Friday, November 28, 2014

School Achievements - 2014

Praise God I did well in school this year. God has been good and gracious. I worked hard in my studies and God had answered my heart's desire.

I won quite a few awards this year. The main awards were English, Mathematics, Geography and History. I hope to be able to work harder next year.

Comments from my "Report Card"
My trophies on the right. The left belongs to
Shaun Ti Ti

Two Marathons in Year 2014

I completed two marathon runs this year. This year was my first year participating in marathon runs, thanks to the encouragement of my cousin sister, Ashley. We signed up for two marathons but unfortunately she could not attend the second one as she was not feeling well. I did pretty well, especially with the 2.3km run, considering the lack of practice. I hope to be able to build more stamina for future marathons.

Cousins, Shaun Ti Ti and I in the park.
We practised twice in preparation for our marathon.

Standard Chartered Kids Dash 2014

ParkCity Run, with my schoolmates.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Puma Shoes

Christmas is just a few months away, but it feels like it is just round the corner for me. I love thinking about Christmas as I anticipate many presents from my loved ones.

This year, Christmas will be different for me. I have been earning and saving money by doing household chores, and I hope to be able to use the money to buy a Christmas present for my Dadi.

My Dadi is a frequent traveller as he has to travel for work purposes. Everytime he travels, he has only a pair of travelling shoes to wear. When I open the shoe rack at home, it is filled with women's shoes (mostly grandma's shoes). There is hardly a spare shoe for Dadi to alternate with.
Whirlwind Classic Sneakers
Perfect for my Dadi
Recently, Mami showed me a picture of a men's Puma shoes. It immediately caught my eyes. It looked really good, and I believe it would look good on my Dadi too.

Have you heard of the brand, Puma? It is a well-known brand, and it offers very stylish shoes for men to not only wear for their sports activities but also to various other occasions. If my Dadi has a pair of Puma shoes, he could mix and match his Puma shoes with many different outfit looks to portray his own unique personality. Puma Shoes are made available in a wide range of colours to suit every individual’s taste and preferences based on the current fashion trends. My Dadi can switch his flip flops and sandals for more trendy looking footwear by wearing Puma shoes on his day out. 

There are 3 different looks my Dadi can attempt on with his Puma shoe collection. The first look is for Dadi who loves and needs to travel to many places with comfortable footwear. He can travel in style with his favourite choice of Puma shoes while enjoying a great sight-seeing experience.

The second look which my Dadi can pull off with his Puma shoes is by wearing it with an outerwear such as a jacket, cardigan or hoodie sweater. This look not only makes him look more laid back but shows off his masculinity. The edgy style will be perfect to flaunt on a day out with his friends or even colleagues. Whether he is wearing this style during the day or at night, it will definitely never look wrong or out of place.
The third look is perfect for Dadi who enjoy a simple yet trendy appearance out on a casual day out. Sometimes it is great to just rock that basic tee and tracksuit pants with a pair of Puma shoes. He does not have to worry as Puma shoes will definitely perk up his outfit effortlessly and he will look dashingly handsome everywhere he goes. 
I personally can't wait to get my Dadi a pair. It would be great if Puma came out with the same for kids like me. I would love to have a matching Puma shoes with my Dadi.

What about you? Can’t wait to get yourself a new pair of sneakers? Check out ZALORA website as it offers a wide collection of Puma shoes online at a very reasonable price. I have checked out ZALORA website and found that it is really easy to navigate. I just can't wait to make a purchase there, with my Mami's permission, of course. Happy online shopping.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Marathon Period

I have signed up for two marathons this year. One in the month of October and another in the month of November. I am all excited, looking forward to both marathons as it will be my first experience in marathons. I am not sure if this is my new found hobby, but I seem to enjoy running in the park. Perhaps it is the company that comes with it. My cousins and I have been making appointments with one another every weekend for a run in the nearby park. We normally run two runs in the park, which covers slightly more than 2km in total. Do try running in the park. It gives a nice feeling, especially if you run in the evenings. The evening breeze is nice (except if it is hazy).

