Friday, March 31, 2006

Meet cousin Tobin . . .

You must be wondering who the little baby is. Meet my cousin Tobin Sia Xianhua (Uncle Jaimie says that Xian and Hua is one word . . . just like my Jingguo) He is cute rite, but he seems to sleep alot, mummy says I was once like that too. . . hmmm that must be a long time ago.

Please pray for Tobin, Doctors discovered a hole in his heart, pray that God will do a miracle and seal that hole and keep him strong, Thanks ~daddy~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bottle Holding pressure

Mummy got influenced lately by Jin Yang DiDi's "holding the bottle and drinking" stance. Now ah, I also have to learn how to hold the bottle and drink . . . Mummy says ah "See Jin Yang DiDi only 7 months old can hold bottle and drink on his own already . . . YOU must also do" *SIGH* babies also got pressure . . .

Saturday, March 11, 2006


OK OK . . . I know everybody must be wondering why this Ben Ben never update the blog. I've had a horrible two weeks. First it started with the flu and fever, then the cough, then phelgm . . . which got Mummy & Daddy pretty worried. They took me to 3 doctors (a personal record) . . . and the final one was not good. The doctor said that I had bad viral infection in the lungs and I have to stay in hospital so that I can recover faster. And to make things worst, a "jeh jeh" grabbed me from mummy arms and poke a long sharp needle into my arm *SOB* *SOB* so painful, I cried and cried for mummy . . . and mummy cried and cried for me too. After that the "jeh jeh" tied a board to my arm so that I cannot move my hand and hurt myself. The result . . . see for youself. (note the bandage on my left arm).

*SIGH* The doctor says I have to have medicine pumped into me through the needle and to breath in a horrible foul smelly medicine through a mask, or else I cannot get better. Wah so much for a little guy like me to handle. Fortunately for me, mummy and kakak stayed with me, and the "jeh jehs" wearing the white and pink uniforms were also very nice.

I am back now but the doctor says that I need to be quarantined for two weeks. *SIGH* no Sunday School and walkies for two weeks.