Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mami has been very inspired by nice paintings in my Ah Ku's newly renovated house. She was keen to buy new paintings for the house. Ah Kim advised Mami to buy a painting which can relate to Shaun Shaun and I.

Ah Kim informed that there is  DIY painting available. It is simple-to-do and the outcome can be amazing. We went to The Gardens last week and found the DIY painting which my Ah Kim recommended. I fell in love with this particular picture. It certainly brings much relationship to my little brother and I.

Mami purchased it (cost RM79.90, exclusive of 20% discount from Isetan), and she is thinking of doing this painting during the end-of-year holidays. We hope that this is really easy to do. Perhaps you need a steady hand to paint, but at least, all the colour combination is already provided by the "number labelling". I hope to be able to hang this in my room once completed.

This is the picture which I chose.

The colour paint is labelled with numbers,
which corresponds to the numbers on the picture.

Use the brushes provided and paint.

This is the final outcome

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sungai Gabai Outing

My family and I  went to Sungai Gabai with our cell group members on the first day of the school holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fun and refreshing. The water was freezing cold. Here are some photos to share with you.

Shaun glued himself to Mami all the time

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My first pet......Pillowpet

I have been asking for Dadi and Mami to buy me a pet. I always wanted a pet. Dadi was keen, but unfortunately, Mami felt that it was an added responsibility for her. She did not like the idea of a pet moving around the house, or even needing to clean or change water from a fish bowl.

Mami managed to make a deal with me. No pets in the house. In return, she would buy me something closes to a pet..... A pillowpet.

Dadi and Mami brought Shaun and I to choose one each. We came back with these.

I chose a purple hippo

Shaun chose Barkie, the dog

Doesn't it look nice, soft and cuddly?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A surprise note

I was a little bored last night. Mami had gone with my little brother for music class. So, I decided to make something to surprise her.

After making it, I quickly went to bed. When Mami came back about 9p.m., she entered my room to check on me. I was already asleep, snoring away (a light snore). After that, she entered into her bathroom and......taa-daa........... this was what she saw behind the bathroom door.

Mami was pleasantly surprised. She was so happy, she gave me a few kisses this morning.

It may not be the best art and craft work (because I am certainly not an artistic person), but it was definitely a work from my heart.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MPH Voucher for reading

Once again I managed to obtain MPH RM50 vouchers from the school for borrowing and reading library books. My school would give RM20 for reading 8 English books and RM30 for reading 8 BM books within the period of 3 months. Mami was pleased with me. Mami asked me to keep it up and hopefully I am able to obtain more for the period July - September 2012.

I am happy because Mami is happy.

School Scrapbook Project

We had to do a scrapbook for our Bahasa Malaysia subject. The topic was on "Buah-Buahan". We had 3 weeks to complete it. Due to other incentives, I did an additional scrapbook with the topic "Sayur-Sayuran".

Mami took a few pictures of my scrapbooks which I handed in yesterday.

The cover of my Buah - Buahan scrapbook

The cover of my Sayur - Sayuran scrapbook

Did you notice that my 1st scrapbook looks better than my 2nd? 

I would like to also thank Mami, Dadi and Ah Mah for helping me in this project. We had a great family time doing this project together. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Results for English Week

God is good and gracious. I am so thankful to Him.

I participated in four events and won titles for three events.

We first had a Show and Tell. I showed the photoframe with the picture of my brother and I.
I won second place for the Show and Tell.

My speech as follows:


Good morning teachers and friends. My name is Benjamin Lee. I am from 1 Aman.

Today, I would like to show you something very special to me. Do you know what this is?

Yes, this is a photoframe. 

There are two things special about this. Firstly, this photoframe was handmade by me. I made this photoframe during my last birthday. Secondly, this is a picture of my little brother and I. This picture was taken when I was four years old and my little brother was still a baby. He is so cute in this picture. I wish he can be cute forever. I love him very much, and I hope that we can be best friends forever.

Thank you.


Next, we had Spell-It-Right, i.e. Spelling Bee competition. I came in second place as well. 

I also participated in the Read and Write competition. In my earlier post, I mentioned that we had to read a book from the library and write a summary of the story. I won first place for this. The reward was a blue pen with a yellow highlighter.

Finally, there was a Read-It-Right competition. I participated in this as well. We were given a very short story. It was an impromptu reading with expression. I was able to read the story, but my expression was not impressive. I did not win for this event.

I really enjoyed my English Week. It was a great experience for me and I thank God for helping me in all my events.

I look forward for the events for Mandarin Week after the school holidays. I wonder what the events would be like???

Sunday, August 05, 2012

My Ambition at 7 years old

I had to answer two questions in Sunday School today. What is my interest and what would I want to be when I grow up. My answers were.........

Badminton and Badminton player like Dato' Lee Chong Wei. 

My surname is Lee too. So, why not?

On a separate note, I shall pray that Dato' Lee Chong Wei wins gold medal in the London Olympics later. Why? Because I want the country to declare tomorrow as a public holiday.

Badminton lessons

A schoolmate and I started taking badminton lessons 2 months ago. We started off once a week, and now we started badminton training twice a week. My coach is an ex-national player, Ms. Chor Hooi Yee. She has many training centres, under Hooi Yee Sports Sdn Bhd. She is a great coach, and I really enjoy training under her.

All set to go for my Badminton Training

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Almost the end of English Week

Tomorrow is the end of English Week. It has been an exciting week for all of us in school. Besides competing in a few categories, my friends and I had some time to play games like scrabbles, snap, UNO and snake & ladder. However, don't misunderstand that there is no studying at all. We only get to play these games during our English period.

I would also like to share with you another competition category. It is "Read a Book, and Write a Report". We were given a period to go into the library to borrow an English Book. We had to read this book and summarize the story with our own simple words. Next, we had to write it into a paper given to us. Fortunately, we were able to bring the paper back to complete. So, Mami helped me a little in this.

I can't wait till English Week is over. I hope there would be favourable results in all the categories that I participated in.