Here is a picture of my cousins and Shaun Shaun TiTi. I am amazed that Shaun Shaun TiTi can run just as far. He is the youngest here....just 6 years old. Well done, Shaun Shaun!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

IBSC Swimmathon 2014

The Ikan Bilis Swimming Club organised a swimmaton at the Bandar Tun Razak Swimming Pool on Merdeka Day. I thank God for the opportunity to participate in the event.

Went with my cousins. Hhm...there is an older cousin missing in this picture.....and 
he is a great winner.

I participated in the 100m single event and the family 4x20m relay. I teamed up with my Dadi, and two cousins for the family relay event. It was a fun filled event. They started with the singing of the national anthem, followed by some warm up exercises with upbeat music.

This is me, getting ready for my event.

This event was a great exposure for me. I am not a very good swimmer, but I hope to be able to improve. I was surprised that my Dadi could swim well in the family relay event.

I am grateful to my Ah Kim for her encouragement, and her support in registering me in both events. Thank you, Ah Kim.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Raya Holidays to ClubMed Phuket

Our family had an awesome time in ClubMed, Phuket. It was perhaps the best holiday for Shaun Shaun and I. We loved everything about it.

ClubMed has a Mini Kid's Club where parents are able to register their kids from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The G.Os in ClubMed would take care of the kids with fun activities. Shaun Shaun and I were a little fussy. We only wanted certain activities. So Dadi had to sign us in and out in-between some activities. One of our top favourite activity was the archery. We loved it and we played everyday.

We enjoyed the beach and the swimming pool very much. We played by the beach every evening. Mami labelled us as the "beach boys" as we can play there for hours (if we were given the permission to do so).

We went for an excursion trip to the Safari Park where we had a bullock cart ride and an elephant ride. It was an amazing experience for me. I loved the rides. We also saw the elephant and monkey shows.

There were free flow of food and drinks all the time. Food selection was good. Covered different food from different countries. There were night shows and party at the bar daily, but we only attended one night show. Most of the time, we would be too tired as it only starts at 9 p.m.

I hope to be able to go to ClubMed in a different country in the future. It was a great holiday for me.

Monday, July 07, 2014

2014 Mid Year Review

Two weeks ago, Dadi and Mami had to go and collect my Assessment Report in school. Shaun TiTi and I went along to see our teachers. Dadi and Mami were proud with the good comments made on me. There were still room for improvements but I pray that I can improve myself in the coming semester.

Below is the comments written in my Assessment Report.

This is all through God's grace and mercy upon my life.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yamaha Electone Festival 2014

Last month, I participated in the Yamaha Electone Festival. I performed a song called Turkish March by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was a difficult piece to play as it requires good technical skills. I performed my best, and I was honoured to be presented the Jury Award. However, there was none from the Central Region selected to enter the Finals of the Electone Festival.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Festival. It was certainly a great experience and exposure for me. It was also very stressful for me, practising the song day-in-day-out. I am blessed by all the support given by my family, grandparents and teachers. I am truly blessed.

Received Certificate of Participation

Received the Jury Award from the Judges

Support from my Electone teacher and my Yamaha JNC teacher

Support from my family members.
Shaun TiTi wasn't in a good mood. He hid behind me.

I thank God for everyone in this photo

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dinner for Mother's Day

Shaun Shaun and I had saved money to buy Mother's Day dinner for my Mah Mah and Mami. We invited Ah Mah, but unfortunately, she was tired as she went out the whole day with my Aunty.

We had a simple dinner at a Chinese Restaurant nearby. I was very happy that we had enough money to pay for dinner.

Counting my money
to pay the bill

Monday, May 05, 2014

Just 6 more days of stress

6 more days to my Electone competition. It will be held this Sunday. I am not sure if I am feeling excited about it, but I am certainly nervous. There are still improvements that I need to make. I need to improve on my body movement. I am not very natural in moving, as my body is not so flexible.

