Friday, July 28, 2006

Birthday (again . . . )

Not mine but daddy's, but I am confused, see daddy is so much bigger than me, why is he still celebrating his first birthday?

Hilltop Holiday......

Daddy, Mummy and Ah Mah brought me to this place which was very cold. So many familiar faces. Saw Ah Ku Jaimie, Nicolas koko, Ashley che che and many other uncles and aunties from church. Saw Kai Yeh too.

Later on, Daddy brought us to somewhere very beautiful and colourful. Sat on a horse which moved slowly. I thought horses would move faster.

Note: Went to Peacehaven, Genting for a church camp. During break time, we went to the Indoor park in Genting Highlands.

Titi Tobin

Titi Tobin is my cousin. Mummy said Titi Tobin is still a baby. Growing big and strong.


Mummy has been nagging alot lately. She'll say.. "Ben Ben, big boy already. You must learn to obey mummy and daddy" or "Ben Ben, big boy already. You must tell when you want to poo poo" or "Ben Ben, big boy already. You must take your potty when you want to shee shee" .... and the list goes on and on and on.

What do i do? I will only respond by smiling to confuse her . Heh...heh...heh.......

What have I been up to.......

It has been more than a month since daddy and mummy blogged. I have no idea what everyone has been up to. Busy, busy, busy. That's all i hear.

As for me, I have been happy. I have been going to many many places for the past few weekends. I have been busy playing and playing and playing.

Here, see me playing with my choo choo train.....