Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now it is "Kiasu" Benjamin

I came back feeling very upset today. I made Mami upset too. She was upset because I was upset for something she claimed not important.

Every Tuesday, our school has a Chapel Service for about 45 minutes. Primary One, Two and Three will meet together in a hall. It is quite interesting. A teacher will first start with an opening prayer. Then, we will have about 2 praise and worship songs. The teacher would normally sing songs which are fast and with action so that we can have a little fun with the actions. After praise and worship, a teacher will tell us a bible story or "children-typed" sermon. Finally, it will end with a closing prayer. 

Today, a teacher brought a bag of goodies. She started off with the topic "Worship". She taught us the importance of worship and worship is all about God........ not about us.... but about giving to God. So, she tossed up some goodies to the students. She mentioned that the goodies she gave out cannot be taken back by her. Similarly, what we give to God cannot be taken back. She taught us the different ways that we can worship God. 

At the end of it all, she had two remaining goodies. She selected one girl to receive the goodies because she observed that this particular girl was very good during praise and worship. When we were singing a worship song earlier,  this particular girl lifted her hands, closed her eyes and sang with her heart. I think she was in Primary Two. Because the teacher rewarded a girl, she requested another teacher to select a boy who was good in worship. My heart leaped for joy hearing that and I hoped so much to be selected. Unfortunately I wasn't selected. Another Primary One was selected.

I was really upset. I wanted to receive something. I wanted to get a present. This is the second time the school was giving out presents, and I wanted one. 

I told Mami how upset I was, and I showed her how upset I was with my gestures. Mami asked me why the present was important. I had already received a present before the first time round. You can visit my previous post about it. Wouldn't that be sufficient? Mami was advising me to give other students an opportunity to receive a present too. 

I was still upset after Mami's reasoning. I knew Mami was upset with me. After taking my bath and taking out my homework, I remembered I had a Valentine note to Dadi and Mami which I made in school today. I gave her the note and it melted her heart. She wasn't upset with me after that. 

Surprising, I stopped feeling upset as well.


Health Freak Mommy said...

You are a very good boy to have shared all your heart's feelings with your mami!

mom2ashley said...

Love the note. So precious!

ChloeRuoyi said...

The little gift may appear to be something trivial to an adult but to a child, it matters a lot to him. Glad that the sweet Valentine note managed to cheer everyone up :)

Ben and Shaun said...

Yes Mummy Chloe. Your comments are certainly true.

And for all other mummies - our kids notes are always precious to us. We are so fortunate for our kids.