, Shaun Ti Ti and I in the park.
We practised twice in preparation for our marathon.

Standard Chartered Kids Dash 2014

ParkCity Run, with my schoolmates.