Friday, February 10, 2012

My "Kiasu" Mother

I think my Mami is very "Kiasu". Recently my Electone Teacher mentioned to Mami that I do not want to read my music notes. Because my hearing is good, I tend to learn the song through hearing when my Electone Teacher plays the song. Once he has played, I will try to figure out the song.

Mami made two conclusions. It is either I am lazy to read the music notes, or I do not know how to read the notes. Well, I think Mami's conclusions are not really correct. I know how to read notes, but I am slow in reading them. I find it difficult to play a new song by looking at the notes for the first time. I would also loose track of where I am on the music scores.

So, Mami decided to buy me some Theory Books from Yamaha to teach me. She bought the Theory Books from Book 2 to Book 4. Book 1 was completed long long time ago. Everyday I would need to do 2 pages in the Theory Book. Mami hopes that it would give me the confidence in reading notes on the music scores.

Well, I don't quite like to do Theory, but the Book 2 isn't that difficult for a start. I think my Mami is becoming a little too "Kiasu"..... but I know she wants me to do my best in music. She has constantly reminded me that God has blessed Shaun Shaun and I with musical talent. Do the best with what God has given me so that I can serve God with it. She said that if I do not use my talent, it is easy for me to loose it. "What God gives, He can also take away".


ChloeRuoyi said...

Your mummy isn't being kiasu but knowing that you have great potential in music, she just wants to help you excel in it :)

LittleLamb said...

Thanks for this reminder that God can give yet God can also take it away.

carenlyn said...

Just curious: Yamaha teaches children in solfege (Do-Re-Mi, etc) but the theory books you purchased teaches children to read notes in A, B, C.

So, when Benjamin is doing the exercises on his theory book, do you change the notes to solfege?

Or do you encourage him to recognise the music notes in both solfege and A, B, C?

Ben and Shaun said...

Hi Carenlyn,

I would encourage him to recognise the notes as A, B, C etc as per the theory books. I found it confusing too initially when I knew Yamaha teaches in Do-Re-Mi. But Benjamin seems to be able to equate the A-B-C to the Do-Re-Mi pretty easily.