Friday, September 09, 2016

Wesley Methodist School?

Few months ago, I went for the entrance exam at Wesley Methodist School. It was quite tiring sitting for the entrance exam because the duration of the exam was quite long.

On the day of the exam, I went to school as usual. My Dadi come late morning to pick me up early from school. We had our lunch at home and went to Wesley Methodist School for my entrance exam.

The journey to the school was not very pleasant. Traffic was a little heavy. I never liked sitting in the car for long hours. Sitting through the journey already made me feel tired.

I shall not go through the details of the entrance exam. Cutting the long story short, I was accepted to enter Year 7 in 2017. I am currently in Year 5, and if I accepted the offer, I would be able to skip Year 6 next year, and jump straight to Year 7.

However, my parents and I had decided to decline the offer and for me to remain in SSIS. Many friends do wonder why I went for the entrance exam and did not want to pursue in switching to the new school.  Some asked if it was a cost factor because the fees in Wesley Methodist School for next year is more expensive than my current school. I guess it is difficult to explain.

For me, I personally did not want to switch school. I am happy in my current school. I do not have the heart to change school.

I am sorry as I am unable to express here the reasons why we decided to stay in my current school. It is just too difficult for me to explain.

Passion for Music

I enjoy music very much, but I don't enjoy preparing for music exams. I am currently preparing for my Electone Grade 6 exam next year. It is something which is not enjoyable and kind off stressful.

This is my second year playing the piano for my school Chapel. I have started playing for church service this year. I am grateful for the opportunity to play the piano as I really enjoy playing. It can be tiring at times because I have to attend practices but I am happy to be able to play.

I hope that I can pick up guitar later. Right now I do not have time to do so. Perhaps later.

Music was very much part of my life since I was a baby. Mami would always share with me the times when she had to carry and sing to me just to make me fall asleep. I have watched many videos of me sitting next to her on the piano, trying to sing a song when I was about 3 to 4 years old. Really brings back good memories to Mami.

I pray that God will be able to expand my musical talent. What I have, I give back to God.

Practising with Aunty Lily who was the song leader

It Has Been Awhile

It was been awhile since I wrote in my blog. This year has been busy and quite tiring. Time flies and I just realised that there are just a few more months to year end.

I hope to be able to record more of my memories here. Though tiring, I am really happy for all that God has blessed me with.

Just to share with you a lovely picture of Shaun Shaun TiTi and I.

I love my brother. I pray that he would also love me just as much as I love him. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Random Picture

Teacher's Day

I celebrated Teacher's Day in the most meaningful way this year. I composed a song to express my feelings towards my teachers. This is how much I truly appreciate all my teachers.

I shall pen down the lyrics of the song here, for me to remember this song because this song is very dear to me.

When I was young
I didn't know a lot of things
I had no where to turn
Had no where to go

I prayed all day
Seeking light through the dark tunnel
Oh God come hear my prayer
Come hear my heart's desire

You came into my life
Shining like a star
Could you be the answer to our prayer

Thank you for all the smiles you bring to me
Thank you for all the help you gave to me
Thank you for all the times you held my hands
What will I be without you
Without you

And as I grew
You taught me kindness and love
Friendship, respect for all
You build my confidence

You gave me wisdom
And also lots of knowledge
I am all that I can be
I will shine for you

My teachers were all touched by the song. Shaun Shaun Titi and I sang a duet, as I played the piano. Shaun was great.... he sang very well.

Happy Teacher's Day.

Swimming Competitions

Since January this year till now, I have participated in 5 swimming competitions. It has been very exhausting. Yesterday marks my 5th of the year.

Competitive swimming has never been easy. You feel pressured to improve your timing in every competition. There has been ups and downs. Sometimes I swim really well, and sometimes, not so well. My timing for all events are not very far away, but I know that I have improved in every competition that I have participated in.

It has been fun participating with my swimming friends. Last month, my swimming competition was held in Malacca and I followed my coach and friends to Malacca. We stayed overnight in Malacca on our own. I was surprised that I felt excited staying with them. I had a great time.

I hope I am able to do better in my swimming events. I hope I am able to gain more energy and endurance to improve my swimming stamina. I guess, more training is required to do so.

PraKL Junior - Bandar Tun Razak Swimming Pool

Sports Excel Leg 1 - Malacca

Sports Excel Leg 1 - Malacca

Sports Excel Leg 1 - Malacca
Sports Excel Leg 2 - Shah Alam

As Busy As A Bee

I wish to apologise as I have not blogged for so long. School has been keeping me all busy.

