Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Story Creation

Mami bought a Ben10 figurine for Shaun TiTi today. It was a reward which Mami had promised him. We were playing with the Ben10 figurine and took other existing figurines to play. In order to make the playing more interesting, I created a story for Shaun TiTi to act it out with the figurines.

I did not want to share this story in my blog, but Mami persuaded me to write it into my blog. This is my story which I wrote on a piece of paper to narrate while Shaun TiTi was playing:

The following was copied from the piece of paper written by Benjamin:

The Ben10 Story

Ben10 is fighting the monster on earth. He was very famous in fighting.

Then he fight with a knifeman, then a fat monster, then a cat with a knife, then the spiderman. 

Then he met a girl. He fell in love with the girl. So, he wanted to be her friend. So, when he go close to her, she shoot him. So Ben10 became angry.

So, they two started fighting. So, the girl died and Ben10 forgot when he fell in love with her and a while he remembered. So, he is sad and he fell in love with another girl.

Then the girl didn't harm him. So, they get married and they live happily ever after. The end.

The following was typed by Benjamin himself on the computer:

this was my  story.  so do you like it?

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Little Kit Boy said...

Ben Ben is so clever and creative in composing story. I'm sure little Shaun must have enjoyed himself very much.