I pray that God, by His grace and mercy will help me play perfectly well. Amen!

Birthday... I love Birthdays!

My birthday has just passed. There was no celebration, but Mami bought my all-time-favourite chicken pies and vitagen for me to share with my classmates in school.

I am very blessed to have received lots of gifts this year. I love every single gift. Was pleasantly surprised by some gifts from classmates who gave me a present because they told their mommies that I was very helpful to them.

Thank God for good friends.

Outings with Friends

I am very fortunate to have friends, whose mommies are so friendly and nice. My Mami met them when I was in Primary One. Since then, the mommies have been encouraging my friends and I to meet up as playdates. 
Shaun Shaun and I at the roller blade ring

We have had several outings since Primary One till now. Some joined in the group early this year. I have always looked forward to meeting my friends outside of school. We have gone twice to a friend's club to bowl and swim. We have gone for movies and roller blading together. It is just so fun to be together.

My TiTi, Shaun Shaun loves to be with them too. In school, I am well known amongst his friends, and vice versa. My friends love Shaun Shaun too, as he looks really cute and adorable. He is a boy, well liked.
Shaun Shaun wearing a friend's cap

Roller Blading team

Went for Spider-Man movie on Labour Day.
Shaun was there too. Too shy for photos.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finally, A Medal For Sports Day

I am so happy. I am so so happy. Today was my school's Sports Day. I was initially disappointed that I was not selected for the 100m race for boys event. The school will normally select best two from each house colour. I came in third.

I did not attend Sports Day last year, as it was too far for Mami to drive. Dadi was away at that time. I did not win any medal when I was in Primary One. So, today marked the day I won my first Sports medal from school. I participated in the Year 3 Telematch, and my house came in first. I was the last boy in the telematch to bring in the gold medal into my house team. I was so so happy. My good friend in front of me carried me up to express his joy for winning.

I thank God that He is a gracious God. I prayed hard this morning for myself and for Shaun TiTi to win a medal today. He has also miraculously gave Shaun a bronze medal for his 50m run for boys. It was really tough for him as he is a year younger than the rest.

Dadi and Mami were very supportive of us. They even wore blue t-shirts to support us.

God is certainly good. Glory to God.

Monday, April 07, 2014

All Stressed Up

Last weekend hasn't been good for me. I am all stressed up and my allergy has set in as well. I sometimes wonder if my allergy symptoms are related to stress. My stress level is high (yes, even at this young age) and my lips are cracked and puffy.

Last Saturday, I consulted a dentist, Dato' Dr How who specializes in orthodontics with Imperial Dental Specialist located in Bangsar. He is really the best in town. I had a tooth abnormality. I had an extra tooth growing behind an existing permanent teeth. The dentist advised me to undergo a minor surgery this weekend to remove the extra tooth. I am all stressed up because I am fearful. I will be put to sleep. What if I wake up in the middle of surgery, or what if I don't. As it is, I am a light sleeper. I wake up very easily, and I have difficulty in falling asleep. Argh.....Stressed! Stressed!

I am also in the midst of preparing for an electone competition which will be held next month. I am still making alot of mistakes playing the song. I find the song really difficult to play. Despite working hard practising the song, I am still nowhere ready for it. My music teacher was not happy with my performance last weekend, and I ended up in tears. I hope to be able to spend more time practising to improve my piece. I woke up this morning and practised before leaving for school. I hope to be able to practice twice a day. Hopefully, this will help me improve as the competition date is drawing near.

Mami has reminded me to stay positive and not worry about tomorrow.

Matthew 6:34

New International Version (NIV)
34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Yes, I need to remind myself of this bible verse everyday. Mami can't believe I am full of worries at the age of 9.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

My School - Is the Best for Me

I am currently in Year 3. Studying in my school has been fun for me as a student.

