Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My little secret... I cried last night....

I cried last night before bed. Mami was surprised and asked me why. Here is my story....

I was doing some revision for Primary 1 Maths and Science yesterday evening. Mami gave me a few pages to complete. It was all in the BM language, and multiple choices. I made quite a fair bit of mistakes. It wasn't because I didn't know the answers. It was because I could not understand the questions in the Malay language. If only they were all in English, I would definitely be able to get them right.

Sample questions which I made mistakes were:


1) Berapakah yang perlu ditambah kepada 6 supaya jadi 12?

2) Berapakah yang perlu ditolak daripada 9 supaya jadi 2?

3) Judy beli 15 buah buku latihan. Dia telah guna 9 buku latihan. Berapakah buku latihan yang belum diguna?


1) Jika kaki kita patah, kita tidak boleh
(a) melukis
(b) berlari
(c) mendengar

2) Apabila kita bermain badminton, kita mengguna anggota badan berikut kecuali
(a) tangan
(b) kaki
(c) mulut

3) Manakah yang bukan fungsi mulut kita?
(a) Menyanyi
(b) Berjalan
(c) Makan

Why did I cry? I cried because I am fearful that I wouldn't be able to learn the BM language. What if I can't do it in Primary One next year? What if I don't understand the teachers? What if I can't do well in my exams? What if....... ? What if.......? What if.......? These were my exact words to Mami last night.

Mami assured me that I'll do just fine. That was why Mami started with my Primary One revision now. She knew that I would feel this way if she didn't prepare me early.

I am a boy full of worries :(

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