Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mami is proud of me

Mami has always been telling me that she is proud of me. I am always very happy when she tells me that. Yesterday Mami said that she was proud of me.

It was a public holiday for Federal Territory and I had no school yesterday. Instead of going out, Mami told Shaun Shaun and I that we should spend some time at home to do some school and music revision.

We started our revision early in the morning, after our breakfast. I spent about 2 hours doing the workbooks which Mami bought for me. I did workbooks for BM, Maths and Science. Then, I proceeded to memorise my school's memory verse, followed by Spelling and Ejaan.

After the 2 hours of work, I practised my music on the Electone. I normally have a new song to practice every week.

Mami also gave some music revision. My Electone teacher commented that my hearing is good, but my sight reading is poor. So, Mami had to take some time to work with me on notes reading. Mami then whispered to me "Ben, Mami is very proud of you today. You achieved so much today".

Needless to say, my little brother spent more time in colouring than writing. He managed to write the alphabets "X" in big and small letters.

We ate noodles for lunch and played for about an hour. Then, we proceed to do some reading in our bedrooms with Mami. Mami requested me to read a page, followed by Shaun to read another page. Shaun and I rotated to read the entire book. It was a Bible Story about Abraham and Sarah and son, Isaac. Mami told us that we were great readers. We could read without her assistance. She said that she was very proud of us, both.

We took a short nap in the afternoon. We played our toys for close to two hours, and I practised my music on the Electone again. I somehow enjoyed the new song very much but I wasn't quite good in playing it. After playing my music, I did some revision again. Mami gave me a few more exercises to do and we had dinner.

We went to our room early in the evening to read The Young Scientist Magazine. After reading the magazine, we were very reluctant to sleep. Mami was finding ways to persuade us to sleep. Mami said that God created day and night for a reason. Day is to work and night is to rest and sleep. Mami asked if we respected and honoured God, and I obediently nodded. Mami said that if I respected and honoured God, I needed to honour what God created. God wants us to rest and sleep during the night.

So, Shaun and I agreed and switched off the lights after our daily night prayer but it took us more than an hour ..... almost two hours to sleep. Shaun Shaun kept going into Mami's room and pulled her to our room to sleep with us. She finally agreed to sleep in a small corner of Shaun's bed and we finally slept.

I am glad that Mami is proud of me.

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ChloeRuoyi said...

A holiday very well spent! You have an exceptionally wonderful mummy who spent so much quality time with you and titi doing so many beneficial activities together :)