Friday, March 30, 2012

To Praise Or Not To Praise

Mami asked me this question on the way home from school : "Benjamin, should I be praising you or not praising you?"

As soon as I jumped into Mami's car after school today, I told her "Mami, something happened in school. My friend SM didn't have an eraser and he asked me for RM1.00 to buy an eraser. I am sorry I had to use your money and gave him RM1.00".

Mami reminded me that the money she gave me to keep in my bag was for emergency purposes and I was not to use it unless it was very important. I replied to her that I was just being kind and nice. He needed an eraser. I was just helping a friend.

Mami was speechless. So she asked me the question and I immediately replied "Of course you should praise me. I was being a nice person".

Mami admitted that I was nice but told me that she was concerned about other friends asking for money from me and she didn't want it to be a habit. She asked me another question "Benjamin, if another friend were to ask you for another RM1.00 tomorrow, would you give him/her?" I replied "Yes Mami. I need to be a nice person".

Mami did not praise me, neither did she scold me. She said that she would discuss this with Dadi to see what would be the most appropriate learning lessons for me.

On a separate note, my friend SM must have told his mother after school today because Mami received a message from his mother via FB. SM's mother apologised and said that SM would return the RM1 to me tomorrow in school. How nice of my friend to be honest with his mother.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes I get jeolous too

There are times that I get jeolous over my little brother. I feel jeolous when Mami praises Shaun for being a good boy, or for playing the piano well or for completing his homework. I don't get the same amount of praises from her. I certainly don't get praised for completing my homework. In fact, I deserved to be praised because I complete my homework independently and without being told everyday. Mami doesn't even check my written answers on my books. On the other hand, Mami would be calling for Shaun Shaun to come and complete his homework. She praises him everytime Shaun shows her his work, even after writing just one alphabet.

Yesterday was Shaun TiTi's mini concert at Yamaha. He started off a song a little wrongly, but of course he was still the best performer for the night. Mami praised Shaun Shaun for a job well done before bed. My expression changed and Mami realised it. She asked me why.

I told Mami about how jeolous I was. She didn't praise me for helping her and Shaun Shaun in the mini concert. I was the one who practiced with Shaun Shaun the entire week to prepare him. I was the one who prepared the sound and rhytm settings on the Electone yesterday before Shaun Shaun played his songs. I was the one who taught Shaun Shaun how to give a short introduction in the concert.

Mami immediately hugged and kissed me. She said sorry and she said that she was about to come over to me to thank me. She knew how good I was in helping her especially when Mami was in pain last week with her leg.

Mami then said, "Benjamin, Mami will always be very proud of you. Always remember that no matter what happens, whether you have made a mistake, whether you were a little naughtly, Mami will always be proud of you. You have set an excellent example for your little brother". I hugged Mami and told her that I knew. She has told me this many times. I guess I just needed some reassurance from her.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Konapun - Sushi

Mami read this in a friend's blog and found this really interesting. She is thinking of buying to try at home. It would be great. I want to be able to do it as well.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Type of Girl I call "Pretty"

Mami likes to interrogate me to find out my opinion of the type of girl I would classify as "Pretty". Mami is beginning to worry about my choices of "pretty" girls. Why? I need to pen it down here so that I get to read this when I am older.

Below is Mami's qualification of a girl she prefers me to marry in the future:

1) Must be a Godly woman
2) Loves me very much
3) Preferrably Chinese. Why? Because Mami is a Chinese?????
4) Preferrably comes from a small family. Why? Because she feels that the smaller the family, the less conflicts there are within a family. Mami comes from a small family and Dadi too.
5) Preferrably stays in Cheras. Why? So that I would stay here Mami after I get married.

So back to the interrogation. Mami is beginning to realise that I find darker shaded girls pretty. Previously when I was in kindergarden, I like a girl who was mixed. Now, in my school, I told her who I find pretty and she is also mixed. So, I guess Mami's number 3 criteria above may be a challenge for her....or for me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New found game - Scrabble

I have found a new game to play with Mami and Shaun Shaun TiTi. It's a traditional game of Scrabble. I really enjoy playing it and my little brother can play together too.....with Mami's help of course.

I guess I enjoy board games more than anything else. My favourite is still Chess, followed by Animal Chess and finally Scrabble. I like Boggles too... but it is not a board game, isn't it?

I may not be great in these games, but it's ok. I'll be better in it as I grow up.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Do you believe in having a fix routine? Well, my Mami sure does and she is a person who must have a schedule and routine at home. She is one person who would freak out if given a plane ticket at the last minute, even to a holiday destination of her dreams. She would not go, unless if she is prepared.

We have our routines at home, and Mami would ensure that we follow them. Once back from school, I'll take my bath, complete my homework, then only I am given my snacks and fruits. If there is little homework from school, it would be homework from Mami then. Mami would have her own revision books for me to complete. Once I've eaten, it's my music practices at home. Because Mami knows music, she would be with teaching me how to play the pieces. She spends quite a fair bit of time on music with me because I am normally given new songs to play every week, and it is certainly not easy for me to master the piece within a week.

