Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Prayer

I was chosen to sing for Teacher's Day this Friday in my school. I thank God for His favour. I was certainly delighted when I was chosen.

When I told Mami about this, I shared with Mami that it is a very beautiful song. Mami said it was indeed a meaningful song. I want to share this song here in my blog. I hope that this song can be every child's prayer.

Dear God,
thank you for loving me,and giving me your all.
When I grow up,I will still be serving you.
I want to know you more, I want to love you more.
I'll never forget you,Lord.
In Jesus' name,amen.

I want to know You Lord 
You are a great big God 
I'm young and do not know a lot 
Come and be my all 
I want to Love You more 
Giving you my life and all 
You die for me you’ve sacrificed. 
I won't forget You Lord 

I love You Jesus 
I will grow up knowing you 
I love You Jesus 
I will grow up serving you 
I love You Jesus 
My life is saved by you 

I will never forget never forget,
I will grow up knowing you

You can watch this song in YouTube:

Monday, May 21, 2012

My way of releasing stress

During the weekend before my exams, I was very worried over my exams. Due to this, Mami gave me a very light revision. I spent some time playing, and doing arts and craft. I realised that it was a great way to release stress. Shaun TiTi did one as well.

Roller Blading with Friends

My classmates and I seem to enjoy roller blading very much. It seems to be our regular hangout when we are free. This time round, we had 2 new classmates. My TiTi joined us as well.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Praise God

I want to thank God for my results. I did pretty well. To celebrate, my friends and I are going roller blading this weekend. I can't wait.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Here comes my examination

Tomorrow marks the first day of my examination. I did not do much revision. Mami just gave a few pointers e.g. "remember to be careful with your capital and small letters, read the instructions carefully, make sure I do not miss any questions etc." Before Mami could start, I was already in tears. Mami gave me a hug and asked me why I was crying. I told her that I was fearful that I would forget. Mami reminded me that I have studied hard for my exams. I needed to trust God and rely on His strength. I hope that I remember that too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Delicious Mother's Day Dinner

We made it! Dadi, Shaun Shaun and I did it! We made a perfect Mother's Day dinner. The photos shall explain by itself.....

Washing our corns
Salt and butter on our corns
Into the steamer

We wanted to make mash potato. After boiling the potatoes in the hot water, we placed into ice water to peel the potatoes.
Hot potatoes into ice water for 10 seconds
Easy to peel


We marinated pork chops early this morning. Dadi and I bought these in the morning wet market at 6:45 a.m.

This is the meat we bought in the morning

Into the Halogen Oven
Frying garlic
Frying lettuce
Our end result.......

Mami said it was super delicious. This dinner was prepared by Dadi, Shaun Shaun TiTi and I.

Happy Mother's Day, Mami.

For stressful mothers

My teacher posted this video on facebook. Mami felt that it was really funny. This is dedicated to all stressful mothers.

If you can't see the full lyrics in English, go to the link directly from youtube.

Will my Yeh Yeh cook for Mah Mah tonight?

I called my Yeh Yeh last night and told him that he should cook for Mah Mah a Mother's Day dinner. I suggested to him that he can pair with my cousin Joel who is the same age as I am. They can both cook together. I hope Yeh Yeh would listen to my advise.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day gift and a kiss

I saw some students buying flowers from the bookshop in school last Tuesday. I was so excited and I found out that one stalk of flower cost RM5.00. It was certainly a perfect price for me because I had RM5.00 with me. Mami had given me RM5.00 to keep for emergency purposes only.

I have never used the RM5.00 for buying anything since I started school and I was too afraid to use it this time. So, I came back and asked Mami permission if I could use it to buy something important. I guess Mami trusted me and said yes.

The next day, I used my money to buy her a stalk of rose. I was super duper quaduple happy about it. I proudly gave it to her when I saw her after school. She was certainly very happy.

This was the flower I purchased from the bookshop

I asked her for more money. I wanted to buy one for my Ah Mah and another for Mah Mah. Mami gave me only RM5.00 to buy for Ah Mah. She said that I wouldn't be able to send the rose to Mah Mah because she stays in Ipoh. It would not be practical to insert a flower into an envelope for postage. Without responding to Mami, I took the RM5.00 and immediately ran to the bookshop to buy one flower for Ah Mah.

On our way home, I asked Mami if she could drive me to Ipoh now. I told her that I wanted to give Mah Mah a stalk of rose, give her a kiss, say goodbye and we can drive back to KL immediately. Mami laughted at my response and said that it would not be practical to do so.

When I arrived home, I gave the flower I purchased and gave to my Ah Mah. I wished her Happy Early Mother's Day. I was too shy to give her a kiss. Ah Mah was filled with joy. She said that she has never received a flower from her grandchild before.

On a separate note, I also made this in school for my mother.


Wishing all other mothers, Blessed Mother's Day.

