Friday, February 17, 2012

The Most Difficult Subject in Primary One

I would normally bring back books which have homework or with textbooks which require revision as mentioned by my teachers. Yesterday, I came back with an additional workbook. It was my Pendidikan Moral Workbook. There was no homework for Pendidikan Moral but I wanted Mami to do revision with me.
Before I could ask Mami, I shed a little tears... just for a short while. I told Mami that this is the hardest subject, and I am sure I will loose because I wouldn't know how to do this subject for my exams. Mami was puzzled. She doesn't understand why I was worried over exams now, when my mid-term is only in May. Noone had mentioned about exams since school started. She tried to console me, but after 10 minutes, she decided not to talk further about it and started opening the book to see what I have done in school. This is the first time Mami saw this workbook since I started school. I have never brought back this book because all the work is normally completed in school.

We had completed 3 chapters (1) Kasih Sayang, (2) Kejujuran and (3) Keadilan. My teacher mentioned that we will start learning about (4) Toleransi.

In school, the teacher would normally read the questions. She explains a little in English and we will then mark or write the answers. Although I did not have any mistakes within the 3 chapters, but I told Mami that I do not understand quite a number of words like "Penampilan Diri" or "Keselamatan Diri" or "Amanah" or "Menjalankan tugas dengan adil" etc. Mami asked me not to worry as she will go through all 3 chapters with me.

So, we spent about an hour reading all the questions again and I tried to understand the meaning of every single word within the sentence.

Oh... how I wish Pendidikan Moral doesn't have so many Malay words.

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Ann said...

Trust me to find this post and read it! Wow...didn't know that in Primary 1 itself the usage of Malay words is so tough. hahaha...

I am still with ibu, ubi with my son.