After an hour of my music practices (for both piano and electone), it would be my Shaun TiTi's turn to practice. He is always the lucky one who practices about 5 minutes at most. I guess JMC 1 is too easy for him at this present moment.

Our play time starts right after all the practices. We get to play for about an hour and dinner would be ready for us. We normally eat before 6 p.m. My Shaun TiTi is normally very hungry even before 6 p.m. Sometimes we would eat at 5 p.m. while we are playing. I guess we are privileged to have someone feed us when we are playing. This is something which Mami wishes to stop. Shaun TiTi in particular would always want Mami to feed him.

Before 7:30 p.m., we would have to be ready to take our bath and settle in our bedroom. This is with the exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays when we have music classes to attend at night at 7:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m.

What do we do in our bedroom? We would chat a little, read a book, drink our milk and pray before we sleep. Mami had recently included a devotion time for us. She uses a devotion book given to us for our last Christmas from Children Ministry. There are days when Mami or Dadi would teach me my memory verse. It would take me a few days sometimes to memorize it before Sunday comes.

Bedtime is before 9 p.m. everyday.

Although there is this strict routine that we follow, Mami would be lenient on special occasions like birthdays, visitors in the house or school holidays.

I wouldn't say that routine is not good. I am fine as long as I have enough time to play.

Early to Rise

Shaun TiTi and I have never had problems waking up in the morning. In fact, we love waking up, and we dislike sleeping.

During school days, Mami would normally wake me up. Once I am awake, Shaun TiTi who sleeps next to me, will automatically wake up as well. He doesn't need to wake up so early, but I guess he just wants to follow me.

I would normally take about half an hour to prepare for school. I'll brush my teeth, do my big business and then take a bath. Once I'm downstairs, I'll eat my cereal and vitamins before going to school. This is my daily school day routine.

We would also wake up early during the weekends. We normally would wake up about 6 - 6:30 a.m., at the latest 7 a.m. We feel that the earlier we wake up, the more time we have to play. Playing is still very much part of our lives.....our favourite past time.

Mami is grateful that there is no hassle in getting me ready for school everyday. Though I would certainly prefer not to go to school, but I know that every child needs to go to school.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I developed interested in Chess earlier, but I am still unable to play very well. I have not mastered the skill of playing Chess quite yet. I am certainly not in position to challenge my Yeh Yeh in a game of chess at this present moment.

Recently a mother in my school shared with Mami about a place for kids to learn chess. The lessons are conducted by Master Collin Madhavan and his wife. They conduct their lessons in Cheras every Sunday afternoons (except if there are tournaments on that day). You can visit the website I believe there are other chess programmes at their premises. You pay as you go for each lessons. So, you are not tied up with the lesson. They also sell chess sets and books. So far, I've only gone for one lesson which was about 3 weeks ago.

I was pretty excited when I knew about the existence of Chinese Chess and Animal Chess. I called my Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah a month ago and requested them to buy Animal Chess for my upcoming birthday. I was hoping that it would be easier to find Animal Chess in Ipoh because Mami can't seem to find it here. It's not commonly sold anymore. She could only find Chinese Chess in bookstores.

I was grateful that Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah went hunting for my Animal Chess in Ipoh and they had to drive to town to buy my Animal Chess. I am so happy to be able to have my Animal Chess and I am determined to practise my Animal Chess before Yeh Yeh comes and visit me next month.

And before I forget, when Mah Mah gave me the Animal Chess, she said that she would buy another birthday present for me. This is too cheap for my birthday present.

Mah Mah.... if you are reading this, my present is not measured by how much it cost. This is already one of my best present of all... because I really enjoy playing with it. Thank you Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah for this birthday present.

I have updated this post with the pictures of my Animal Chess.

It's not a board, but made of plastic paper

The paper is folded and it comes in a small square box like this.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been playing this song all week.... "Night In Manhattan"

I've been playing this song all week... "Night In Manhattan".

Somehow I prefer to play songs with this similar rhythm. I have been learning some Classical songs over the past month, mainly Waltz and I really dislike them. It's just too slow and boring to me. It's just not my type.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Holidays

So far, I have not gone out since the school holidays started. Since last Saturday, the only place I have gone to is church. I'm serious. I have also been eating at home all three meals a day.

Dadi has been busy working because he will be travelling for the next 3 weeks starting from this Sunday. His schedule has not been confirmed, but he is scheduled to go to London this Sunday. Next weekend he would be back and will be then flying off to Myanmar. After Myanmar, I am not sure where he would headed next. I guess this week is the time he needs to prepare for his travelling engagements.

A family friend from church is not well. So, Mami tries to help where possible. Last Sunday, Mami and Dadi sneaked out during my nap time to Canaan Land to look for materials for this friend. Mami does not want to go anywhere during this school holidays to be available when help is required.

As for Shaun Shaun and I, we have been playing on our own at home, practicing our music, doing some music theory work and school revision. We had to do revision at minimum twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes there was also revision once more before bedtime. In addition, I have not been well, down with a flu since Sunday. So, we have been taking about an hour plus of nap in the afternoon.

