Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Helping the Blind

Mami was really touched by me yesterday.

As Mami was driving back from school with me, I saw a blind man at the side of the road. Mami's car stopped 2 lanes away at a traffic light. I asked Mami if the blind man wanted to cross the road and Mami said most probably yes. The traffic light turned green and as Mami was driving away, I asked Mami if we should help the blind man cross the road. He looked really lost and pitiful. Mami was caught by surprised and Mami said that she was unable to stop the car. It was a busy road. I asked Mami to stop anywhere at the side of the road and we are able to walk to the man.

Unfortunately Mami did not stop the car. She said that it would be too dangerous for us. There were many cars on the road. She was unable to find a spot to park her car and the blind man was pretty far from us. It would also be too dangerous for us to walk towards the blind man. We would have to cross a few roads to do so.

Mami suggested that we pray for the blind man. So I immediately prayed for the blind man as Mami was driving. I asked God to help the blind man cross the road safely. I also prayed that God will send someone good to help him cross if he didn't know how to cross the road on his own. In Jesus' Name, Amen. I know that God will answer my prayers.


Ann said...

Awww.....how sweet. God must be looking down at his little Ben and smiling deeply.

Ben and Shaun said...

As a mother, I felt really bad for not setting an example for my son. He so wanted me to stop the car for us to help the blind man. He repeated many times. I felt bad disappointing him.