Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My thinking mode about my future

I've been thinking alot over the past few nights about my future. Mami was pretty upset with me last night because I kept asking her the same questions over and over gain. I then had an idea and called my Mah Mah in Ipoh to run through my questions before bed.

It all started on Sunday night. I wasn't too sure what triggered my thinking. I suddenly cried and asked why Ah Kong was not alive. I told Mami that I wished my Ah Kong was still alive and I wanted to see him. Mami gave a lengthy explanation of how Ah Kong was and said that he is currently in Heaven. Ah Kong is able to see us and one day, we are able to see him too. We were on this topic for almost an hour and finally, I kept silent in tears for about 10 minutes. Mami was worried and asked me what I thinking of. I said that I was sending a message to Ah Kong in Heaven. My message was "Ah Kong, I know you are alive and are in Heaven. I love you very much".

On Monday night, I didn't cry, but I asked Mami if she was sure that Ah Kong could see me even if my house was covered with a roof. I couldn't understand how Ah Kong could see through the roof and bricks. Mami was looking a little frustrated, thinking that my conversation will end up for another hour. After some brief explanation from Mami, I decided to ask her other questions.

I then asked her a few questions. I asked her where I would be staying once I have a wife. Would I stay here in my parent's house or another house. Should I stay with my parents or with my parents-in-law? Who will I marry? Should I stay in a condominium or a house like the one I am staying now? How do I get the money to buy a house. Once again, Mami spent about an hour trying to answer my questions and settling me in bed.

On Tuesday night, my episode repeated. I asked the same questions as the night before. Mami tried to brush me off saying that she had explained it the night before. I didn't want to make her frustrated. I immediately asked for her handphone and called my 'all-knowing' grandparents. Mah Mah picked up the phone and attended to my questions.

Mami hopes that I would not ask her the same questions tonight again. I hope so too.

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, he's already thinking and planning for his future at this age! This clearly reflects his maturity :)