Friday, June 29, 2007

All about me, me and me

Just to share something about me...

Play . . .
I love to play with my trains and sometimes cars.

Activity . . .
I love to colour my colouring book. I also want someone to accompany me to colour. It's more fun to have other people colouring together-gether.

Books . . .
I love my Thomas the tank engine and Ladybird books. When i am in the mood, i will flip my Peter and Jane book. I can recognise the words "Peter" and "Jane".

TV . . .
I used to like Barney, but now, i prefer the Playhouse Disney channel. I like to watch Rolie Polie Olie, Jojo's Circus and Make Way for Noddy.

Dadi always complains that I hog the TV . . . I think its time to get a second TV and ASTRO decoder, dadi

Food . . .
Ah Mah and Mami complain that I am a fussy eater. I don't eat everything that they give me. I would want to see what I am given first. I dislike porridge now. I love noodles (especially Ah-Mah's spaghetti). Rice with nice gravy is ok. My favourite food: Milk. I also like strawberry biscuits, Milky bar chocolate and "gurt" (i.e. yogurt). But Ah Mah and Mami forces me to eat cereal every morning . . . how sad :-(

Fears . . .
I fear people laughing. I would cry if I see someone laugh loudly. I just don't know why. I laugh loudly too, but I don't like seeing other people laughing. Mami is paranoid about this and is finding ways to remove this fear from me. I think she has probably given up in trying and is praying hard that I will grow out of this.

Sleep . . .
I take extremely long to sleep. I don't like to sleep. I would still wake up middle of the night to ask for Milk and Water. No specific timing. I normally sleep 2 hours during the day.

Vocabulary . . .
I can say many single words. I can count from 1 to 10. I know all my alphabets, shapes and colours. I can say a few sentences like
(a) Milk please
(b) Water please
(c) Ah Mah make . . . half a second later followed by "Milk please"
(d) This is Ah Mah
(e) This is Mami
(f) This is Dadi

Discipline . . .
Mami disciplines me with the ruler. If I am naughty, out comes Mr. Ruler.

Now you know me better?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ber Urg Sssss

See mami recently bought me this VCD, and all it shows is this;

B Ber . . . . Ber . . . . Ber
U Urg . . . . Urg . . . . Urg
S Sss . . . . Sss . . . . Sss

Isn't it easier to just say BUS . . . . *SIGH*

Mummy recently got Ben a VCD which teaches phonetics, pretty cute songs and we are learning lots of phonetic sounds ourselves ~Daddy~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dadi's day

Mami said that today is Dadi's day. So, I was supposed to wish my Dadi "Happy Dadi's Day". I wanted to, but i don't know how to say it yet. So, i was supposed to draw draw in a special card that Mami bought earlier, but...... Mami forgotten where she hid it from Dadi. Sigh.... Mami-ah, so careless. Anyway, i gave Dadi 3 hugs for Dadi's day this morning before he left to the airport to Japan.

Also, I gave a card to Yeh Yeh last week and Mami held my hands to write "Happy Yeh Yeh's Day" on the card. Good boy or not?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Dadi around

Dadi is not around to play with me today. I'm so sad. Mami said Dadi is away working and will be back in 3 days time. Then I can see Dadi a-while, and then Dadi will not be around again. Dadi is going outside the country for another 9 days. Wah..... First i must count from 1 to 3, then I can see Dadi. When Dadi disappears again, i need to count from 1 to 9. I think i better start counting so that i can see Dadi fast fast.

Mami: Dadi is on a business trip to Penang till Saturday evening and will be flying off to Japan for another business trip for 9 days. Mami and Ben Ben will be missing Dadi.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

5 common complaints from Mami

Mami's 5 common complaints :

1) Ben Ben is still wearing diapers at home..... Ben Ben must say "shee shee" or "poo poo". Big already, must obey, you know???

2) Ben Ben must hold Mami's hand when walking. Cannot walk on your own. Too dangerous. Big already, must obey, you know???

3) Ben Ben cannot watch so much TV. Must read more books. Big already, must obey, you know???

4) Ben Ben cannot talk too loud, and cannot scream. Big already, must obey, you know???

5) Ben Ben must not cry when people laugh loudly. Big already, must obey, you know???

I think Kai Yeh can imagine Mami "lecturing" me. Mami a lil' "cheong hei", but I know that Mami loves me because she has always said that to me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Choo . . . . Choo . . . .

Mami bought me this superb Thomas the Tank Engine tracks. Weeee now I can build my own train tracks for my trains to run on . . .

Choo Choo . . . Ben Ben express coming through . . .