It is still fun to play at home. Dadi bought me an extremely "early" birthday present. My birthday is at the end of next month. This early birthday present is probably the most expensive present of my life. I have been playing with it recently and I really love it. I would reveal my birthday present later.... when my birthday comes. Thank you Dadi for this present. I love you Dadi.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Books in the New Testament

Mami taught me this New Testament song. It really helps me remember all the books in the New Testament.

Books in the Old Testament

Mami taught us the Old Testament Song during our Children Church. My Shaun TiTi is able to sing this song too. But he was just too shy to sing it infront of the camera.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel

Dadi returned home from Thailand yesterday and bought me this book. It is a Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel. It is hardcovered, with 56 pages of comics. It's really interesting and nice to read. Dadi said he could only buy one book because it was expensive. Cost him RM29 for this.

The front cover

Introduction of the main characters

This is the back cover of the book 

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Memories of Music when I was a baby

Since I was a baby, music has been very significant to me. Even when I was in Mami's womb, I would always hear Mami singing a cute song while touching her belly with the following lyrics:

Benji, Benji, how are you today?
Are you happy, my dear Benji?
You know, Mami loves you.
And Dadi loves you too
My dear Benji, My dear Benji
Oh.. how we love you so.

When I was born, there was one Christian Lullaby (amongst the many other CDs) which our Church Hazel Cell Group gave. It's called "I Love You". It contains songs of love and blessings from a mother's heart. Mami loves the songs in the CD and she would constantly play this CD in my room while I was sleeping.

For those who have babies, trust me on this. This is a great CD which not only touches the heart of a child, but the words are also very meaningful to all mommies. The songs are like prayers from a mother's heart to her little ones.

I was quite a fussy baby. Whenever I refused to drink milk, Mami would have to play some songs on the piano. The moment she stopped playing, I would also stop drinking. I don't remember doing it all the time, but most of the time if I knew that Mami was at home. The amazing thing was that I would not demand for it when she was out working.

I enjoyed being carried to sleep. It was certainly not easy to put me to sleep. I had to be rocked, with a song. Mami had to sing songs continuously till I slept in her arms. I wouldn't even allow her to sit. She had to carry me till I slept. She carried me until I was 2 years old.

What were my favourite songs back then? Mami memorized at least a dozen of Barney songs. Sometimes, she would sing some Christian songs, but there was one Christian song which was my all-time favourite. Mami had to sing the song over and over and over and over again... probably about half a dozen times. It was the song "Through It All" or some would call it "You Are Forever In My Life". It was also Mami's favourite song at that time.  Because I heard it so many times, I could sing the entire song myself at the age of 3. Another song which I could sing at that age was "Won't You Lord, Take a Look At My Hands".

I loved drumming at the age of 3. My teacher from my Montessori Kindergarden back then commented to Mami that I had a good sense of rhythm. Dadi and Mami were keen to start me of with drumming lessons but unfortunately most music schools did not accept me then. That was when Dadi and Mami enrolled me to Yamaha Music School for music classes at the age of 4.

I love music. I guess music has been part of me since I was still in my Mami's womb. I hope to be able to excel in this passion of mine.

MS Paint

I was thought how to use Microsoft MS Paint in school. Our teacher requested us to try it at home. I drew a house by a river with a huge tree. I loved it very much.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Daily Blessings from Dadi

Shaun TiTi and I would receive daily blessings from Dadi every night. After our daily prayer before bed, our Dadi would touch our heads, me, being the first and say "You are my beloved son, in you I am well pleased" or "You are my beloved son, in you my favour rest". I am very happy every time I hear this spoken to me.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Educational Science Comics from South Korea

There was a mother in my school who recommended this educational science comics to Mami recently. She mentioned that this comic has created great interest amongst primary students.

It is a South Korean "Survival" and "Adventure" series sold in major bookstores. The original comic was printed in Mandarin. They already have them translated into Malay and English. This comic teaches readers about nature and science as the characters in the comic struggle to survive in various ecosystems e.g. in the jungle, in a cave, on an island or even in a land of insects. It gives us an idea how to survive in real life, if we ever get stranded in such places.

Last week, Mami had breakfast with two other mothers and they went to Popular Bookshop to look for the book. Mami bought 2 of them. She said that she would start reading it first before passing them to me. It cost RM10.50 each. If you have a popular card, you would be able to get a discount on the book.

This is the Table of Content for the comic titled: Surviving a Virus

In every comic book, they would introduce the Cast and their role

Every chapter comes with a story in comics form

Lots of facts are also provided at the end of the chapters

This kiasu Mami of mine wants me to learn about my body's defence system. I seriously think that it is more of Mami who is interested to read this, compared to me. These comics looks more suitable for students from Primary 3 or 4 onwards. Don't you think so?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Music Theory

I dislike writing music scores on the manuscript book. It is difficult and very time consuming. Last week, I had 3 full pages of music scores to write. When my music teacher checked my work on Tuesday, he requested me to erase most of it and re-write because my music notes were out of alignment. I had to ensure that the music notes at the treble clef (right hand notes), corresponds to the number of counts at the bass clef (left hand and peddle notes).

Here is a sample picture of my music score. It looks so untidy and ugly due to the erased marks.