Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Year Resolution

I have been looking forward for a new 2014. A year with new resolution, with anticipation for new things to come.

School has started and my Shaun Titi has entered Primary One. Though he is tall for his age, he still behaves very much like a normal 5 years old...turning 6 this year. As expected, he cried for the first 3 days in school. Nevertheless, my Ah Mah feels that his crying is far lesser than mine when I first entered Primary One few years ago. Shaun has stopped crying, and I have been accompanying him whenever possible in school.

We are all very thankful that God had arranged good classes and teachers for both of us. We like our form teachers, and believe that our subject teachers are good as well. As for Shaun, he is indeed blessed to have the best Science and Maths teacher this year. Praise God for answering our prayers.

My activities this year are more or less the same. However, I have dropped my badminton training, primary due to the damage made to my upper back muscle. The intensive training last year was overly strenuous for me. As a result, I had to go for chiropractic treatment during the school holidays. Swimming was recommended to me to correct my back.

With badminton out in my list, I have decided to switch my focus on music. Music has been close to my heart as Mami has been constantly reminding me that God has blessed me with a musical talent. I should expand this talent for good use. I agreed and told Mami that I will aim to be a "Master of Music". I call this in short, MOM. 

So, it shall be. My new year's resolution is to improve my musical talent. I guess this means that I have to put in more hours in music everyday.

I pray that I am able to fulfill this resolution by God's grace.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I am a Poet

Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah have been calling me a Poet. I have been composing many poems during the school holidays. It started when I made a Christmas card for an aunty in Muar.

This was what I composed and sent.....