Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wrong alredi . . .

My favourite sentence lately is "Wrong alredi . . . ". Why?

Ah Mah has been teaching me alphabets from A - Z in small and big letters. She also encourages me to take the alphabets and place them in a stencil. Let me show you how to do . . .

If I put the alphabet wrongly, Ah Mah will shout "Wrong already! ! !". So, I'll repeat . . "Wrong alredi! ! !" That's also where I learnt to talk soooooo loud. Ah Mah speaks loud too.

If Ah Mah doesn't shout, it means that I've done it correctly. See what I've completed . . B-A-T.

Now, I'm quite an expert in this. Kacang-putih . . .

Oh.... I can now say most of my alphabets too. Only a few sounds funny when I speak.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Water party . .

Last Saturday, we celebrated Nicolas Koko's birthday at Ah Ku's house. It was a super cool water party. I looked super cool too.

As soon as I arrived, all the koko sprayed water from their water guns . . made me scared-scared. So, I sat on Dadi throughout the whole party, while watching everyone have fun.

Scared-scared mah. All the koko so big-big. . . .

To Mah-Mah

This post is especially to Mah-mah. This toy was bought by her when I was still a baby, and now I'm an expert in putting the shapes into the ball. I can complete it less than 5 minutes. Not easy you-know. There are 10 different shapes to put in. It has been my favourite toy recently. I play it so many many times during the day.

Train the builder

Besides building towers, I'm good at building a train too. As promised, see me in action again . .


I overheard Mami asking Ah Mah, "Do you think Ben Ben is a creative person?" He seems to like to stack things. Hhm . . . . . I was thinking about it, but am not sure myself. All I do know is that i love to stack blocks and make them tallest possible. See for yourself . . .

Get ready to see me in action . . .

I would first place a few on the floor and start thinking what I'm going to build . . .

Then, I'll start being serious and start my building work . . .

Hhm . . . If I feel I've done wrong, I'll remove it and replace it.

It's getting higher and higher . .

Ta-Ta . . . See my finished product . .
Oopsss... sorry, the picture doesn't correspond because the building I did wasn't tall enough. So, I used different blocks to build. The earlier one was to build a train, not a building. Want to see my train ? Will show you later.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cane - Cane

Lately I have been hearing the word "Cane-Cane-ah". Mami bought two wooden long rulers (the ones Nicolas koko uses in school), one placed downstairs, the other upstairs. Not sure why she needs to many. Worst of all, the ruler has the name "Benjamin". Mami said that it means it is used for Ben Ben only. Not to be used on others.

She said that if Ben Ben is naughty, Mami would take the ruler and cane-cane Ben Ben. I very scared. Now, whenever I do something dangerous, or disobey, Ah Mah or Mami will say "Ben!! Cane-cane-ah!!!". Don't play play. They really cane-cane me. Show me the cane and I will obey. Sob....sob....sob....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ben the Builder

Mami has been introducing to me "Bob-the-builder" through the TV, but I don't seem to like him. What's so great about "Bob". Ben-the-builder sounds better.

Look at me, I can build too. I started building a simple house . .

Then, I added more blocks to build a tall tower . . .

Once my tower is up real high, I built another one beside it (it's a lil' short, but it's for my office).

Who said Ben can't build better than Bob?

Special note to Yeh Yeh . . .

This post is specially to my Yeh Yeh.

Want to show this picture to Yeh Yeh to prove that my hair is no longer standing everytime I wake up. See Yeh Yeh . . . Now, you cannot laugh at my hair any more.