Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exam stress

I will be sitting for my Yamaha Grade 9 examination early next month. I am not sure if I look forward for the day to come. My Yamaha teacher has been drilling us during lessons over the past few months, preparing the group for this examination. I must say that she is very dedicated as she held several extra classes for us. She certainly wants the best from all of us.

I am trying to put more effort in practicing my three pieces which I chose for my exam. Mami spents time standing next to me, checking if I played with the right expressions and body movement. It is not easy to please her as her expectations are high. My hearing is good, but my sight reading is poor. Mami runs through sight reading with me once a week. Sometimes I end up crying for not being able to play correctly.

Mami reminded me today that my exam is only 4 weeks away. She is very anxious and I am too. I must start praying for this upcoming exam.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Family Camp 2013

I had the privileged to join Dadi for our church camp. Ah Mah was unwell and Mami wanted to stay back to be with her. Shaun Shaun TiTi did not want to go because Mami was not going.

I had lots of fun there. I was very independent going around and mixed well with everyone. I was even very friendly with the invited Pastor. Peacehaven was a great place. I told Mami that the air was cold even though there were no fans or air conditioners.

The Three Kings at Home

Mami calls us the three Kings at home.