From the beginning of the year, I have been busy with my school homework. We have had many projects to work on, especially for Science. There was also projects given for Geography and History. All of these projects are group projects, which made it even more challenging as you have to think how to distribute the work and arrange for a meet up. As everyone is busy with their own activities, getting a day free for a project meet up is difficult. Therefore, my strategy has always been completing the project within one day during our meetup. The chances of meeting up another day would be slim.

I am happy that my projects have been successful, and good. I am proud of the results, especially the end product of the work. Projects are interesting, but can be really tiring. I guess hard work pays off.

History Project - Battle of Thermopylae

Geography Project - Coastal Features

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A Trip to Bangkok (Part 1)

During Chinese New Year, my family, my grandparents and I went to Bangkok,Thailand for 4 days. Shaun TiTi and I were very excited to go to Bangkok as we have never been there before.

We went to the airport by taxi. The taxi was easy to book as the taxi driver was Dadi's friend, Uncle Sharidan. Once we reached the airport, we met our grandparents there. They ran to us and hugged us. We felt very happy. As Dadi was an Enrich member, we could enter a priority lane and also a Golden Lounge. We met friendly staff who allowed Shaun TiTi and I to enter the lounge free.

The food in the lounge was very tasty with a good variety. I ate lots of bread, some yogurt and a bowl of Wan Ton Mee. I also drank some soft drinks. Shaun Titi ate Nasi Lemak without Sambal as he cannot take spicy food. Our family enjoyed the food and drinks in the lounge.

Our journey on the plane was wonderful as there was no flight delay. We sat down on our seats while getting ready to take off. There was a safety video before we took off. The Captain told all the crew members to sit down and prepare for take off. The plane started to move along the runway making a funny sound.  It started to move faster and faster and then we were airborne and on our way to Bangkok.

We had some food on the plane as we were hungry. We ate some rice with sweet and sour chicken. The food was very tasty. I gobbled all the food into my mouth. We also had some drinks, I drank apple juice and my brother drank some orange juice.

We watched some movies on the plane such as The Peanut Movie. The movie was funny, as it was about a boy named Charlie Brown who was always a loser.  Charlie Brown had a dog called Snoopy, he wrote a love story about how it met a female dog. In the end, Charlie fell in love with a girl and Snoopy finished his love story with a happy ending.

We finally arrived in Bangkok! It felt so nice to touch the ground. Bangkok was very cold because there was a cold front blowing from China. We got off the plane and went to collect our bags. Our bags came quickly as our bags had a priority tag. We went straight to the taxi and the taxi driver drove us to our hotel.

Hello Bangkok!  

Find out more about my trip in Bangkok in part 2

Friday, February 26, 2016

Swim The World (STW) - Learning that Makes a Difference.

My Shaun TiTi and I learn swimming at Swim The World (STW), UCSI University, Taman Connaught. STW has two branches, Swim The World at Taman Connaught and Splash the World, Bandar Mahkota Cheras. I understand that the Bandar Mahkota Cheras branch not only provides swimming lessons, but also lessons for babies. The pool is smaller, but it is a heated pool. Perfect for babies and younger children.

I wish to share my experience in this swimming club. I have experienced another swimming club, but have settled for STW as I am very comfortable there.

STW has good dedicated teachers.

The senior coach, Coach Ronald is very good in teaching with a variety of teaching methods, tailoring to the uniqueness of each student. I know this because Shaun Shaun TiTi and I had different learning stages with him. He made each student comfortable in learning at our own pace. I had a bad experience previously with a different coach, and it really shattered my swimming confidence. I refused to learn swimming. I certainly wished I did not need to learn to swim. Shaun Shaun was so fearful of water at the beginning. I still remember him hugging Coach Ronald like a koala bear, refusing to enter his head into the water. Coach Ronald was very patient with him, rewarding him for the little achievements he made. Coach was also able to push us to our limits without us even knowing it, or realising it. He knows our strengths, he knows our weaknesses. With his constant encouragements, Shaun Shaun and I were able to continue our lessons, and strive to do better.

