Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inspired to play and sing along

I was inspired during my Yamaha Mini Concert by 2 Cheh Chehs (there were 2 sisters) who played a song on the piano and guitar and sang along. They played the song "Back to December" by Taylor Swift. They played and harmonized very well.

Inspired by this, I woke up on a Sunday morning, played a song on the piano and sang along. I composed the song on my own. Mami had no idea what song it was.

Wrote a song, tried to insert the chords

Trying hard to play the song on the piano

After playing for a while, I felt a little frustrated, and cancelled the song I composed on my book. It didn't sound as nice compared to the 2 Cheh Chehs.

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William said...

Wow... 1st attempt at composition, reminds me of Mozart who composed his first piece when he was 4-5 year's old