Thursday, November 10, 2011

Primary One Preparation

I'm not too sure if I am all excited about going to Primary One next year. Mami assured me that I will be able to meet new friends, and my teachers are nice teachers.

Mami would be busy buying new things for me later. She has started hunting for a good school bag for me. She is waiting to call up the school in December to see if the Primary One books are available to be purchased. Sales and discounts at major Departmental Store have probably begun, and we will wait till mid December to purchase my school uniform and shoes.

There is one thing which we started for this preparation..... Mami has purchased Primary One revision books from Popular Bookstore. She has started teaching me Primary One syllabus and I'm doing the exercises everyday. It is certainly more difficult than I thought it would be.

As my English subject is strong, Mami has less emphasis in this. She is concentrating in strengthening my BM, since Maths and Science would be taught in BM. I had previously learnt the subjects in Chinese. Although I was previously good at both the subjects, I now have to relearn it in BM.

My daily revision would cover the following:
1) Maths exercises of addition, subtraction and multiplication. As I no longer attend Enopi, Mami said that I should continue practising Maths daily. I would complete a page of all three each day. I find addition and subtraction easy, but I am still learning multiplication.

2) Aunty Ai Ling, whose daughter is also in the same Private School which I will be attending next year, gave a Primary One BM textbook to Mami recently. She believes that it would be the same textbook used next year. So, Mami has started teaching me based on the school textbook. In addition, Mami has supplemented other BM revision books to cover "Tatabahasa", "Pemahaman", "Susun Ayat" and "Bina Ayat".

This is a sample of one exercise which I did yesterday.

3) Mami is running through Science fairly quickly with me. Although I already know the subject, but I am certainly not familiar in it in the BM language. So, my revision is also based on the Primary One Science KSSR syllabus covered in BM.

While I am spending time doing all this, Mami ensures that my Shaun TiTi sits with me and does revision too. Yesterday, I was such a caring brother. I took an exercise book and prepared some maths questions for him to do. You can read about it in Shaun TiTi's blog later.

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