Thursday, November 17, 2011

My preschool days...

I was really happy after receiving my trophy from school yesterday during Prize Giving Day. Mami gave me a great big hug when we came back from school. She reminded me that I had a similar trophy last year. It was a great achievement for me to obtain 1st position for 2 consecutive years.

I recalled the time when I first attended Tadika Midah when I was 5 years old. I cried every morning for about 2 months before boarding the school bus. I would have watery eyes when I arrive in school.

It was very difficult for me to adjust to the new environment back then. It was a Chinese based Kindergarden, very different from my previous kindergarden.

I started attending Kindergarden when I was 3 years old. I attended a Montessori School in Taman Midah. It was a place full of fun and laughters. I developed good living skills there.

When I was 4 years old, Dadi and Mami were determined to send me to a Chinese School when I turn 7 years old. Due to this, Mami enrolled me to Tadika Midah at 5 years old to prepare me.

It was certainly a culture shock for me. Most of my teachers and friends conversed in Mandarin. As I was unable to speak Mandarin, my principal attempted hard to ensure that I fitted well in class. She placed me beside an English speaking girl called Kimberly in class. She was my best friend at that time. Other teachers were also sympathetic and had constantly gave words of encouragement.

I really disliked going to school for the first 2 months. Mami was very worried for me. She then asked if I wanted to go back to the previous Montesorri Kindergarden. I agreed initially. So, she brought me to the Kindergarden one day and was about to complete the enrolment form again. At that point of time, I suddenly changed my mind. I told Mami that I would want to try Tadika Midah again. Although I was in tears at that time, I decided that I did want a change.

I settled down on the 3rd month at Tadika Midah. I diligently completed my homework and listened attentively during my lessons in class daily. This made Mami very proud of me. It was also easy for Mami because she didn't have the time to teach me or check my homework due to her daily work demands. At the very most, she would only check my homework during the weekends.

The day came when I had learnt that there were exams coming my way. It was the first time learning about what exams was, and I was determined to do well. I was all stressed up, unable to sleep well, worrying about the possibility of not doing well. I prayed very hard every night asking Jesus to help me in my exams.

My sleepless nights had caused much anxiety to Dadi and Mami. Mami had then passed her stress to a tuition teacher. She was lovely. She was a working adult, but was passionate to teach me. She went through the exam guide given by the kindergarden, came twice a week and prepared me for my exams. I was very relieve to have her coach me. Based on my request, she prepared exams papers for me to do a week before my mid year exams.

I was happy when I obtained 2nd place in my mid year exams. I was really thankful to my tuition teacher. My tuition teacher continued to coach me, but my lesson had reduced from twice a week to once a week (1.5 hours).

I was a much happier child after my mid year exams. Despite me having more confidence, it was a half yearly affair to have sleepless nights one month before my exams. I guess the same went for Mami and my tuition teacher :)

I am very glad that all had went well. Everyone helped me settle well. My teachers at Tadika Midah were excellent and passionate to ensure that every child did well. My school principal constantly gave words of encouragement and reminded me not to worry too much. My tuition teacher was dedicated to coach me. Dadi, Mami and grandparents constantly kept me in prayers.

I hope to be able to sustain my good results. Mami is currently worried that I would have my "sleepless night" episodes again. So, she had started preparing me for Primary One.

Here are photos of my beautiful teachers at Tadika Midah. They taught me for the past 2 years.


Clll said...

Congrates! despite the environment, you are able to persist and excell. You have made your mami proud!

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you. I am grateful for his achievements.