Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am 21 . . .

Yee Haa, I am 21 today, freeedooommm, can vote in the next government and legally get married without my parent's consent

. . . what, Oh, you mean I can only do that when I am 21 YEARS old, not 21 months . . . awww . . .

Long way to go boy . . . Ha Ha Ha ~daddy~

Hawaii 5-O

It was jie jie's Ashley's birthday on Sunday. The whole clan celebrated with her decked out in Hawaiian outfits . . .

Ashley jie jie the birthday girl with her beautiful flower leis

and Nicolas kor kor, looking suave as usual

Me . . .

. . . even ti ti Tobin was in a Hawaiian outfit

Dinner Time

When Mami and Dadi sits at the dinner table in the evenings, I know its usually time for food. So I will try to climb on the chairs to get to the table, but most of the time mami or kakak will just plonk me on the high chair (to prevent me from climbing any further . . . huummp).

Yah, time to claim my place at the table . . . kek . . . kek . . . kek

Wait . . . rice, again . . . where is the Haagan-Daz?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

1, 2, TEEEEEE . . . . . . .

Everyone has been trying to teach me how to count. Mami and Kakak counts with me every time they take me upstairs my room. From 1 - 10, I can say "Tee (3), Five, Six, Eat (8), Tan (10)". Clever or not??

Here is a picture of me saying "Tee".

Now if only Ben can say "Gong Xi" "Gong Xi" ~daddy~

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clever Boy... No Cry Cry....

Everyone praised me today. They all said I was a clever boy... no cry cry :)

Ah Mah and Kakak brought me to cut my hair. I used to cry and cry when this aunty would hold my head and cut my hair, but today, it was different. I didn't cry cry. I just kept still coz I wanted to make sure that my hair doesn't look like "ah beng". Wanted to look handsome. So, am so happy that I look handsome now. Though short, but handsome.

Don't have pictures to proof it to you coz dadi took the camera to hawaii. No handsome pictures of me :(

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost & Found

Things have been very different lately. Last week, mami has been missing. She's lost during the day. I can't seem to find her anywhere. I've checked the kitchen, her room, bathroom.... I just can't find her. Ah Mah and Kakak said mami is working. Huh?

Then, in the evenings, mami appears....You know where? At the car porch. To conclude, she is lost during the day, and can be found only night. Hhmm.... funny huh?

This week, it's dadi's turn. Dadi is worst. He's lost during the day, and cannot be found during the night. What's wrong with everyone??? It's making me cranky ! ! ! I just don't understand. . .

Mami has gone back to Hong Leong Bank to work and Dadi has gone to Hawaii for a business trip for a week. Poor Ben . . . Missing his playmates.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Peeass" on Earth

Mami calls me "Noisy Ben". See ah, when I want something I will point at it and scream very loudly, just so everyone knows what I want. But dadi and mami always say "What must you say?"

. . . Ermm is that a trick question . . . Ermm quite difficult for me to guess you know coz I am only 20 months old . . .

Then dadi or mami will say "Please?", and I will say "Peeeaass" while pointing at the thing that I want . . . and most of the time I will get it . . .

I have now learned the magic word "Peeasss" can get you anything . . . kek . . . kek . . . kek

So "Peasss" can I have some ice-cream . . .

Now if we can only get him to say "Thank You" . . . daddy

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Doc's visit

Had to see a doctor again. Yes....AGAIN! Had a lil' flu, then a lil' cough, and today, a lil' fever. Everyone is sick. In Ipoh, Joel titi was sick with flu and cough. Ah Mah has cough and Dadi has flu.

Poor Mami had to bring me to Doctor Vernon again. As usual, i cried as soon as i entered the room. Doc was trying to make friends with me. He showed me a zebra, while checking my chest. He taught me that zebra sounds like this...."Meow meow", and zebra doesn't wear bra. It only wears a zip. Is that true??