Coach Ronald is not the only good coach that I had experience. Coach Kai was also good but a little more stern. He is great with kids who requires a more strict teaching method. Having said that, he too is able to tailor his teaching methods to the student's character. Both Shaun Shaun and I do not suit a strict and stern coach. We needed a coach who could insert a little fun into our lessons. Coach Kai was also able to make my lessons fun as well. I guess the coaches in this swimming club seem to be able to understand their swimmers, and are able to switch their teaching methods to motivate and make swimming fun, yet effective.

I had the opportunity to also experience a lady coach, Coach Zahra. She taught the Advance Class for a few months. However, she was then reassigned to build up the lessons at the new branch at Bandar Mahkota Cheras. I was very sad to hear the news when she left. With a short period of time teaching us, she has helped us improve our swimming endurance. Even through she has gone to teach in another branch, she was still supporting the advance team indirectly. She would send encouraging texts to the Advance Group WhatsApp.

As a child and student, we have to be quick in adapting into lessons we attend. The coaches at STW makes a whole lot of difference in shorting our adaptation period. They also have apparatus to assist them in making their lessons fun. These are normally used for younger students. Swimming lessons are meant to be enjoyable and fun.

I am grateful to to be a student in STW. Now that I have advanced to the elite team of the club, I am experiencing new things day by day. I am learning the meaning of focus, discipline and endurance. I am learning the meaning of working as a team, and supporting each other, especially when one is weak. As the coach emphasized in one of our advance training lesson, if a member is swimming with the wrong technique, we are responsible to correct him/her. We are responsible for each other. We have to back each other up and support each other. This is why STW makes a great club to be in.


I participated in PRAKL this year, representing my swimming club, Swim The World (STW). It was a great time of fun with my coach and friends. It provides a platform for me to gain more experience in competitive swimming. I may not be the best to win anything, but I am still proud to be able to participate and improve myself in every competition that I have participated in. It promotes great teamwork within our swimming club. Friendships will also blossom in time.

With my friend and coach

Our relay team.

Belated Post - New Year's Eve

My Ah Ku and Ah Kim were so generous to give our Homefellowship a treat by renting a Penthouse downtown for New Year's eve celebration. It was a great time of togetherness. I have always enjoyed my time with all the Kor Kors and Cheh Chehs in the Homefellowship. I enjoyed playing a card game called Bang! with them all night till 3a.m.

This is probably the last time I can celebrate with them because almost all of them have left to another church, forming another new group. I hope I get the opportunity to have more celebrations in the future.

Monday, February 22, 2016

My farewell post to 2015

I have not posted anything since end of last year. The year 2015 ended very well for me. God has been good and gracious. The most joyful part of being a student was that I did well in my studies academically and I am also part of the school's worship team to play the piano. It was an honour for me to play the keyboard during the school's Speech Day last year. I pray that God will continue to grow my talent in the area of music. I was also very proud to see my younger brother Shaun TiTi to received two awards with me. He certainly worked hard for it too.

My Shaun TiTi

In addition to that, Shaun TiTi and I also received a Kumon Award for excelling in maths. We were doing worksheets 5 years ahead from our age group. I was also honoured to be selected as a Moderator for a session, and received RM250 MPH vouchers as a moderator. It was certainly an auspicious occasion for us at JW Marriot.

God was certainly faithful to see us through. I know that He will continue to be faithful to see me through.

I bid 2015 farewell and now that I am in 2016, I know that there will be lots of work for me. It will be a challenging year as I start serving in church on the keys. I pray that God will use me to do His work. I pray that I am able to manage my time well, as I am very active in my swimming training now. I pray that I am able to excel in swimming as well. I have participated recently in 2 swim competitions over the past month, and I pray that through these exposures, I am able to be a better swimmer.

God bless.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yummy Spaghetti

I started having an interest in cooking. My Ah Mah likes to watch Korean Cooking Shows in Channel 601 HyppTV. I would always join her because I enjoy watching that particular channel too. I personally like to eat spaghetti. I attempted to cook spaghetti one evening, and it turned out well.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

National Short Course Competition

I was happy that our Swimming Club had sent a few of us to participate in the National Short Course Competition organised by ASUM in conjunction to the National Sports Day.

It was a great exposure for me. I was very pleased with my swimming results, as I manage to significantly break my own personal timing.

It was also a stressful time for me. I really wanted to swim well for the competition and to add on to my stress, my school final exam was just round the corner. I thank God that He preserved me and gave me strength to do well in my swim competition and in my final exams.

Our team from STW, with our Senior Coach

My classmate in school,
from a different swimming club (IBSC).

Friends from STW and IBSC