The school which I am currently attending had recently switched from the local KSSR syllabus to an international syllabus. Last year was the first year they started international syllabus. There were some minor hiccups with the implementation initially. Some parents were in the opinion that the teaching method and syllabus were not 100% according to Cambridge standard. Till now, not all teachers are fully trained, and not all teachers are teaching the "Cambridge way". I am sure it is not easy for a teacher to switch their teaching method overnight. Nevertheless, I believe that the teachers are doing their best to teach the best they can with the international syllabus. I believe that God will carry the teachers through as they are constantly being prayed for by the school.

I must say that I have been blessed with good teachers from Year 1 till now. My teachers are not perfect, but they are the best to me. They are dedicated and committed to give their best to the students. They are understanding, and tries their best to understand the behaviours, strengths and weaknesses of each child. It is not easy for them to handle 28 students with unique personalities within a class.

My school gives an opportunity for every student to bring out their best potential. All are given the opportunity to hold positions in class. Class Monitors, Assistant Monitors, Book Keepers etc are changed every month to give opportunity to every student to carry out a role. Every student is given the opportunity to prepare for any competitions (e.g. story telling/ show & tell, spelling bee, chinese chess etc). The teachers will then select a few to enter the finals, competing with other classes. There are occasions that students are given the opportunity to serve in playing musical instruments and song lead. For secondary school, the students practically takes over the worship during Chapel services. You don't need to be a super smart student to be a prefect.

There is no studying stress in my school. The amount of homework given is reasonable. There are days that there are no homework. There is constantly progressive test/ assessment given to us. We are expected to revise constantly because our assessments can be on any day. Most of the time, the teacher will inform us of our assessment a few days before. There is no class positions. The school does give end of year awards for best students in the core subjects.

Co-curriculum is lacking in my school. We are not trained for any type of sports during school hours. There are sports activities which a student can join after school holidays. I initially wanted to join the badminton team, but decided to focus on my swimming outside school.

Whether a school is good is actually very personal. I may like my school, but others may not. I may think that the school is fair, but perhaps some may think otherwise. I may think that my teachers are great, but others may think the teachers are not prefect enough.

I am proud to be a student in my school. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Change in Swimming Instructor

I learnt swimming a year ago at USCI Swim the World school located at Taman Connaught. The swimming lessons were conducted 30 minutes a week, as individual lessons. Within a year, I have learnt how to swim all four swimming styles. I would not dare say that I am a good swimmer, but at the very least, I can swim and survive in water. I enjoyed learning at UCSI as my swimming instructor makes every lesson fun. I certainly enjoyed my lessons.

I had recently switched to a new swimming instructor at Bandar Tun Razak. The lessons at Bandar Tun Razak are conducted in a group. The group is a reasonable size with a combination of students who can swim, and those who are still learning how to swim.

Why did I switch to a group lesson?

1) Individual lesson at UCSI was costly. As I already know how to swim, I no longer need individual coaching. Group lessons is more than half the price of individual lessons per month. The cost of learning at Bandar Tun Razak is much cheaper.

2) Exercise is important. Learning in the group class would help build stamina. The group lessons are more intensive compared to individual lessons. Please don't get me wrong. UCSI provides group lessons for stamina building too, but again, the cost is a factor.

3) My cousins are learning at Bandar Tun Razak. So, the company of my cousins are certainly an incentive for me. I love playing with my cousins.

4) Distance of the swimming pool is nearer to home.

Then why did I not learn swimming at Bandar Tun Razak initially?
It was because I was very fearful of water. Bandar Tun Razak did not have individual coaching classes. With such fear, Mami thought that it would be better for me to have personal attention. I would be able to learn faster.

Similarly, my Shaun TiTi is now learning swimming at UCSI. Mami hopes that he will be able to learn swimming for a year and eventually switch him over to my group lesson. Although I know how to swim, Mami wants me to continue swimming lessons so that I have weekly exercise. Who knows, perhaps one day, I would be interested to go for swimming competitions. There is no pressure for competitions. At the end of day, it boils down to my interest and determination.