I am cooking for Mother's Day

I am super duper excited. I came out with an idea that I should cook for Mami for Mother's Day. So, I picked up the phone and immediately called Dadi while he was still at work a few hours ago. I told him that he will be paired with me. I asked him what we should cook and I whispered some recipe to him. I didn't want Mami to hear my conversation. Poor Dadi, he sounded puzzled.

After putting down the phone, I asked for permission to use Mami's labtop. I googled "how to cook with halogen oven". I watched some videos on the YouTube and now I have some idea what I want to do.

I have told Mami that Dadi and I will be cooking dinner tomorrow for Mother's Day. I hope my Dadi remembers to buy all the ingredients for our menu tomorrow.

Oh... a few minutes ago, Mami received a text message saying that he is feeling very pressured. I think he doesn't know how to cook.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

MHP Vouchers from school

I did it. I managed to receive RM50 MPH vouchers from school.

My school gives this reward to any student for borrowing from our school library and reading 5 English and 5 BM books from January till April. I was quite surprised to have received it. Initially I thought it was for the whole year, and now I realised that it's for the first 4 months. I was the only one in my class who received it. It made me really proud.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Badminton lessons

Mami feels that it is time for me to have some relaxing lessons to mentally destress myself. She recently enquired and found a badminton coach who teaches at Kampung Pandan Sports Complex. The lesson for a group of 4/5 students cost RM100 for 4 sessions, 2 hours each.

I hope to be able to start my lessons next month after my mid-term exams. I wonder if I can be the next "Dato Lee Chong Wei", especially when we have the same surname.....

Friday, May 04, 2012

Roller Blading again

Today was a holiday for my school. It was an occasional holiday declared by my school. It was also a perfect time to do revision for my exams, starting on 15th May. However, Mami was kind enough to bring my roller blading.

A few of us gathered and we had a new friend from another class who joined us. I had a great time, although I have blisters on my legs. It's really fun and a great way to de-stress myself.

I did not miss out in my revision. I did some Maths exercises in the morning before leaving for roller blading, and I did more in the evening.

I hope to be able to go for roller blading more often. I am beginning to be good at it.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Birthday Presents for my 7th Birthday

I am very blessed to have so many birthday presents. I thank God for them. Here are some presents received....

From Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah. The books are really good.
I started reading the book about Animals.
It's very easy to read.

This was from Aunty Julie.
She also gave a birthday treat by paying for my
roller blading entrance fee.

This is from Aunty Shireen. It's a 3D Crystal Puzzle.

This is from Aunty Jenny. A photo frame and it is
sitting in my room so that I can see it
before I sleep every night.
This is Mami's favourite photo of her
precious boys.
There were other presents. Ku Ku and Ah Kim bought me a Dino Lego, Ah Mah bought me a Transformer space ship, Ku Ku bought me an Uno Stacko and Chinese Chess, and Dadi bought me XBox Kinect.

I am very blessed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Mami asked me this question.... "Benjamin, are you happy that Dadi and Mami had chosen this Primary School for you?". I immediately said YES! Thinking back, Mami is relief that God had chosen this school for me.

I was registered to a famous Chinese School and was accepted to the school. But Dadi and Mami agreed that I would be too fearful going to the school. They did not want to kill the spirit of independence in completing my homework. They did not want me to have too many tuition lessons (Mami can't read a single word of Chinese characters).

Dadi and Mami then explored 2 private schools in Cheras. One had a better syllabus and curriculum. However, it was much farther compared to the another. Initially, Dadi was keen to send me to the school with better syllabus. Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah and my Ah Mah all played a part in giving their feedback. They felt that the school distance should be taken as a factor. It would be pitiful for a young child to spend so much time on the road to school.

Thank God Dadi and Mami had listened to their advices. Finally they agreed to the decision to sending me to the school nearer to our home.

Reflecting back on the decision made, I am glad I am in this school. I guess when one option looks very promising, it may not be the best for me. The second option doesn't look that convincing but God knows best. Also, Dadi and Mami both believe in honouring their parents. They believe that God will bless us when we honour the decision of our parents.

Do you know why Mami feels that this is the right place for me? Because I am certainly more cheerful and joyful in this school. I am also less stressed and amazingly, I have not been thinking of my exams. Yes, I have been doing my revision, but that's it! I do not have sleepless nights, although my exams are less than 2 weeks away.

God is certainly good.

Roller Blading

It was my birthday yesterday and coincidently, it was an off day for my school due to our sports day last Saturday. There was an impromptu meetup for Roller Blading. I was so happy to have some classmates coming for Roller Blading at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

I really enjoyed myself. Dadi and Mami invited my friends for a small lunch and arranged for some cupcakes to celebrate my birthday with my friends.

This birthday celebration with my friends was unexpected by anyone. Dadi and Mami decided only when they saw a few of my friends there. Though unprepared, but it was certainly my best celebration ever.

First time roller blading

1 candle represents Standard One. It doesn't represent my age.