Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My TiTi is more important than my toys

Mami took out a new transformer toy for me today. It's a toy which was kept for a long time. She didn't want to open it because I was not quite a fan of transformer. I don't mind playing it, but it's just not my favourite.

I thought it was rather strange for Mami to just open a new toy for me. I guess she pitied me because my Shaun TiTi has been very possessive over toys.He would also "hijack" my new toys if he really likes them. In addition, Shaun TiTi has started dominating my Cars 2 toys. So, Mami felt that I deserved something new to play with.

I was quite happy when Mami showed me a new Elite Bumblebee transformer. As Mami was opening the packaging, as expected my Shaun TiTi came and insisted that he wanted the toy. Mami said that it was for Kor Kor. Immediately Shaun replied "Must share what".

Dadi sternly told Shaun that it was unfair for Shaun insisting for the toy. Dadi knows what will happen if the toy lands on Shaun TiTi's hands. It will never come to me, especially when it comes to something that he likes. Shaun was pretty upset, went away and cried. He didn't cry loudly, but I wasn't sure if it was crocodile tears.

Mami was trying to comfort Shaun. She told him that she will buy a small surprise for him later in Tesco. I told Mami that she didn't need to. I will give my new toy to Shaun TiTi. Mami was surprised and asked me why I responded in such a manner. My answer was "My toys are not that important. My Shaun TiTi is more important to me than my toys". Mami and Dadi were really proud of me.

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Such mature thinking and behaviour! Ben is a very good and sensible boy... I'm really touched by his brotherly love.