Friday, December 30, 2011

I can do it without my training wheels

I am so happy and proud of myself.

Yesterday, Dadi and Mami brought us to the playground with a basketball court. We brought our bicycles and I managed to cycle without the training wheels on the basketball court.

Shaun Shaun obviously is able to cycle well and fast. He has his training wheels on. I was encouraged to try without them. Dadi had to hold me at the beginning and as I practised a few rounds, Dadi let me go, and yey..... I am proud to say that I could do it. I am just not good at starting off on my own.

Mami did not bring her camera to take a picture of this magical moment of mine. Dadi asked her why and she replied "Eer.... I didn't think that Ben would be able to do it.".

Well, I've proven Mami wrong :)

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Well done, boy... you did it! *applause* :)