Swimming is a great from of exercise. Fun and refreshing too.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Recipe Finder for my Grandma

A few years ago, my Ah Mah was very ill. Her mysterious illness took a very long time to recover. During that time, she had lost interest in everything....baking, cooking, gardening and many more. It was probably depression that caused her to not want to do anything.

Towards mid of last year, my Ah Mah started discovering back her true passion in life. She started being her true self, regaining her self esteem and confidence. Now, she is very active in every aspect of her life. She bakes, cooks, does gardening and goes out for fellowship with her relatives and friends. Since last week, she had even gone for cell group meetings.

Since she started baking and cooking, I have been very busy googling for recipes for her. She does not know how to use the iPad or computer. So, she appointed me as her recipe finder. I have been searching for many good recipes for her over the internet.

I am a fan of Amy Beh. I do not know why, but I seem to like her recipes. Simple and good. Amongst the recipes I found for Ah Mah were Chicken Chop, Butter Cake, Chicken Rice, Plain Dhal Curry and many more. It makes me very satisfied when Ah Mah serves a dish based on the recipe I have written for her. It takes a lot of time and effort for me to search and copy word for word on a piece of paper for Ah Mah. She certainly treasures all that I have written for her.

I am happy that I can be part of my Ah Mah's recovery. She loves Shaun Shaun and I very much and she has sacrificed much for our well being. We truly appreciate her.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favourite Past Time

Shaun Shaun TiTi and I love to play Legos. We have lots of them. Lots of figurines and bricks. Day in, day out, we will be shifting our Lego boxes out from the storeroom to our living room during playtime. Though I am turning 9 this year, I still love to have my playtime everyday. I will never let go of my legos.

Lego is certainly a toy which is very costly. Dadi managed to buy quite a fair bit during his business trips to Geneva last year. It was cheaper there. Sometimes, Dadi would order them from the internet.

I have reminded Mami never to give away my Lego sets to anyone. Lego will be kept for my children in the future.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Chinese New Year (2014)

This year, we had Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah spending the Chinese New Year with us in KL. We were grateful that they could come a week before Chinese New Year. Shaun Shaun and I had a great time with them.

Nevertheless, we certainly missed the presence of Ku Ku and her family. This is the second Chinese New Year celebration without her family since she migrated to Australia. Chinese New Year celebration feels quieter.

As it is still Chinese New Year, do allow me to wish all my blog readers a very Blessed Chinese New Year. May 2014 be a year of God's favour and blessings for us all.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Year Resolution

I have been looking forward for a new 2014. A year with new resolution, with anticipation for new things to come.

School has started and my Shaun Titi has entered Primary One. Though he is tall for his age, he still behaves very much like a normal 5 years old...turning 6 this year. As expected, he cried for the first 3 days in school. Nevertheless, my Ah Mah feels that his crying is far lesser than mine when I first entered Primary One few years ago. Shaun has stopped crying, and I have been accompanying him whenever possible in school.

We are all very thankful that God had arranged good classes and teachers for both of us. We like our form teachers, and believe that our subject teachers are good as well. As for Shaun, he is indeed blessed to have the best Science and Maths teacher this year. Praise God for answering our prayers.

My activities this year are more or less the same. However, I have dropped my badminton training, primary due to the damage made to my upper back muscle. The intensive training last year was overly strenuous for me. As a result, I had to go for chiropractic treatment during the school holidays. Swimming was recommended to me to correct my back.

With badminton out in my list, I have decided to switch my focus on music. Music has been close to my heart as Mami has been constantly reminding me that God has blessed me with a musical talent. I should expand this talent for good use. I agreed and told Mami that I will aim to be a "Master of Music". I call this in short, MOM. 

So, it shall be. My new year's resolution is to improve my musical talent. I guess this means that I have to put in more hours in music everyday.

I pray that I am able to fulfill this resolution by God's grace.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I am a Poet

Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah have been calling me a Poet. I have been composing many poems during the school holidays. It started when I made a Christmas card for an aunty in Muar.

This was what I composed and sent.....